THIS SESSION WAS FIRST PUBLISHED IN MAY, 2021.  It is just as relevant today.  It's a long read but there are some very interesting healing, ET, parts to this as well.
This is part of a fascinating and relevant session from QHHT Level 2 practitioner, Ella Laone in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ella and her client have given me permission to post this unedited, with inclusion of source information:
Ella can be reached
The following transcript is from a QHHT session performed on March 25, 2021 by Level 2 QHHT Practitioner Ella Laone. The information below is dictated verbatim. The information brought forward was communicated through a state of hypnotic trance by the SC /Beings of Light. The client was identified as a gifted healer.
Note: When you see -SC- this is the answers from the client's Higher Self.
SC: The lesson is learning the power and strength you have when you unite. This will be beneficial. You can overcome what is coming. You all need to band together. They cannot defeat that. The connection of the humans, the soul. Nothing is stronger. They have no power. You must unite. It is a lesson for now. Cooperation. It doesn’t matter the differences. All the differences must come together. That is how you defeat. That is how you rise. Love and unity. The purpose is to see the value in that.
SC: The lesson is the power of community. This is a time where everyone must connect with their community, their tribe. Get back to getting to know your neighbors and helping your neighbors. And even as far as crime in the neighborhood goes. At one time there was a neighborhood watch. Those ideas need to come back and people need to work together. It is important. It will change the world. This will be important for everyone as there were many years that everybody was too busy on their devices and working and driving and going. They forgot about their neighbors and their community, and the energy and the love you can bring to a space, a place, an area. Just by uniting as one and caring about it. That can cause real change. And mother Earth can feel that! We all need to start remembering that we all have that connection to nature, the elements, and the animals.
SC: The people are undergoing a shift. The people, the planet has been of a low consciousness for a long long time. But they are waking up and they are shifting their consciousness. It is hard for many people because they are caught up in what they have been told and taught but they know it’s happening. She is helping with this. She has a way of allowing others to feel her light. Sometimes, they just need to be around her. She doesn’t need to do anything. She carries the vibration. She can transmute energies just by being in a room with somebody. She doesn’t know this all the time, but she is starting to sense it. She is helping with the shift. She is transmuting the darkness. It is turning to light. She has friends who tell her they feel different after they have been around her. She is here to move the energy and help the light come in. It is coming in fast.
SC: She is scared. It will be turbulent. The people who get the vaccine… many of them are going to need help after. It will affect some people, and some people it won’t. Some people will be fine but there are many that will have autoimmune problems and they will be so upset. They will feel so deceived. They didn’t know. They wouldn’t have taken it.
SC: Some people can detox. Some will be damaged. The damage will be irreparable for some. But many people can be helped. They will seek out the healers. They will not have any faith in the medical industry. They will not trust. The people need human touch. They need healing touch because of all the time they have been isolated. The vaccine is just the icing on the cake. They need healing. The healers can help balance the energetic body. They will feel good or better afterwards, but it will require more than just one session. They will feel fragmented. There are many healers that will be helping with this. Those who are tuned in can help. The healers will not be able to help everyone. Those who are most vulnerable are those who have been heavily reliant on medications, who have been chronically ill, and have had many other vaccinations. Their bodies are like a tank and the toxins just keep piling on. This last vaccine puts them over the edge. Those who have been taking care of their bodies relatively well, they can detoxify this vaccine and those that are connected to Source they have already detoxed it. They do not need to worry. But the ones who aren’t and who are already heavily toxic and medicated will have problems…. It is everyone’s choice as to whether or not they receive the vaccine. Those who live in fear will be vulnerable. This cannot be interfered with. Nothing good comes from a place of fear. This is the biggest weakness. You are not sovereign if you are fearful. You must be sovereign. When you are in fear, you give your power away. Until people can release the fear and can feel their own power they will be at the mercy of others. The choice people make is their choice. That is their journey.
SC: The vaccine will not impact our freedoms long term. For a period, there may be some restrictions. 2 years. But this will be challenged. It will be challenged by many people. It breaches the rights and freedoms and there will be many legal battles happening with regards to it. And ultimately, businesses will just open up and say you don’t require any proof of vaccinations because new things will emerge. New systems will emerge. New airlines will emerge that will give those unvaccinated people access. They see an opportunity to make money. There will be opportunity. It won’t be completely restricted. Businesses will start to drop the vaccination requirement. The penalties for traveling will vary depending on where you are going. Some provinces, not all. The west is more open. The east…there may be more restrictions there. There is trouble in Quebec and Ontario. The western provinces will fight to not have those restrictions. There are places in the US where you will easily be able to travel to and States where they will not allow unvaccinated people. Countries will divide up almost like territories. There will be some States and Countries that will remain open to everyone. And there will be others that won’t. There won’t be complete restrictions for everyone. There will always be somewhere you can go. It might not be what you choose, but there will be some options.
