* The Adventures Of A Drop Of Water

Have you ever considered that a drop of water IS consciousness, and that drop of water as consciousness has awareness and feelings?  The following fascinating session really opened my eyes and heart to the consciousness around us that we really don’t give much thought to. It’s inanimate right?....WRONG!  

This session began by  exploring a short past life, and after leaving the body the client found herself floating in darkness.  Although she didn’t understand where she was she felt safe and supported in this and as she allowed herself to  relaxed into it, she found herself experiencing what it is like to just BE in ONENESS, no separate parts she was the ALL.

After a time experiencing bliss she became aware of purple clouds floating past, and then saw herself as a bluish cloud floating over what looked like the Amazon, noting  there were others like herself floating above the earth in various places.  Their job was to clear the toxins in the air.  I thought it interesting that the clean air went up into space rather than back down in the earth’s lower atmosphere.

After a time she dissolved into rain, feeling the excitement of falling onto the lush vegetation below, sinking down into the earth and gathering with other drops of water flowing into a river.  This was such fun!

They flowed down the river into the ocean, feeling excited for the adventure that awaited as she and other drops of water joined the ocean, riding the waves that took them to new places, new experiences!

At first she thought going up north would be interesting, but it was cold and when she saw those that went before her become ice she decided that wasn’t what she wanted to do so she turned around and flowed south to warmer adventures within waves playfully crashing on a beautiful white sand beach with children capturing buckets of water and dumping them onto the shore.

She watched for a while, puzzled that they seemed to be oblivious to the water’s aliveness, the consciousness that they were playing with.  This really struck her as odd, she could not fathom how the children on the beach thought they were the only ones alive and yet to her they weren’t nearly as alive as she.

Perhaps it was this puzzlement that brought her deeper to the ocean floor, noticing a fish that approached a star fish.  Wondering whether she was now this star fish she felt herself moved back, away from the fish, feeling a heaviness, was she now the star fish?  The heaviness increased and she was felt herself involuntarily drawn down into the thick, dark mud where it was difficult to move.  She didn’t like being held down there, heavy, unable to move freely.   So with concentrated effort she slowly with effort moved up through the mud forming a bubble that rose and took her to the surface.  When she hit the surface the bubble exploded and she felt herself exploding into hundreds of drops of water, reveling in being free once again!

Then she noticed a wooden ship with sails and thought she would like to attach herself to the rope that dangled in the water, but she soon found that she had dried up and was now within the rough, coarse feeling rope, but although she didn’t like feeling the rope, she knew once the rope absorbed more water she would be free again.

At this point I knew we had to end this fascinating adventure, and speak with her Higher Self, she had brought questions after all!

Her Higher Self explained that it was very important for her to drink water.  When a client gets this recommendation I often ask how much water a day should the client drink.  Her HS then said, “It’s not so much how much water she needs to drink as the quality.  She needs to set intention with her water and then drink it.” 

Wow!, I thought, this is an important message for all of us.  By setting your intention not only are you acknowledging the water’s conscious aliveness, you can also set the intention for the effect you wish that water to have on your body.  Much along the lines of Emoto’s work.   The possibilities seem endless and  it reminds me to do this with my food and probably with the air I breathe as well.


Re-cap - This client has recently contacted me to let me know how she's doing, you can read her email below:

Hello Marilyn,

WOW I have had so many emotions since my session from blown away to disbelief!
I vowed to take the advice that was given by sub conscious and try it for a month. It has been 2 weeks but I can say that seriously the heartburn left as soon as I quit eating cheese. I thought it was strange that I had to quit eating cheese because I did not think I ate much. When I checked my fridge it was a realization that cheese was in almost every meal. So the heartburn is completely gone, teeth issues are gone, knee problem is gone and I feel like I am really losing weight too.
There was a lot to take in and so I am tackling everything slowly.
I do communicate with my water and I have about 5 friends who are talking to their water now too. It does make a difference to eat and drink with intention.
I was really ill for 4 days and I think that was just my physical body catching up with my spiritual body.
I am still really digesting the whole session I had with you. I feel more in control and decisive now too.  I really wanted to write and say thank you and let you know how I am adjusting.
I am very grateful for the session, I know that when we were sitting and talking I said I had no expectations, but I guess I kind of did. My past lives were not what I was expecting at all. However my sub conscious knows me well and as a result I really did some soul searching and the session was just what I needed.
When people tell me their problems or gossip I am thinking in my head,  just be the filter, you do not have to solve their problems let it go right through you and into the atmosphere. I have thought of that little cloud a lot. How it takes the pollution and filters it and it does not hang on to anything. I just let it go.
As for the water, that was one happy drop of water. I aspire to be that free, brave and easy going.
So thank you for the wonderful day,

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The Adventures of a Drop of Water

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