* Recap on Session Healing Done 9 Years Ago

I never did write about this client’s original healing session nine years ago,   I’m not sure why, his session and the healing he experienced was one that  I will always remember, but as you know…Nothing is just a coincidence…LOL
Nine years ago in his first session he had asked about the chronic pain he had in his left hip.  Seven years previous he had a car accident which damaged the hip to the point where he needed surgery to put in a piece of metal in order to fix the damage.  This metal piece had caused him pain for 7 years and he wanted relief from this pain.
When the Higher Consciousness was asked if it could help him they quickly agreed… Yes, we can turn that metal back into bone.  They continued with…He doesn’t know this but there may be a class action lawsuit coming up because it is illegal in Canada to put a defective part in a human body.  If this class action lawsuit comes up he may need to be X-rayed again so we are going to leave a portion of the metal in there just in case.
I asked the HC if it would finish the job and return all of the metal into bone after the X-ray was taken for the (possible future) lawsuit and they agreed to do that but he would not feel any more pain.  The client got up from that session pain free and continued on with his life.
I rarely have the chance to speak with my clients after their session but about 2 months after I did talk to this client and he was doing great, still pain free.  In fact I remember him saying something to the effect of….You know what it’s like when you don’t have pain anymore, you forget you ever had it.  I came out of the shower the other day and noticed a red mark about an inch long at the top of my leg.  It wasn’t until I got up close to investigate I remembered I once had a 7 inch scar there from the surgery. 
So now not only had most of the metal been changed back to bone, and he was pain free but even the surgery scar was disappearing!
So nine years later this client contacted me wanting to schedule another session.  Oof course I couldn’t wait to ask him if the class action lawsuit ever materialized.  He said it had and he did have to have another X-ray which showed the metal part in place, and he was still free of the pain.
In this most recent session I couldn’t resist asking his HC if the metal had been completely changed into bone now and I was given this explanation…


HC-                 This is an interesting answer for you, because the answer to that is yes.
                        Yep. In all functionality, in all systems, in all ways, his hip is better than ever.
                         If a physician read a report and had no idea of anything along the lines of spiritual
                         healing… so a physician reads a report that says there is a big, massive
                         piece of metal in there, when he looks at that  x-ray he's going to see a
                         piece of metal.


 After the session had ended the client described what he was shown while the HC explained this to me…He said I saw a doctor looking at an x-ray that showed the metal piece in the leg, then as the doctor passed the x-ray to him  the client he saw the x-ray changed and it showed no metal at all.
This provided us with a very interesting lesson in the power of suggestion and what we believe.  If we understand that  everything we experience is created by ourselves and what we believe then by changing our beliefs we change our experience.
I wonder how many unhelpful beliefs the average adult carries with them?  A few hundred?  A thousand?   And possibly adding to the list daily!  It may seem a daunting task, but each one of us has the power to eliminate or change unhelpful beliefs, it all starts with the individual because the individual is where the true power lies.





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