What is QHHT?

What is QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis ( QHHT® ) is a revolutionary technique developed by world renowned hypnotherapist author and teacher Dolores Cannon. This technique takes you beyond the usual past life regression and into a place where clarity, understanding and healing can be found by speaking to that part of you that really does know the answer to every question......your Higher Self.

In 2009 I studied QHHT® with Dolores Cannon and was immediately impressed with the potential for emotional and physical healing that this technique offers. I had worked with energy healing for many years and I could see that often what might take many energy healing sessions to resolve was completed in only one QHHT®  session.


Dolores has developed this method over a career spanning 45-plus years to help each person to heal themselves and receive the information and understanding that is appropriate for them in a relaxing, safe, accepting environment.

QHHT® is based on the understanding that physical illness and emotional issues originate from emotional baggage we carry, often originating in the past, whether this be in this life or another lifetime. Through understanding the cause the issue can be let go of, healing and freeing the individual of the issue.

In a QHHT® session your Higher Self (the part of you that connects to all knowledge) brings you exactly what is appropriate for you. Perhaps there is something important it wants to say to you, emotional or physical healing may be it's objective or it may want to show you who you are and what you are here to do. I never know what the Higher Self will show you and I can never guess, as Dolores advises "Always leave it open with no expectations." Like a blank canvas, the creative potential is endless.

The Higher Self is the larger, universally connected part of each one of us. It is always there, always communicating and it sees the bigger picture, it knows everything about each of us and it wants to help each one of us in the best way possible with our understanding and permission. This together with a person's openness (blank canvas) is all that's needed.


With the continued expansion of human consciousness, more than just past lives are available to experience in a QHHT® session. Some may experience future lives, parallel lives, lives on other planets, dimensions and planes of existence that could never be imagined. In a QHHT® session each person goes to "the most appropriate time and place" and we explore this together.



$400 - For a complete QHHT session from start to finish including a recording of your session to take home with you.


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What is QHHT?