I was asking the client’s question, Why was she so afraid of lighters and matches?  The Higher Self said it was because she
had been burned for speaking her truth in PL’s.   I then made the comment that there are so many now who are having to deal with this fear of speaking their truth, why?   I asked, is it so prevalent now when people really need to speak their truth more than ever?
C-Yes, we’ve been shown that we are punished for speaking our truth.  They’ve used this program for a very long time.  They don’t want us in our light but it’s Ok because we end up being in our light anyways.
So it’s all working out?
Is humanity in general ready to let go of that fear and speak their truth now?
C-Very much!
So they will be doing that more (speaking their truth)?
C- Well this is why we’ve created a little bit of chaos is to force them out of their fear and their comfort zones and create an environment where they are forced to say something.
That makes sense, so is humanity on path?
C- Yes, yes, very much.
Because we were talking earlier (client and I)  about whether we would have to take the vaccine for COVID in order to be able to travel or even  just live.  Anything you can tell us about that?
C- We will all have choice, some people will take the vaccine and some won’t.  We (client and SC) won’t take the vaccine, we know the truth and we will be at peace with that.   And those that choose to take it will be at peace with that too.
Will they try to force us to take the vaccine?
C- No.
They won’t be able to do that?
C- No, we won’t let them.
That’s perfect, that’s what we were worried about.  We thought well, maybe with our intention we could take the vaccine and have it move through the body doing no harm.
C- Yes, and we can do that.  We can protect you, remember you have free will, the more you ask us to help you the more we can help you.
Will it come to that point for the client or anyone that they know, will they have to?
C- No, things will be cleared.
Thank you, that’s really good to know.  How much longer will we be dealing with this COVID issue?
Six to eight months.
Is our lock down in this area going to increase?   (New restrictions had been implemented just before this session)
C- No
Will we be able to celebrate Christmas and all the other holidays that come at this time of year?
C- Yes, even if the energy changes and the lockdowns happen you will be able to celebrate Christmas, you will not get into trouble.  Stay in the light, you will be OK.  All of this will pass, it will pass very soon, it’s very close.  Six to eight months is for the bigger picture but in reality in the next couple of months things will be changing already.
OK, so by February things will change?
C- Yes
That’s good news!  Because a lot of it doesn’t make sense.
C- Even in the light community some are spreading false information, just be aware that they are saying things that aren’t necessarily true about what’s going to happen.
I have received some information that I blogged about, and we were talking about it (earlier) and really it creates a lot of fear.  Is that false information then?
C- It’s not that it’s false information the timelines are changing, things are changing because of the energy and because of the work that we’ve been able to do with your permission, so things are changing.  Continue asking for our help, the more you ask the more we can do to change timelines.  (Higher self placed great emphasis on the word “with”)
Excellent, so we’ve actually changed timelines.
C- Yes
How can we keep ourselves on a more positive, freer timeline?
The best way is to not listen to other people’s information, though they mean well it’s not necessarily what’s happening because things are changing very, very, very fast.   And just remember that anything is possible.  As long as you ask us for help we can help, if you don’t ask us for help there’s only so much we can do, but so many people are waking up and asking us for help, so we’ve been able to change things and help you.
Excellent.  I was concerned whether I should have put that information on my blog or not, was that OK to do that?
C- Yes, when the client saw that information it was a reminder to stay in the light and it was a reminder to ask for help.  So it’s OK just trust that everybody else will see it when they need to see it and do what they need to do with that information, you did the right thing.
Thank you so much!

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  1. Look like the information from that session was not very accurate .
    my informations about covid were different. I was communicated ( I am not sure what word I should use)
    that covid will go away second half of 2022, but other issues will appear. This info was given to me about a year ago.

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