Just when you delude yourself into believing there isn’t anything new in the Universe, said Universe hits you with something right out of left galaxy!  To be honest I did ask the Higher Self if it would bring me something new and different and it certainly delivered with this session.  This is just a brief synopsis of this session.
The client was standing in the middle of a beautiful pinky-grey colored temple with no roof and walls that curved up like a shell.  The energy from the light above was white and felt wonderful.  She had sandals on and a light colored robe.  The client thought it was an androgynous body, but then decided it was more male.  He wore a pendant of black, light violet and green stones near the throat that was used for communication.  The client recognized this temple, she had been there before.                                                                                                                                                                   This place was a place on earth eons ago and is where the client worked to clear/absorb people’s karma and emotional energies in order to heal them.  At that time there were beings on earth from elsewhere who had incredibly advanced technology that was able to split a soul into two.  This is what had happened to this person and what enabled them to do this healing work.


The client’s original soul had been split with most of it being imprisoned for eons in stone deep in the earth.  The remaining piece of soul was placed into what the higher self called a doll, or what we might call a bio-robot today.  Through this soul splitting process the doll was programmed to do healing work but what she took from others was hers for eternity.  The karma and emotional energy was held and added to lifetime after lifetime on earth.
Just one of many interesting pieces of information that the higher self explained to me was that when the body/doll died the small piece of soul would reincarnate, again but had no choice as to the life or circumstances.  The soul was programmed to fulfill this healing purpose lifetime after lifetime amassing an incredible amount of heavy emotional energy and karma from the ones that were healed, never able to let go of any of it.
The higher self  was eager to get to work to free the imprisoned part of her soul, it was time, I wonder if this is why the higher self made it possible for this client to get an earlier session date….I love divine timing!
The higher self was able to help her integrate some of her freed soul, but because the technology used to split the soul was so advanced the higher self said it could only integrate slowly in stages estimating it would take 1 to 2 years to complete because it was too risky to work any faster.  This is something that has never been done before, my client  is the only being on earth today who has experienced this splitting process.
Most of the client’s issues were tied to this splitting in some way.  I sat fascinated as the higher self removed a crystal found in her heart that was part of the program and crystals found in her eyes so that everything would always be reflected back to her, she would never be able to detoxify any of the energy from others, she was programmed to hold it all.  There was also a small hat on her head that was reflective and quite sticky to get off.  This disconnected her from her guidance.  Now removed she will be able to enjoy a much better connection to her higher self now.
  A few years ago the client felt a non-physical presence around her.  She said this presence explained many things to her and showed her a time when they were together in the flesh, in a temple (same temple) in archaic times.  This non-physical being explained much to her about the temple, the work that was done and what had happened to the soul but they did it in a very gentle way which they hoped has prepared her for today’s session and the complete reintegration of  the soul.
Needless to say the client was dumfounded, yet on reflection it began making more sense to her.  In this life she has always helped those around her  which left her feeling drained.  She now  realizes she took on board their negative emotional energy as she had been programmed to do.  Despite helping to heal others nothing ever went right for her in fact relationships were always a struggle.  Now she knows why, the program was still running, she did what she had been programmed to do for millennia but that will all begin to change now.
As the higher self said, the earth is a place where all is allowed. It seems this isn’t the norm in this universe.  Over millennia, thousands, maybe millions of experiments were conducted on earth and whether helpful or a hindrance to the earth and its beings, all was allowed.
I would like to share what the client and I feel is a very strong message from this session for all of us.  Do you think it may be time for the beings on earth to not allow all to be done; do you think it’s time for the experiments to stop?  I wonder if this is what off planet beings have been telling us, couching it in words like….Stand in your power…You are very powerful, capable beings….You are more powerful than you know.  Have we been over run because we were kept in the dark, never seeing the bigger picture of what was going on?  Is it time for us to open our eyes, see clearly, say no more and stand in our power ?



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  1. Hi Marilyn.. I don’t believe this has been a process exclusive to her… I can feel there are very strong bands and contracts we engender to hold everything in place.. thanks for this lucid description

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