The client and I were very intrigued as we talked after her session about her session  experienced and what her higher self had to say about it.  I have had many clients experience being immersed in white light, what we often  refer to  as Source.  It’s an indescribable place where the client feels themselves immersed in endless love and light.
When we think of Source we assume it is all there is, or shall I say,  the beginning of all that is, but apparently it isn’t.
At first she found herself looking through the eyes of a young boy,  his feet dangling over the side of a boat into the water.  The father was up front and the boy sensed his father was sad, then immediately the client feels herself shoot up into space with stars and planets and a round greenish-grey-brown ship that didn’t appear completely solid.  Inside were beings that looked like blobs of light much like her only larger.  She felt drawn to the middle of the ship and was then sucked into a vortex that shot her out into a purple place in space with some stars in the distance.
“I feel like I’m a baby star.” She said, feeling happy and proud to take on the responsibility of being a star.  She knew it was an in between,  temporary stage before taking on a body on Earth.
I moved her forward in time and she was now with many other different types of beings  in this place, all standing around a white spiral.  She sensed it was time for them to go to earth.  Some had been to Earth before, but many, like her,  had never taken an earth incarnation before.  Everyone was cheering each other on telepathically as they waited their turn to embark on this Earth adventure..
I asked if earth life was something she had chosen, she answered… “Kind of, it was a role given to me to bring light and awareness to the planet,  to lift the collective consciousness of the planet by following my  heart and doing what I love and to work through challenges big and small and to be part of the shift.”
 I asked,  had she ever  gone to earth before … “I don’t think so, I’ve jumped into  bodies for brief periods (to see what it was like) but I’ve never had my own body.”
When it was her turn she jumped into the spiral,  knowing she would be meeting her Mom (in the current life) at another level before she incarnates on earth.  The spiral shoots her out into a place that is all white light.  The energy feels different in this white place and she’s starting to feel more physical.  It’s very light and happy here though, but in the previous place where everyone was waiting to jump into the spiral it was more neutral, it wasn’t a happy place or a sad place, just neutral.  She described it as being dark there, but not in a bad way and this new place is very light and everyone is very happy, bubbly and cheery.
She  finds her Mom (current life), they are both balls of light, and soon the rest of her earth family for this incarnation is found and they anchor their energies together as a family ready for this incarnation on earth.
When I’m speaking with the Higher Self later we learn the short  experience of the boy on the boat was a test, a small glimpse.  To help her see what it was like on earth in a physical body.  While the current life is the first time she has incarnated on earth, she has popped into several other bodies on Earth for short periods to gain experience.   One of her other short experiences was as water in a river, a little stream,  constantly moving flowing, peaceful, just trusting the cycle of life.
The Higher Self tells us the ship is the headquarters for planning for the souls going to earth with a mission in the higher realms…
Is that everyone’s headquarters ? I ask
…No just some, for those who haven’t been to earth much, they’ve just been observing for a long time.
The white place she was told is the life before life place, a place that souls go to before they enter a physical life. …
Is there a reason why it felt so happy there?  I ask
....Because we want beings on earth to connect with the emotion of happiness.  There is going to ups and downs and many emotions but the ultimate goal is to experience joy and happiness and bliss.
So is the white place what many people call Source? I ask
 ....  Yes
 Many believe that Source is the ultimate place, there is nothing beyond it, I asked.
….There’s so many, the Higher Self said  (So many other Sources??)
She said the place before jumping into the vortex was really neutral, no feelings.   So is that the type of place that all souls come from before they go to the white place? I asked
…   At one point yes, but it’s beyond your understanding.   :-
So when a person leaves their physical life on earth do they go to the white place or directly beyond…?
…They go to the white place.
 Can they go beyond the white place if they wanted to?
…  No.
So they don’t have a choice then.
… No, beyond the white place, that’s the beginning of creation.
So once they have a physical experience then are they always going to go back to the white place?
… Yes in most cases.
Has anyone ever made it back to the beginning of creation?
Many clients re-experience the white place (Source) in their sessionS.  Sometimes they tell me they remember being there  before.   The client did say that she remembers being in that dark, neutral place many times before.  This  makes sense when you consider this is where this soul directly came from.
After the session we both had more questions we would have liked to ask, but they will have to wait for another time.  I’ve often wondered if there is a Source before the Source and if there is, what is the ultimate Source?


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