Along with answering this client’s personal questions the Higher Self touched on some current things that are affect humanity as a whole and with that add an uplifting message for everyone!
The Higher Self said:  The war and the violence is necessary in the ascendance of humanity.  Peace is the ultimate goal for humanity and everybody will have their peace,  but first they must experience the other side of that, it’s hard to explain because they are both the same thing but it’s all about perception. Human minds cannot possibly grasp two perceptions at the same time.
For years the violence has always been there to shine on the goodness also in humanity.  Earth hurts, it’s a painful experience but in a lot of ways souls love to come here at first until they do, and then they want to go (laughter), but when they leave they know the lessons have been very well taught.  There’s so much violence in earth that it physically hurts these souls that come in and they don’t know what to expect, she is one of those souls, it hurts her to be here but she is so needed!
Humans are doing a great job right now, as much as it might seem like things aren’t going well they are, and this is part of the divine plan.  You are all here right now to experience this divine plan and it seems tough in the moment with this virus, and with President Trump, and all the things that are happening but this is a beautiful thing happening and she knows that too.  That’s why she doesn’t like to go too deep into social media and the false media systems because she knows this is all for the greater good.
What I tell her is to go with her feelings inside, her gut feelings.  When it feels good, even through the fear….the fear is created, earth is the only place with fear, with fear that is so projected, to such an extensive level, that people spend their whole lives living in fear.  But if you can get past the fear and look at the greater good with this virus, everybody has come together in a way they haven’t before.  More than ever awake people are connecting with people who aren’t awake to awaken them because humans are ascending.  We are so proud!  We’re proud.
 The bad people on this planet right now are here for a reason.  Humanity won’t have to worry we would never let anything bad happen to this planet, and that is a big concern for a lot of people is nuclear war.  It won’t happen.  We have taken the right path.  We were going down a path that may have resulted in destruction, but we have taken the right path.  Humanity has guided themselves to be on the road for full ascension and people all around the world are awakening every day.  It’s wonderful!
The planet’s energy has shifted….. it’s clearing,  for a long time earth was having a bad experience, but now as people start to awaken and start to take care of her more, the earth’s energy is nice to channel.  When you get away from the media and the negativity that’s planted, the world is a beautiful place.  There is nothing that will harm you


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