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This session was the client’s second session.  In this session new and interesting information came through her Higher Self as a result of her questions.


 As with all information in sessions, I may not understand everything completely nor can I say if anything is true or not.  You can take it with a grain of salt, or if it rings true to you allow it to shape your reality, it’s up to you what you choose.  “I am just the reporter”  as Dolores Cannon often said.
Dolores never hesitated to tell you when she didn’t understand something, nor did she keep it to herself, she understood the importance of her material’s role in raising mass consciousness and she diligently reported on it in hopes it would help someone.
I’d also like to say that having listened to this session again I have so many more questions I would like to ask about each one of these topics and I’m sure you will too.
With QHHT we are working in a deep level of consciousness and there are time limitations I am working under, not to mention that I do want to have every one of the client’s questions answered during this limited time frame.
And so without further ado….on to the interesting bits!
This client’s Higher Self  (HS) is very soft spoken,  I felt the love and awe emanating from the HS through the voice.  There was a palpable sense of reverence in the room.
In a previous session the client found she was the daughter of Moses.  I vlogged about it earlier because her connection to Moses in this life is quite uncanny.
But with further questioning in her second session we found the life as Moses’ daughter was an imprint life.  Dolores Cannon writes about imprint lives in some of her books.  I have found that neither the client nor the practitioner would know if the life was truly lived by the soul or if it was an imprint of a life lived by another.  The only way of knowing is through asking the HS.
Sometimes one or more lives may be imprinted into a soul who may not have any previous experience on earth in a physical body in order to give them the skill set needed to pursue their purpose successfully.  In the client’s current life she needed an imprint of a life where the soul experienced love to carry her through this life where the client has rarely experienced love.


(All answers coming from the client’s higher self will be in bold print)


Does this soul have any imprint lives that affect her life now?
Little bits, nothing bad.
Are any of the lives you showed her in this session and her previous session imprint lives?
Yes, when she saw Moses. She wasn’t from that life she just went to visit.
Why was that life imprinted and what is the significance to her life today?
It’s about her path.  She’s always been on the same path but every time it’s a different world and she forgets her path.
And the path is?
Love, the same as Moses. To guide the people to love and the third eye (intuition). 
That’s all he followed too, that’s why he didn’t speak to her (in the life she viewed in Moses’ time) , he wanted her to listen to her intuition, that’s her path, there’s no need to succumb to society for her, it’s all instinct that’s needed. 
…She talks to people and Moses also talked to people and guided them out of torture .  In this day she’s doing so with their minds, it’s their minds that are trapped and tortured.  Just as he physically brought them out, she mentally helped them out.  She helps them see instinctually, trusting themselves more. 
I’m often amazed at how many times my clients are right on track, already doing exactly what they have come to do.  Our purpose can be something we look at as being very mundane, every-day-ish, but everyone’s purpose is incredibly important to the grand scheme and when you are on your purpose life becomes a joy.



This is the client's vision of the hollow earth

What can you tell her about the hollow earth….is it real?
It is, it’s underneath this world, and technically it’s everything. There is no round earth, there’s layers…we’re on the top layer, there is a shield on top where the sky is, it’s invisible but it’s there.  Nobody can physically leave, but there is layers underneath, there’s a complete hollow earth of gardens, and flowers and freedom. 
…The client later described the very vivid visions she was being shown while we were talking about the hollow earth.  She said she could see the shimmering shield, it’s invisible to us, but it’s there.  She also drew a picture of what she was shown (see picture)  In the hollow center there were floating islands of land with very lush growth on them.  The earth was shaped more like a doughnut, we are on the top. 
So do humans live in the hollow earth?


