The client came into this past life as a girl living in a destitute family situation with 2 younger brothers and mother and an alcoholic father.  In her early teens she left the home for the streets dressing in her father’s clothes as the mother thought her daughter had a better chance of finding employment as a man.  Eventually with the help of a kind couple she began working in the wife’s dress shop and living in a small apartment above the shop.
Fast forward to an important day later when she found herself walking in the hallway of what the client said looked like a
n apartment building.  She heard a loud gunshot and an older man with a pointed nose carrying  papers hurriedly ran out of a room down the hall unaware of her presence.
When she looked into the room he had just run out of she saw books, plans and blueprints everywhere in this small ro
om and a man slumped over in a chair fatally shot.  On the window of this room there was a drawing – plans for something he had envisioned on a mountaintop that could be seen through the window.  The plans that were left were of a metal spiral tower with lightening coming out of it.  She also noticed there were several other versions of it in the room, all on a dark blue thick paper with white markings on it.
At this point she felt compelled to erase the drawing on this window drawing and pick up one of the plans that had been left.  Although she didn’t understand them, she felt they were very important, that they were secret and couldn’t get into the wrong hands.
She also felt she should never talk about the plans and kept them to herself until one day she mentioned having these strange plans to another employee of the dress shop.  Soon after she began having men come into the shop asking her for the plans.  By this time she had already taken and buried them about 4 feet away from the porch under a rock in the yard of her family home.  She knew they would be safe there, no one knew where they were and she hadn’t been followed.
The  harassment continued  until the last day of that life where she found herself bound with something over her head.  She could hear the footsteps and muted conversation of 2 English sounding men in the room.  They were demanding she
tell them where the blueprints were and she kept giving them false directions to their location.   She never revealed exactly where the plans were to the men feeling intuitively that they should not get into the wrong hands.  At times during the past life exploration the client questioned why she felt she needed to keep their location from them.  Eventually, when they realized they were not going to find the plans they shot her.
Her Higher Self later said the man who was shot was Tesla and the plans are still there in the ground waiting to be found during new construction on the site.  I asked about any damage from being buried so long and they said at that time these plans or blueprints were drawn up on cloth and that they were still intact waiting to be discovered someday when they would come into the right hands.


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