I've come to realize Dolores Cannon had an understanding of Oneness that was on another level.
One never got the feeling she was anything but rock solid on the concept. 
This is something I've always loved and admired about her, someday I hope
 to understand oneness at her level.
Why is oneness so important?
Because it is all encompassing it is vast it is infinite, it’s unimaginable to the human mind, even as the spark we cannot comprehend the vastness of how it all comes together but it is as one. All of existence is one.


Why don’t humans feel they are connected as one?
We are at the start, this is what’s being created on many, many different levels….for the humans it takes a little bit longer but it’s happening , it’s happening sooner than later and it’s happening now as we speak.
Yes this is new, new for you is different than new for us from out, out out?  Hmmm It is something that is needed and something that is happening for a while but it’s new to this part this section of existence.
It’s just that this part of existence is a little slower , to accept or, this section is not as evolved as other sections of existence.
Are other sections of existence aware of their connection to the all?
The other sections of existence are much more advanced than this section is…this is the last part of existence to accept the concept of oneness and the existence of existence.
So when this part of existence accepts  existence, will all of existence be aware they are on?
Yes the existence will rise in jubilation, the connection will finally be made, it’s taken a very, very long time. and we are the last part, cog in the wheel so it can be complete.
What happens when it’s complete?
Then something totally new and spectacular is born.
Are you aware of what that would be?
We are not totally aware of the final picture, but we feeeeel  it…humans could not imagine what it would feel like or be pictured like there is no concept. ..I see when it’s complete it’s like a rising up and a nucleus and there’s existence around the nucleus and the existence rises above the nucleus and it all comes together in this great big beautiful spark,  and this energetic comes together… that’s indescribable.
Once this all comes together is there anything outside of existence?
Existence is all there is.  There is no existence inside the existence inside the existence, the existence is the final act and the creation of something so totally beautiful and new.
Has it ever been done before?
No because it’s all through many, many millennia, waiting and waiting to come together  so it can move to the existence that’s why people talk about the oneness, they have no idea what the oneness is, it is so much more than what one can perceive or conceive….It’s coming faster and faster…
Is this the shift that’s happening, is that is what we’re talking about?
The oneness is not even a millimeter, centimeter, you can’t comprehend the… everyone talks about the oneness but they have no idea the extent and the depth of this oneness…it’s new, it’s not the old concept of oneness, it’s a new meaning of oneness, that one cannot comprehend  at this moment in time, but it’s coming.
Does this shift in consciousness have anything to do with this?
Absolutely it does, absolutely and it’s the consciousness not from the mind but from the heart.
How does embodying more of a person’s higher self relate to this?
The higher self lives within the universe that lives within each of us. ….All beings have an inner universe and that inner universe is where your higher self resides, that’s where the knowledge is, that’s where we sit around and meet with guides and other beings, we sit around that pond and we commune …. More and more knowledge is coming to everyone of us in our inner universe.
We need to seek balance in mind body and spirit, we need to keep our spirit high and positive, we need to keep our mental state clear of all distractions, keep our emotions level, clear our emotional, mental physical field, to keep this shell this body, this beautiful working mechanism as healthy as you can.  Your whole self mind body spirit all in a beautiful balance to be ready.
I wonder if I’ve become sidetracked in thinking the shift is about embodying a higher portion of our higher selves, really that’s almost a byproduct or the beginning of this realization of oneness?
Absolutely the beginning, there’s no explanation to explain that oneness, that final push to that new beautiful oneness that all of existence comes together to create this oneness,  it’s new and nothing like you can even imagine here infinitely more beautiful loving and kind and  peaceful.
And you say it’s going to be happening soon?
Sooner than you think.
I’ve heard that before , is it coming soon as within my lifetime here on earth?
One would hope, yes that is the hope of all of us waiting on the other parts of the existence.



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