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It’s not unusual to have the most amazing, out of this world information come through in a QHHT session, and Dolores Cannon certainly had her share!  Some she didn’t understand at the time but she was gracious enough to write about it anyway in hopes someone else might understand or learn from it.
Being the Reporter she called herself, she would write about it all, whether she believed in or agreed with the information or not.  After all,  getting the material out there for others to make their own decisions was her job and she did this very well.
With this information below, I am doing the same.  I make no claims for it’s accuracy.  Some of it sounds incredulous.   It was information for my client and this client gave me permission to ask anything, so when the information turned to issues and events about to happen and in the future I dove in hoping I would ask everything I needed to ask.  Of course this never happens, on reflection there are always more questions to ask…LOLI
When the Higher Self talks about future events and makes predictions I hold an open  “wait see” attitude knowing we all change our probable futures constantly.   I can’t prove it wrong or right, the information is for that client in their timeline.  The timelines of others and myself may hold quite different futures.
As we are all creators, creating our own realities with our thoughts I invite you to consider this interesting information, but  I warn you  this is not sugar coated and it may be disturbing for those who are sensitive.   If it doesn’t resonate with you turn the page, Google something else, place your awareness elsewhere and create something wonderful for yourself!
I have taken the time to transcribe the session to get the exact wording/meaning, but it’s a looonng read, so I have condensed it with just the pertinent information that came from the Higher Self.
At midnight between December 21, and December 22, major changes arrive on earth every year.  This year (2020) the changes will be bigger than any in the last decade.  This year there will be a systems collapse of the technological, currency and some political systems from the old to the new. It’s going to seem traumatic to some, but it’s not.  This is all a part of what many call the ascension and will begin a 3 year process that will culminate in peace and calm.
December 21, 2020 is when major changes will be seen and there will be a form of darkness,  like lights out, but it won’t be dramatic,  we won’t be without electricity for 10 days, it will just be a change from the old to the new.  Then lights will go back on and people will be confused and think everything will go back to normal but - the old is completely gone. People will have a choice to go with the old or the new and people will separate depending on their choice spiritually at first and then as time goes on more physically.
The first wave is December 22 nd, the second is after New Years and the third is after March, by then it will be a whole different world.
The banking system will collapse first.  People will feel it’s normal, they may see glitches but people won’t be shown what’s gong on behind the scenes at first it will be like an illusion.  It will start with credit cards, debt will be paid off there will be no debt, people will feel excited at first,  but it’s not good. 
It will be controlled chaos with lockdowns, lineups, lists and rules.  You don’t have to follow but if you want to be a part of society you will comply. It will come slowly at first but gradually the rules will increase, more-so in the cities. People who do not want to comply will have to move away into the forests.  They will form small communities and work together to survive.
Any advice for people? – Nature, learn survival skills, gain confidence.  Look away from TV, look away from the control, look away and remember the love and all that is within.  People have forgotten what’s within them, find that love.
Stockpile food and water and cell salts for minerals.  Eventually there will be no access to pharmacies or supliments.
People will still be able to grow gardens in their back yards, but once regulations come in there will be inspections even in small towns close to the cities.
When the dark web is wiped,(to get rid of the evil on it)  then everything will begin.  Trumps people will wipe the dark web, but the normal internet will still be up and running and censorship on the internet will continue until the third wave.
For Canada-  eventually as  the systems collapse this means the country will revert back to the old traditons of rulership (Queen or King).  When the queen is in control of Canada she will be killed and it will be chaos for a while.  A lot of the Royals will run and people will storm the castles. The governments will be freaking out and losing power.
Canada will remain soverign for now but in about 2 years ( when the Royal family is killed)  the border between the US, Canada and Mexico will be broken and they will all align together as North America. This transition will eventually be a peaceful one, but there will be some chaos.
Trudeau will push a vaccine and people who won’t take it will move out of the cities to new communities.  It will be a struggle, but they will be safer.
There will be lots of death and sickness for those who take the vaccine which will align with the 5G towers.  They aren’t turned on as yet in Canada, but they have been built.  America has stabilized their 5G, but Canada hasn’t. The Canadian 5G will affect those who don’t get the vaccine minimally with headaches, circulation problems, depression and anxiety.
Those who don’t get the vaccine will slowly lose the ability to work, buy things and raise their families in the cities.
Within the next 6 months they will announce the disclosure of aliens, but the alien they will show the people is more of a robot, it will look real but isn’t the real aliens that look like humans and live among us. The aliens that live amongst us and look like us are in control of this world plan.  They are also in control of multiple planets.  They are not necessarily dangerous to us, they will not cause destruction but their plan of control  is not a good one for humanity.
 Trump  is working against the plan of the aliens who are in control.  This is his first incarnation here, he came for this purpose to help.  He’s playing along with their game for now but he has a plan, he knows their moves.  Some things he does to play along with their plan don’t look like they are benefiting humanity and the earth but he has to make some moves that don’t align for the greater purpose. For instance, he will support a vaccine and changes in the government but he won’t follow through on it.
Within 6 months those in control will make it look like Trump is assassinated but it is just a clone of him.  He has had many moments when he went into hiding because he and the military knows about this plan.  The people will believe he is dead but he will continue to govern and when he shows himself alive there will be a mass shake up of shock. Many others believed to be dead will come out as well, this will result in many more people waking up.  The media will try to cover it up at first.
Trump will continue to govern, but it will be different, he won’t technicaly be President.  The set up will change, they will go into an emergency state and it will look more like a rulership.  Half the people will be OK with this and half not, this is the divide and this will continue to wake more people up. 
Trump will continue for most of his term and then Baron (his youngest son) will take over.  Baron’s rule will be just and peaceful.  People will only acknowledge his rulership after much chaos though.
The election (that is about to happen) will have tampering against Trump and  it will be exposed.  It will look like its close, but when everything comes to light it will show he wins by a landfall.  Trump will take them all to court,  he will have enough proof and then the systems will fall.  Many will realize that as far back as they know it has all been a lie.  At first they will deny it and then they will accept it.
There will be 4 court cases in a row that will change everything in the system.  It will involve Obama and will wake up many.
Obama is not alive anymore, his original was caught, and tried in a private court (in another country?) for the mass murders of children in another country and hung two months ago (this session was in the middle of October) , but he has many clones. 
Many others including Hillary, Michelle Obama and Oprah are on house arrest but rather than in their houses they are on an Island awaiting trials.
There are Chinese military seen in Vancouver Canada lately, why? (This is my question) 
 Trudeau and the Queen have allowed this.  They have tunnels underground from Vancouver that go all the way to Los Angeles.  They plan to go to America that way and they want to use the Canadian military as well.  They may be successful at first but not forever.(Unfortunately this is one of those times I wish I would have asked more questions)
Right now the Chinese are being listened to by the US and Russia military and  they are messing the Chinese channels up so there is miscommunication.  The Chinese communist party will lose a lot of their control.  It’s already begun with millions lost in trading, less countries are willing to align with them. 
The Chinese people will go through a major depression with a lot of suffering.  The natural disasters China has suffered lately are because of Karma and it will continue.


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