* A Dimensional Traveler

This person found herself in a dark space with millions of tiny white dots swirling around her.  Thinking she was probably in space with the stars I asked her more than once to describe her surroundings and not once did she differ in her description, not once did she say the white dots were stars, this was unusual, not what I expected and made me very curious.
What ever she was standing on felt squishy beneath her feet and was colored like the rings of Saturn but rather than a ring it was a pathway that she followed to a city made up of buildings of different heights that looked like stems with round balls on the tip.
Standing on this path she saw many other paths like hers that extended out from this city, but when she turned around to look at where she came from all she could see was a window that she knew was a portal into another dimension.
She saw herself as all other inhabitants as neither male nor female.  They had frog like green feet, the hands had balls at the tips of the fingers.  Her legs were bendy with a reptile-like body and a head that was more bird like, complete with beak and yellow feathers on the back.  Her eyes were described as round and intelligent.
She like others wore a round pendant on a silver chain with a graphic carved on it that signified their guardianship.  Hers was of a path; she was a guardian of the path returning to this city to meet with someone who she was to give a message to.  Although she didn’t understand what she was communicating to this person she knew it wasn’t a good message, the city was vulnerable.
On an important day she was traveling along her path and found a window she could travel through into another land.  This was a place of green hills with beings that looked more like balls (vehicles)  rolling through the area.  She soon was captured and taken to a compound built into the hills.  Although they didn’t seem to harm her, they somehow made her very sleepy and left her outside lying on the ground.  When the client said they made her sleepy her speech began slow, and she began to slur her words to the point where I could hardly understand her!
Although these beings seemed threatening to her, they didn’t harm her but she knew she had to go back to her city and tell the others of her discovery.  If other dimensions were to find a portal into her dimension her city would be vulnerable.
No one else had her ability for seeing these window portals into different dimensions.  Her people had not evolved to the stage where this was possible; she was the anomaly and celebrated for her ability. Another important day she was given a robe and a new amulet with a carving of the cityscape.  She had a greater responsibility now to keep her city safe.
On another adventure through a portal window she found an iridescent emerald crystal city inhabited by more evolved, angelic energy beings.  These beings were kind and were willing to help her dimension evolve.   It had been decided by both cities to join together for mutual benefit.   I asked how two different dimensions could be joined as one and she explained  they would be joined through the power of the amulets which would dissolve the portal and make it all one.  It would allow the beings of both cities to visit each other like they were just traveling from city to city.
The more advanced angelic beings were able to create a force field around her city that would block anyone from coming into their portal.   Her people learned much from these angelic beings and some learned to recognize portal windows as well.
The reason why she was shown this lifetime was to show her to trust what she feels and not to be afraid to explore something she doesn’t understand.  There is more than this life (current) and don’t be afraid of what is different.


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A Dimensional Traveler

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