Yes they can, but not in this dimension.
They are in a different dimension?
What dimension would that be?
The fifth.
So when humans on the surface ascend or move to the fifth dimension is that where they’re going, the hollow earth?
OK, how is that going to happen, do they take their physical bodies there?
Some do, it depends on their purpose, some pass away their physical bodies here and ascend. Some, they go with the body.
So when a person ascends with their body, how do they keep it and move into another dimension….what happens?
It’s like a flash of light, they’re weightless, they’re not constricted by the laws of this land.
How do they make their way into the hollow earth then?
They ….(silence, not finding the words to describe what she is seeing)
How do they find themselves in the hollow earth with their bodies?
Each one figures it out for themselves.
Is it different for every person?
You said there is a shield on top and no one can physically leave the earth?
It’s man made, it’s not meant to be there.
Who made it and how long has it been there?
It’s been there since the change of history as we know it. As far back as we can go in history is where it changed. We’re not told the truth, they put it there so nobody can physically leave, but they don’t know about those ascending .
So they don’t know that people who ascend can physically leave?
Yes, or they’re trying to stop them if they’ve figured it out.
What happens when we send out space ships? Are they allowed to leave?
They are, but they are just going to another command station, they’re not really leaving.
(This is in line with some things Corey Goode has said about traveling to what they think is the moon or Mars in a blink of an eye….maybe they aren’t really going anywhere?)
What about the probes that have been sent out that have gone to the ends and beyond of this solar system?
Those are lies..
They’re lies?
So none of that is real?
No, they want to control the imagination by giving you a story so everyone sticks with the story of what’s happening beyond this world but our imagination is correct, when you let it flow, when you let everything that comes to your mind be belief …that’s what’s real, the story isn’t right.
OK, so in other words, don’t believe the story.
Who was it that erected that shield?
It was the giants, they were a giant version of us and they took over the land, they had a (what you would call a commander)  for each country and they started separating the land to control it better.
Their main goal was to keep everyone here and not learn about other places.
(She later said the visions she was being shown while we were talking were of very, very (giant) tall human looking people with “these funny shaped heads”  She had her hands at the back of her head indicating an elongated head shape.  This falls into line with information Corey Goode has talked about as well. I found it interesting that other than her visions she has no knowledge of anything else regarding these beings or Corey Goode)   
Because they only have control here.
Why did they need to have control?
They can’t venture to every part that they want to.
Why is that?
What is the karma?
They destroyed a lot and now they have to stay.
So that’s their karma…?
And they have to stay here?
But where are they, we don’t see giants on the earth today?
No, they look like us, but they stay hidden, they’re not out in the world with us mostly.
Are they giants still?
There is some but they stay underground and they only breed with each other to keep them the same.
Do they live in the hollow earth too?
No, the hollow earth is a paradise underground, they’re not there.
They live in another layer?
Just below us.
Are they still in control of this shield?
So what’s going to happen with this, aren’t they creating more karma by having that shield and controlling?
How can humanity break free of that or do we even need to?
We will, we are, the more we all wake up we see, we remember, we love, we need to take down borders, we need to take down fences, we need to not separate, not countries, not races, just, all that is wrong.
Are we beginning to break free, or are we close to breaking free?
Yes, we’re in the final stages.
OK, and then what’s going to happen with the shield?
When the shield comes down there will be no clouds, there will be no fog, there will be no…you’ll feel the hot, hot sun, hotter than ever.
Will that be a good thing for the earth?
Why is that?
The sun is what helps us remember, the sun is what helps us bring all that love.
How will people be able to exist on the earth when it’s that hot?
That’s when we’ll go to hollow earth.
So there will be nothing on the earth?
No, just like before.
It feels kind of sad because earth is such a beautiful paradise…
No, there’s more beauty to go to.
By erecting that shield it’s actually helped the earth to become a paradise though…I state.?
This is just a battle ground.
Is there anything more you want to tell (client) about the hollow earth?
Will (client) be ascending to the hollow earth, the 5th dimension in this life?
And her children, will they also ascend?


