QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

.....We often hear that we  have all of our answers within and can answer every one of our questions ourselves. . . but why then are the answers so illusive?


Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) is a revolutionary technique developed by world renowned hypnotherapist, author and teacher Dolores Cannon.  This technique takes you beyond the usual past life regression and into a place where clarity, understanding and healing can be found by speaking to that part of you that really does know the answer to every question......your Higher Self.

Dolores & Julia Cannon and myself

Dolores & Julia Cannon and myself

In 2009 I studied QHHT with Dolores Cannon and was immediately impressed with the potential for emotional and physical healing that this technique offers.  I had worked with energy healing for many years and I could see that often what might take many energy healing sessions to resolve was completed in only one QHHT session.

Dolores has developed this method over a career spanning 45-plus years to help each person to heal themselves and receive the information and understanding that is appropriate for them in a relaxing, safe, accepting environment.

QHHT is based on the understanding that physical illness and emotional issues originate from the emotional baggage we carry, often originating in the past, whether this be in this life or another lifetime.  Through understanding the cause the issue can be let go of, healing and freeing the individual of this issue.

In a QHHT session your Higher Self  (the part of you that connects to all knowledge)  brings you exactly what is appropriate for you.  Perhaps there is something important it wants to say to you, emotional or physical healing may be it's objective or it may want to show you who you are and what you are here to do.  I never know what the Higher Self will show you and I can never guess, as Dolores advises  "Always leave it open with no expectations."   Like a blank canvas, the creative potential is endless.

The  Higher Self is the larger, universally connected part of each one of us.  It is always there, always communicating  and it sees the bigger picture, it knows everything about each of us and it wants to help each one of us in the best way possible with our understanding and permission.  This together with a person's openness (blank canvas) is all that's needed..

With the continued expansion of human consciousness, more than just past lives are available to experience in a QHHT session.  Some may experience future lives, parallel lives, lives on other planets, dimensions and planes of existence that could never be imagined.  In a QHHT session each person goes to "the most appropriate time and place" to address any requests for healing or information.  Some may explore past events in this life, or past lifetimes.

This work cannot be rushed and generally takes from 4 to 6 hours (sometimes longer) to complete. This is your opportunity to find understanding, healing, and a shifting of issues that may have puzzled you or created impenetrable blocks in your life. You may experience clarity, healing and shifting instantaneously or see it in the hours, days, weeks ahead, with healing even continuing years after your session.

When I gently bring you back to this everyday world you may feel as though you have remembered every detail, but soon find the memory is more like a dream becoming foggy and unclear. This is why I give you a recording of your session, so you can take it home and review it at any time.  By listening to your recording over and over again you will gain insights that you may not have noticed while in session.  It has also been noted that those who listen to their recording often build on and surpass the original (in session) healing.


Important Things to Consider when Choosing a QHHT Practitioner

From -  http://www.qhhtofficial.com/find-a-practitioner


  • QHHT sessions should never be done via Skype, phone or remotely.  A proper   QHHT session should only be done in person with a trained QHHT practitioner.
  • Appropriate QHHT session length - Ask your potential practitioner how long their QHHT sessions typically last.  QHHT sessions should be a minimum of four to five hours.  This time includes an interview, the hypnosis experience and time afterwards to discuss your session.  If a practitioner states a session lasts less than 4 - 5 hours know that isn't a favorable situation.
  • When QHHT is given properly it is meant to be a one time experience.  If your potential practitioner suggests that additional sessions are needed or recommended please know this is not typically necessary.
  •  It is recommended by  the QHHT Academy that practitioners not charge for sessions while they are in their training phase and gathering experience.  Depending on how often new practitioners are doing practice sessions this training phase can last six months to one year.
  • A QHHT experience is unlike a psychic reading experience where you are given the information by someone else.  A pure and true QHHT experience is special because the practitioner is facilitating the client to access the client's own knowledge and healing.  This truly is the experience of - all answers lie within.  If the practitioner is doing the healing or answering the clients questions for them, know this is not QHHT.
  • A true and pure QHHT session does not combine other modalities before, during or after the QHHT session.  QHHT on its own is a very powerful and transformative experience perfected by Dolores Cannon and her decades of hypnosis work.  There is no need to add or combine modalities with it.  Matter of fact, when other modalities are added the QHHT experience is watered down becoming less effective.



Before detailing this list of what is possible in terms of healing, it must be stated that healing can only occur if an individual wants to be healed and if it does not interfere with the goals of their lifetime. We are infinite souls who have incarnated on Earth for our own individual experiences. The Subconscious of a blind person would not heal his sight if being blind was one of the key aspects of his life he agreed to experience. Nor would it heal a physical problem someone had created through the lack of care for their body if they had not yet learned the lesson to love and respect their body. It is very literal in its thinking. Are you beginning to understand the logic?

