I feel that there has been a definite shift within me

Hello Marilyn

I want to thank you so much for my healing session.  I thought I would give you an update on how I was doing after my session and I am happy to say that I am feeling completely free of any loneliness or desire to return to the Spirit world!  I don’t even think about it  very much anymore!  Only once did I feel an aching pain but immediately felt my pink shield protecting me.   I feel that there has been a definite shift within me and I feel so much lighter and stronger for it.  I never thought of myself as someone who would bring forward a repeating pattern or be drawn to controlling and dominating men from a past life, but after listening to the audio several times I felt there was so much sadness and loneliness in my past lives that I seem to have carried over into this life.  I feel free of that now; I feel that there has been a closure and I feel confident and I have no doubt that I will ever let it happen again!!

One of the questions I had asked was whether I had ever studied Shamanism in a past life.  And I was surprised to hear my HC say “no” - (I really wanted to hear a yes but it wasn’t to be!)  That puzzled me as I am passionate about the work and that way of life.

....This client's 6 year old grandson has multiple allergies as well as Asbergers, we asked for some help for him during the client's session. I am also happy to report that even though I don’t have evidence yet if (grandson) is free of his allergies (because his Mom has him on a strict diet) – I have to say there’s been an encouraging shift in his behavior around his asperger.  He now will look the traffic guard in the eye and say “good morning” and then say “thank you” after safely crossing; then give his Mom a thumbs up!  He has always looked away when people have spoken to him.  Also when his little brother wants to race or compete in something (it’s always been a battle with the two of them), He now just quietly tells his brother that “this isn’t a competition”, and he walks away.  This is huge for him!

Every time I listen to the audio I learn and remember more.  I can honestly say though that even though I can remember most of the questions, there are few answers that my HC responded to that I can remember what was said.  So I’ve been taking lots of notes and listening to the audio again and again!  Also – I have been meditating daily!

I have completed my poem on “Forgiveness” and I am conscious of my pink shield protecting me and my rose quartz placed in my heart to help me to trust and my little bird to remind me to pay attention to my thoughts and belief system!  Wow – so much to remember!

So once again thank you!!  I’m so happy that my HC brought me to you!  It was a wonderful and enlightening session and I feel that I can finally move forward with confidence, strength and trust!