Body Scan
SC: There is something implanted under the skin of her skull, in the back left hand side. It is some sort of a tracking device. When I asked who put it there, the words were, “Extraterrestrial”. They want to stay connected to her because they are part of her lineage. She comes from Josephus??? had trouble with the word. She came as a second wave volunteer. This was used primarily as a tracking tool before she woke up. They don’t need it anymore. They don’t need that chip anymore. They can make direct contact now. She has a more direct line to them now. They will come at night in dreams. She can communicate that way. She always wondered what was there. And at times, felt that it was pulsating or that something was happening but as of late it has not been a concern.
Her RH neg blood type is not of earth origin. The origin of this blood type is Arturia. (She had difficulty pronouncing the word and was going off of how it sounded. The actual word is Arcturus, where 5th Dimensional beings reside and who built a society that became the original prototype for how to live on Earth). It is 6000 light years away. Many that are light workers have this blood type as a way of….an imprint of remembering where they came from. Because it’s easier on the earth plane to get bound by the trauma and what’s going on around you. Many who have that blood type will have intuitive gifts. It lies dormant in them until the time is right and they can use their gifts. The O neg blood type is the Universal donor for humans because it has not been manipulated and is as close to pure as far as genetic manipulation is concerned. It cannot be genetically modified. It cannot be cloned or changed which is why all humans…. their bodies can accept it. Whereas other blood types may have been or have been tampered with. Many have.
When asked about her missing memories from childhood.
SC: We would take her up. Sometimes, she would go up because there was a connection. It wasn’t for harm. It was for recalibration and as a child she was very fearful. She got to a stage where she wasn’t……it was too traumatic, so we stopped visiting and unfortunately, she remained fearful of us. But we were not there to harm. One night as a child she was fearful because she sensed an energetic presence. She asked for comfort and a presence that felt like a warm blanket covered her. This presence was Jesus. He came. He was always there but he came, and he is still around. She has a Christ connection that originates from when she was a child in a past life. She knew him and knew of his kindness. She knew that what she was taught in this lifetime did not match what she experienced with him in a past life. She was present during the time Jesus walked the earth. She was a young girl and didn’t know him well but had interactions with him. This is part of how she began to awaken as a fifteen-year-old girl. What she was being taught in confirmation didn’t feel right because she had a prior memory of what he really felt like.
SC: The energetic tingling, she feels to the left of her head and left shoulder are her guides, Archangel Michael, and Metatron. The number 11. She is connected to the number 11 deeply. Metatron comes but she talks to Michael a lot especially when she’s looking for a parking spot! Lol It’s not just a coincidence. Michaels is always with her. That is why she loves blue, but Metatron hangs around to help guide her. He is helping her with these energetic frequencies and energetic beings that are around her. He helps to assimilate and integrate the healing energies of the beings that also help her with healings. He ties it all together. She doesn’t realize she has help when she is healing people. It’s not just Michael, there are other beings and guides that come through that are there for the benefit of the person she is working with and Metatron helps the healing the healing and energies from that person’s guides to integrate into the healing. He helps with that. He helps to oversee the integration of all of the beings that are helping in the process. It is never just one. Many come when a person needs healing. He helps with that. She is a very powerful healer. She understands this now. She needs the confidence. Her life has always been full of synchronicities. She is just realizing now that they are divine synchronicities. There are no accidents. She has a very powerful mind and powerful manifestation tools. She can manifest easily. She needs to work more with this. She has never fit into this present life. She never has and was never meant to. That was not part of the plan. She quite literally is from a different planet. Everything was strange here for her. Even though she had past lives, she was still the odd one out. She agreed to come because she was asked, and she heard. She agreed to come. But it was so cold here as a child, it just did not feel….it felt like such a cold place. She wasn’t prepared for the density. Most aren’t. It took her first almost 30 years until she started to remember what she was, what she came from, and what she needs to do. It was hard but the only way for her to have a different perspective on planet Earth was to come in as an oddball. To see things from a different view. You don’t march to the beat of everyone else’s drum. You can all help make change.
SC: We all can incarnate wherever we want. She was from another planet as part of a soul family but in the higher dimensions you can chose to have experiences on whatever planet you want, in any form you want. If there is something that you would like to experience, it is not linear. Fragments of a soul can be in one universe and also exist on the earth plane. This is possible and happens often because you are more than just that lifetime. Your soul is massive and there could be a thousand sparks of you existing all at once. Existing in different dimensions, different universes, different planets. It’s all tied together. Every being has this option. You don’t just go to one place when you die. You never die. You exist as a high source of energy; you can choose to be wherever you want. So, part of her lived those lifetimes and part of her exists in a universe and other universes because her soul wanted that experience. We are always evolving, and your soul is already perfection. It doesn’t really need to learn lessons, but you have the freedom to experience yourself in any way you want, and it’s fun! Today you want to be a rhinoceros, today, you want to live this life. It sounds strange but it’s exploration of the soul. That is all it is. There is no right or wrong. There is never right or wrong. There’s duality. On your earth you see light and dark, good, and bad, yes. But they are all fractals of expression and that is all there is. And you as a soul are so much more than any of those lifetimes. It’s like a game for some people. They go live a life and say, “Oh, I was a horrible human being. I didn’t know I was horrible, I treated people terribly.” I’m going to go back and again to see if I can do something different! No problem. You have the option. You experience! And maybe in that life you say, Oh, I don’t feel like doing that anymore so maybe you try a different planet. But you see it really is like a big game. And your higher self is enjoying it the whole time even though your little human body gets caught up in all that’s happening…. the fear the drama. But ultimately, you are all Source, so do no wrong, it’s just exploration.