There are no guarantees, but these are some of the remarkable results Dolores and her QHHT Practitioners alike have experienced with clients during a session:

  • Cancer of all types at various stages being cured
  • Cartilage being reconstructed between joints
  • AIDS being cured and eradicated from the body
  • Heart conditions being healed, afterwards surgery is no longer required
  • Deteriorated livers being regenerated and restored to full function
  • Damaged kidneys being regenerated and restored to full function
  • Open flesh wounds being regenerated with no scarring
  • Migraines being explained and their root causes removed
  •  20/20 vision being restored where people no longer need corrective vision
  • Diabetes being cured and the causes for it explained
  • Intestinal problems being cured
  • Lower and middle back problems being cured
  • Neck and shoulder pains being removed
  • Lung associated problems being cured
  • Skin problems
  • Metal returned to bone (My addition)

Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except the limits of your own imagination. (courtesy of dolorescannon.com)

What will it be like?

When you arrive we will begin by relaxing and getting to know each other. I want to know about you and what brought you to my door.   We will discuss hypnosis, what it is and what it isn't.  Then after reviewing your list of questions and making any last minute changes I will get you settled comfortably laying on an Amethyst Bio Mat ready for deep relaxation.

Once I begin the relaxing induction you will see how easy and natural hypnosis is, after all we are in the deepest levels of consciousness at least twice a day, when we wake and when we go to sleep.  There is no wrong way to experience a QHHT session, but a multitude of right ways, simply relax and let the magic happen!

During the entire experience I will be right there with you asking questions to which you will reply. During every step of this process you will lead the way by telling me every detail that you are experiencing.

An important part of QHHT is when I speak with your Higher Self or what I like to call Higher Consciousness, at this point I ask your questions.

Before we end I will bring you back to full wakefulness, feeling refreshed and wonderful. We will then relax with a cup of tea and a bite to eat and discuss the information you received.


 The cost for a complete  QHHT session from start to finish is $300
Contact Marilyn @  bodysoulapotheca@aol.com 



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                          the unlimited potential of QHHT




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Dolores Cannon addresses those who are considering having a QHHT session in this You Tube presentation:




What Clients Have Said About Their Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions........


Hi Marilyn,
Just giving you an update...

 My skin is amazing! I went off my meds and was a little hesitant but can't believe how amazing it is.   My problems are gone. Even my eczema is clear. I've had this for most of my life trying everything and after that session its gone. A miracle some would say but we both know the real reason. Still waiting about my liver. My next homeopath app is tomorrow so I'm hoping it will be closer to be balanced.

 I feel that my intuition has improved and people are starting to seek me out. My psychic reader is coming to me for a reading now. Lol.  Just sorting out the job situation  to allow for my business to grow.

I've seen great progress with my mom. She is more active and getting herself together.  (We had done a surrogate healing for her mom during the client's session) 

I would like to make another app in the future. A few things to cover but all in all very pleased with the session  and the results. Things I've been dealing with for years were solved in one session. Unbelievable!!

Thanks Marilyn!!!


Received June 10, 2015


I have had no (back) pain now for probably a couple of weeks and even driving my truck into town didn't bother it at all and that is unusual especially with the uncomfortable seat in my little old truck.  I really never noticed for a time, typical to not notice when you don't have pain and in fact it was when somebody asked me how it was that I realized I'd had no pain for quite awhile. NH




I delayed responding right away until I had some more definitive medical proof of improved health.  Blood tests have shown that there are, indeed, very positive changes in my health, and I'm actually changing/stopping some medications....Since the session I had developed some heart palpitations that were a bit annoying, and I wondered what that was all about.  Blood tests showed that my thyroid no longer needed as much support from the meds I had bee prescribed, so, effectively, I was over-medicating?  That's what was causing the palpitations! RS



I've been wanting to let you know how I've been doing since the hypnosis.... I feel like a weight has rolled off me.  About 3 days after the session I suddenly realized that I wasn't angry any more.  I waited several days examining my feelings about alot of things but the anger is gone.  Also my back seems to be repaired.....

.... Anyway, I am feeling happier than I ever have and find myself smiling for no reason.  It's a remarkable feeling.  Thank you so much for your help 

Female, JL



...... The session gave me...........insights for clarity with members in my past and current life. Resistance to myself and my life is gone. I am forgiving of myself. .....I love how comfortable I was in the chair and how well you asked the questions to get as much (information) possible from the Higher Self.......I feel past life regressions are an excellent tool for personal growth and finding pieces of the puzzle of why we are here in this life.





....Especially amazing to me was what happened in one of my sessions. I was a shaman in the Pacific Northwest at a time before the white man and you asked me how old a student had to be before I’d accept him/her as an apprentice. Immediately I “saw” a hand held up with the fingers and thumbs spread so you could clearly see the five digits and I answered without thinking “three hands”. I have never seen or heard that way of saying 15 in all my lifetime and it came so fast and so obvious and natural, that I was in the village, beside the fire at that moment in saying that and the entire process of past life regression changed instantly changed from being “possibly a useful dream/imagination exercise” to a real past life experience




....... you make it a very pleasant, un-stressful, relaxing time, yet also a wonderful discovery, awareness and personal expansion experience. I had read in Dolores’s book that should anyone suffer an injury in her regressions that they could be “distanced” from the discomfort so when I experienced the excruciating pain of my ankle being crushed by a rock slide in Machu Pichu – you helped me separate myself from the pain, continue the general lifetime experience and bring the lesson of then to me in this life.

58 yr old male professional, DL.