I have witnessed healing occur many, many times, more often than not.  While there are no guarantees that healing will occur in a QHHT® session, I am constantly encouraged by what I'm seeing in my practice.  All that is required is being open to the possibility of being healed and the intention to change your belief from a belief in illness-dis-ease in the body to a belief in and acceptance of health and well being. Our beliefs are powerful things, what we believe we create so why not create health, wealth and happiness?  Someone's Higher Consciousness once said to me during their session;  There is nothing wrong with his body.....his body is healthy, it's all in his mind.

In fact you can begin your healing today by living your life as you would if you were healed now.  Imagine, day dream if you will, what would it feel like to be completely healed?  What would you do?  Visualize this,  feel this, accept and KNOW it is not only possible, it is probable.....it will create a welcoming space for healing to occur even before your session, I've seen this happen.


These are some of the remarkable results Dolores and her QHHT® Practitioners alike have experienced with clients during a session.


Note: I have added to the following list which is originally from - http://www.dolorescannon.com  or  www.qhhtofficial.com  


Before detailing this list of what is possible in terms of healing, it must be stated that healing can only occur if an individual wants to be healed and if it does not interfere with the goals of their lifetime. We are infinite souls who have incarnated on Earth for our own individual experiences. The Subconscious of a blind person would not heal his sight if being blind was one of the key aspects of his life he agreed to experience. Nor would it heal a physical problem someone had created through the lack of care for their body if they had not yet learned the lesson to love and respect their body. It is very literal in its thinking. Are you beginning to understand the logic?

There are no guarantees, but these are some of the remarkable results Dolores and her QHHT®  Practitioners alike have experienced with clients during a session:

Note: I have added to this list also...MD

  • Cancer of all types at various stages being cured
  • Cartilage being reconstructed between joints
  • AIDS being cured and eradicated from the body
  • Heart conditions being healed, afterwards surgery is no longer required
  • Deteriorated livers being regenerated and restored to full function
  • Thyroid being regenerated and restored to full function
  • Damaged kidneys being regenerated and restored to full function
  • Open flesh wounds being regenerated with no scarring
  • Scaring erased leaving the skin in it's normal condition
  • Migraines being explained and their root causes removed
  • 20/20 vision being restored where people no longer need corrective vision
  • Diabetes being cured and the causes for it explained
  • Intestinal problems being cured
  • Lower and middle and upper back problems being cured, including straightening of the spine
  • Neck and shoulder pains being removed
  • Lung associated problems being cured
  • Skin problems
  • Metal returned to bone
  • A smaller, atrophied limb returned to it's original size (same size as the other limb)
  • Detoxing

You may experience clarity, healing and shifting instantaneously or see it in the hours, days, weeks ahead.....


As with ALL modalities, it is the always the client who heals themselves.  The practitioner may create a warm, supportive, safe environment to assist the client to relax, but it is never the practitioner who does the healing.  Self healing isn't difficult though, to do this all the client needs to do is to be a willing participant, open to the experience what ever it may bring, trust the process and their Higher Self and accepting of what occurs....and relax of course!  The practitioner cannot make you relax, or relax deeper.  Nor can the practitioner do anything to make you heal or do anything you do not wish to do,  so your cooperation is an important part of the session.

As Dolores Cannon said.....
"Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except the limits of your own imagination" 
"If you are powerful enough to make yourself sick, then you are powerful enough to heal yourself."


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