OMG!  I just had another download of new understanding come through this morning, new for me anyway.  You will recognize this as it has been in our awareness for quite a while, I just didn’t realize the significance of 2012.  Like many others have said it was the event that wasn’t, a nothing burger.


But still, everyone is curious about what the The Shift/ Ascension/ New Earth/  Rhapsody/ The Event … is and how it will impact us….What will it be like?  This question comes up often in the list of questions my client’s bring to their sessions.
What I and many other QHHT practitioners notice is every answer to that question is different and every time frame given is different.  This led me to assume that each person will experience the event differently and nothing that has come into my awareness has challenged that belief, including today’s download…. let me explain.
From the understanding I received today it seems that the 2012 (seemingly) non-event was much more than what I thought.  In essence it was an event to mark our birth, you could say, as conscious creators, and this birth took place in our consciousness.
The gate was opened, tethers are off and we have been let loose because we have evolved to the point where enough of us have gained the awareness that we are the creators of our realities.  So what this means as best I can explain, is that instead of creatively reacting to realities that we believed were scripted for us, we understand now that we create the reality as we go, and always have, it’s a malleable thing.
Many are aware that in our fairly recent past we have dodged events prophesized in multiple sources including our religious texts and prophets.  We created different outcomes over and over again, to the point where many believe those old prophets were bonkers.  I don’t believe they were, I believe they simply interpreted and reported on what looked most likely to happen.  We could still change everything; nothing was written in stone in fact this was exactly what Nostradamus said.
We now understand that through all of earth time we have always had free will and the ability to create our reality.  Over time we’ve come to the place where we have become more conscious of this ability that always was. We are more aware than ever now that we can exercise our free will to create our reality more in line with what we want, not what we thought we had to accept and make do with.  The idea that we come here fated to live through certain unavoidable events doesn’t make sense once you experience and acknowledge your ability to create does it?
So according to today’s download 2012 marked the end of what what you could call unconscious creation. Another way of saying it is, 2012 marked the time when enough of us realized ourselves as creators- sort of caught ourselves in the act.  Since then more have come on board and now an ever higher percentage are consciously creating their personal and collective realities. We have always been creators, without knowing and now we are on our own and just getting used to the unlimited potential of what we can create!
This I believe is what The Shift/ Ascension/ New Earth/  Rhapsody/ The Event…. is.  We are in it, we have made it, and more and more of us are realizing this in every moment.  It’s like a tidal wave of creative consciousness now!
As we become aware I’m pretty sure each will also become acutely aware that they must be very present with their thoughts and emotions now more than ever because we are manifesting in the moment.  Many have already witnessed this phenomenon.  It’s a double edged sword though, because it is becoming critical now more than ever to be aware of our thoughts in each and every moment.  By dwelling in worry- thoughts of what we don’t want or are fearful of we are creating just that in our personal and collective reality.  Conversely by becoming clear about what we do want and keeping our thoughts aligned with that we in turn create that in our personal and collective reality.
This information isn’t new, most have heard this somewhere before.  I just didn’t realize that  2012  marked the point in time when we would be let loose, if you will, conscious of our innate creative abilities, and therefore responsible.  It’s now more than ever, take responsibility for what you create time.  As the saying goes we have to put on our big boy or big girl undies and move forward with maturity.  There is no one else to blame and no one is going to save us from our creations.
I put this “out there” not because I really think this is new.  I believe there are probably many who have received this little packet of understanding about 2012, it’s just new to me.  I put it out there because I, like many feel an responsibility to send information through what channels I have available, potentially reaching many others.  You never know who this info would resonate with or who will reject it, ultimately it doesn’t matter.  What matters is it’s “out there”.

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