Someone’s always gotta be the good guy. Someone’s always gotta be the bad guy. If you’re’ the bad guy and you hurt other people. On some level there was an agreement that you made with other people. Your higher self agreed to play the game in that lifetime with those people. Humans see it as awful or heinous, but it is spirit exploring and maybe there is something in that lifetime that those people…. their souls wanted to experience. But we never really die.
 Hell is not a place. Hell would be best described as a vibration or a frequency. There are people, entities, energies that are of a lower vibration. They come in, that is their purpose, their expression, that is where they reside. Now, people can get pulled into that vibration, so they will experience their own hell. And that vibration and that frequency loves to pull in higher vibrations and suck it down to those lower places. That is part of its game. That is what it does. So as far as hell being a place that we have been told to fear in Sunday school. No, there is no place where a devil sits and hangs out. But there are those entities and energies that are of a lower vibration. They are what you would call dark. They chose to be in that space, that is what they want to experience in this lifetime for any reason. That is a place where anybody can be pulled if they choose or allow it. Anybody that remains of a higher frequency does not have to be bothered with it.
There is a dark energy on earth. Fear is what they use. Instilling fear is part of the plan. They can’t keep humans in a lower vibration unless they instill the fear. It is a dark energy that can manifest dark agendas but, it needs to be fed. The more that you buy into fear, the more power is gained. Hence, what is happening right now. The last push of fear with the virus to get as many people afraid because they are worried. They can see people waking up and they are losing strength. They needed to get as much of the population afraid because that is what they feed off.
“They” are the Elite. The small group of people. It is greed and control. That is what lower energies feed off. That is all they want. There will never be enough money in the world for them. That is what they want. To control. But their plan is going awry. They had not anticipated as many people asking questions as there are. Many are questioning what is going on. Many more than you would know because it is not discussed. But if everyone was open, about 50% of your population would admit that they question what is happening. This is why it won’t work out the way they wanted it to.
They basically wanted to own the world and have us all as slaves and cull the population. This vaccine was one of the tools. So was the virus. It was supposed to kill more people. The virus was planned, and the elite group were responsible for the planning behind it. It was orchestrated and covered up at the start, but the virus was intended to kill more people. But it didn’t work the way they had planned. People are questioning. They thought people were too dumb that they would all walk like lambs to the slaughter.
There are some dark days ahead, but it is not the end. There will be revelations. There will be uncovering’s. Information will come out and more people will wake up and as this happens, things will really start to fall apart for them.
Source energy is already present on Earth through the collective energies. Hold the light. Hold it. Don’t buy into the fear. That is how they are controlling the population. That is the number one thing you must know. That every person is powerful, and they must stay out of fear. As long as you stay out of fear, brave souls will come forward and they will be working. They are divinely protected. The brave souls that come forward have AA Michael as their protector.
Final words of wisdom
SC: There is a lot that is going to change in the world. It’s ultimately all for good. It may not seem like it. It might seem scary. It might make people anxious and terrified but good things will come. Trust that and have faith. Stay the course.
SC: She ( the client) is a light worker. Her mission is to prepare, open them up, change the frequency of humans to elevate the collective consciousness. Her frequency is higher. When she first came, she was trapped in lower densities. Now she is passed that. She is now resonating at her highest frequency. She is a light beacon to others like you. You are all like light beacons. We talk to each other in subtle ways like grid points on a map. There are many of us. It is like a flashing light in the dark. There are more and more and they connect and before you know it all the lights are on.
They don’t even know it’s coming. The dark ones. They don’t know it’s coming. Were going to flip a switch. All of us who are connected. They will be caught off guard. They think they’ve got it cased. They don’t have it cased. They think they do. It’s like a string of Christmas tree lights. Each light goes off, another, another, and another, and before you know it zap, they’re all on! We will all see it. Everyone will see it! Even the ones who you don’t think will see it will see through the game they’re playing. It’s a game to them, and we agreed to play the game. We came, were playing a part. But they will keep trying and fighting. But they can’t do it. They won’t be successful. We’re too powerful. Not only, that’s where the intelligent ones, people in places of power who can really make a difference. We will beat them at their own game. The light and the intellect will join together.
SC: You are both part of the same light grid. There is a grid. You are connected. You are working together. You are on the same team. The feeling you sensed was real. You knew each other in another time. In Lemuria. You were strong powerful women. Women of that time were revered, strong, healers. You were friends. You agreed to come again, you agreed to reconnect to continue your work. Help uplift other women and empower them…..and the men! You were elders in that time. You agreed to meet again. Here you are! Your gifts are important. You bring all the wisdom from that time, now it’s time to recreate it. Don’t worry. Don’t worry about the dark you see. You need to only focus on the light.



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