I’m actually changing/stopping some medications

.... I’m still integrating all the learning that took place in the session, and am feeling well... of the profound experiences I had, most particularly the encounter with my stepfather. (Forgiving)  I am so immensely relieved having had that experience!  Once I returned home and had a good night’s sleep I awoke feeling happy.  Now, I’m by nature a very optimistic, upbeat person, and I usually start the day in a positive frame of mind.  But this was something new – actually feeling happy!  I think an immense burden was lifted with the realization that everything was just as it should be, and is being played out according to contract!  Wow!

I’ve found that my voice is much steadier since the session, indicating that the (illness) is waning in that part of my body.  I am affirming daily that the same is happening in my hands, which can restore my fine motor skills.

You are so right that we forget many details of our session, so I was pleased to listen to the recording, and will do so again.  There’s so much there!

In his session this client's thyroid was healed and he was told he would need to see his Doctor to reduce his thyroid medication, about a year later this client wrote me this....

I delayed responding right away until I had some more definitive medical proof of improved health.  Blood tests have shown that there are, indeed, very positive changes in my health, and I'm actually changing/stopping some medications....Since the session I had developed some heart palpitations that were a bit annoying, and I wondered what that was all about.  Blood tests showed that my thyroid no longer needed as much support from the meds I had bee prescribed, so, effectively, I was over-medicating?  That's what was causing the palpitations!