In a recent session in one of my client's past lives he was as a typical grey ET . The body wasn't wearing any clothing and had the usual black eyes, large head and just a couple of fingers and toes on his humanoid body.

At first he was wandering on a small desolate planet he said looked like the moon, he was wondering where the "others" were.

He then found himself on a ship with others that looked just like him. On the ship they had a human laying on a bed that they were about to perform an operation on. They knew this human was important to the grand plan of this planet in some way and they were trying to help by operating on the human's body in order to prolong the person's life so they could fulfill their mission.
The human was very frightened and the grey beings were at a loss for a what to do in order to calm them down. They weren't able to understand fear or how to help. Eventually the human calmed down and surgery began.
The client wasn't performing the operation, he was overseeing it as the others worked in the area of the abdomen. They were hopeful that their efforts would be successful and the human would be healthy. The client was quite surprised at the grey's lack of emotion during this. He was just performing a task.
Once finished they took the human back to an earth-like planet believing the human wouldn't even realize they had been operated on. They continued to check on the human by thinking of them and looking at a large screen to see how the human was progressing.
Unfortunately, although healed, somehow the human made decisions that took them off plan. As my client as the ET said quite calmly, things don't always work out according to plan. In fact the human, rather than bringing peace had somehow been involved in starting a war.
The ET's watched as much of this planet was involved now in war. They knew they could try to help, but if their plan didn't work out then they would have to scrap everything and start over.
So the ET's decided to bring their ship down to a less populated area because by doing this they could bring their peaceful vibe to this planet and this would continue after they left to influence the people into a more peaceful state.
The few humans that saw the ship touch down couldn't believe what they were seeing and the others never realized what had happened. The touch down had the desired effect and the warring stopped, peace came to the planet...success!
The client was quite surprised after the session how emotionless he felt in this life as a Grey. Although they were successful he was just doing his job, bringing peace to a planet with the others on the ship.....just another day in the life of a Grey!


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