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My sessions seem to be running a theme lately in discussing what created Source. I often see these themes come in threes so stay tuned, maybe third time lucky and I will get the answer!



In response to the client’s questions the Higher Self offered interesting information from its perspective.


Where does Client’s soul originate and is she a star seed?
She is from that light; she is that light, Source, that is her home.



Is there any other place she would consider to be home?
No, she’s been EVERYWHERE.



Could she be considered a star seed?
 She is Angelic, she is not a Star Seed.



What does that mean to be Angelic, what’s the difference?
She is pure love. She is emotion.  She is energy. And high vibration, pure love.



How is that different than a Star Seed then?
Star Seeds are galactic, also high energy from the Source, different vibration.  From a different planet, different level.



Star seeds are ultimately from source as well just a different vibration.



So what causes the same spark from Source to move into different vibrations?
It’s a different level, that’s all it is.



What distinguishes the different levels and do souls move between the levels?



Through their awareness.  As you are aware, you will shift.  The more you feel the frequency the more you shift.



Are there other types of beings that a soul spark could be?



What would they be?
It’s infinite.



Is this something the spark chooses or is it given to them?
It’s all planned.



Who’s plan?
The light, it’s all pre-planned.



So there’s nothing that isn’t pre-planned?
Nothing, everything is planned.



Who plans it?
Even free will is planned.



How can that be planned?
You can choose right you can choose left, ultimately it is the way it is suppose to be.



So even though you think you’re making a choice…
You’re not, it’s all planned.



Is there any way a person could choose left if it was planned they would choose right?
No, you learn the lessons you go through the pain to learn the lessons, it’s all planned.



Why do these lessons need to be learned?
For evolution, evolution of the soul.



So what’s the ultimate goal then?
There is no goal.



So is the evolution endless?
It is. There will always be something more to learn.



Well how is this all created then, what’s the origin of this?
A star, an explosion of star. Millions, billion, billions of pieces everywhere



But what created the star?
Black.  Empty space, empty space.



Is there consciousness in empty space?



Is it consciousness in empty space that created the star?



OK, so I guess my next question is, what created consciousness?
I’m not answering that.



You do not need to know.



OK, well I’m curious, always been curious why is it that I do not need to know?
It’s too much.



Too much what?
Too much for the human to handle.
What would happen?
Too many questions.



There would be too many questions asked?



Is humanity not ready for the answers yet?



Even though they are curious.



Will there ever come a time when humanity can have the answer to that question?
It’s coming.






Is the answer what we would consider to be a loving, good answer?
Yes the universe IS love.



But asking what created consciousness….
Humans aren’t ready, they fear the existence of something else. They fear what they cannot understand.



Oh, so this would create fear?
They fear.



But I know you can tell me, I don’t fear very much?  :-   (LOL- I know I’m treading rocky ground here, but can’t resist just one more shot at it!)
No. 🙁



Well I’ll leave that for now and hopefully in my lifetime I’ll be ready to know the answer to that.




Maybe it’s just enough for us to know at this time that there is something that created Source and something before that, which created consciousness?  I will keep you posted if the third installment comes!


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