Stars are?  What do they consist of?
Like a portal,
Every star is a portal?
So stars that are not a portal, what do they consist of?
They’re beings.
(I’ve had several clients who have experienced lives as stars.  One newly created star was so jubilant, bouncing around excitedly at becoming a new star, but she soon  felt the disdain of the older, more sedate stars around her)
Like physical beings?
What about the portal stars, what do they consist of ?
Like electric water.
Like what (client) saw on the computer?


(Client was on google maps looking for pyramids and found an area in Antarctica that was pixilated over.  This made her curious and she eventually found elsewhere a clear photo of what was pixilated over in that exact same spot, it was a pyramid in Antarctica.)
Why does she feel a connection to pyramids?
They’re an energy source, And not just the ones in Egypt.
No, Antarctica is the biggest, that’s why they are hidden. They know the powers they have.  If they were open to the public we would all advance into love a lot faster.
Is there ever a time when they will be open to the public (Antarctica)?
Yes, within the next decade.
Are things opening up in Antarctica now?
No, not yet.
So it hasn’t started yet?
It’s started, but the people there, they don’t know how powerful it is and they’ve opened it up but, they’re trying to use it for greed, that’s not how it works.
So are they able to use it for greed?
No, but, yes, no not fully, but yes.
When will they get tired of that and allow the public to open it up and use it for love?
Once they’re over thrown..


When is that going to happen?
In the next decade, that’s why Trump is here, he’s helping.
(The client later said she doesn’t remember anything she said about Trump.  As soon as she said the name she blanked out.  I find this interesting because I’ve had several clients who’s HS have given messages about Trump.  It feels as though “they” are trying to get the message out there)
How is he helping?
He came here just for this mission.
Has he ever been to earth before?
Does he realize that?
Yes, he knows he’s aware of all…He came here with different lives.
(This is one of those times I wish I had asked more questions)
So he’s aware of what  he’s doing?
And he’s going to over throw them all?
He’s fully in tune with his higher self, and he understands humans, that’s why he wanted to look the way he looks, that’s why he acts the way he acts.  He needed to be seen that way.
Why did he need to be seen that way?
Just like Jesus, just like anyone who’s needed to show the people what needs to happen and what’s real.  You gotta shock them, ya gotta be someone they can hate so they can break those walls for themselves.
So is he having that effect on people?
Yes, that’s why more and more are waking up, he’s helping.
(I’ve noticed a very sharp increase in the number of clients waking up and wanting QHHT sessions since Trump has been in office and it hasn’t decreased.  I’ve also noticed most come with a greater understanding now.  Knowledge and understanding  that would have taken years to accumulate 25 or more years ago is present almost immediately upon waking up.)
Is everything he’s doing helping?
OK because sometimes we question what he’s doing.  Like for the environment, how is that helping?
He’s doing it all with the plan in mind. 
Where would Trump consider home to be?  (Universaly)
What type of being is Trump when he’s on Orion?
He’s a Pleidian.
A Pleidian on Orion?
Does he have a physical body?
Yes, he has long blond hair, blue eyes, a really chiseled jaw and a really pointed nose, his eyes look like jewels.
(Again the client didn’t ask about him specifically, and she had never heard of certain family members mentioned in this session.  We had a giggle after about their description of Trump!)
OK and Trump is from Orion?
Yes (he’s fully positive)
Will Trump continue to be president and be re-elected?
He will.


What is the significance of 432 hertz music?
It equals peace within.
It equals Peace?
Yes, peaceful frequency, and 528 hertz will repair your DNA.
Is the client on a peaceful path?
Yes, she needs to stay with 432 until she’s found inner peace, and then progress to 528.


….The following information sounded very similar to what Dolores Cannon wrote about…. what she called the “backdrop people”  She was told you could be in a busy airport and all the people around you could be backdrop people, they didn’t really exist.  They said it was like having extras in a movie.
How many souls are real souls and how many aren’t and how do you tell?
All souls are real, but not all come with a mission.   Some souls are just recycled and they don’t have a home, or a purpose or a plan or a need-craving to find something to do something.  They’re fillers, but they’re important because they help the souls who came here realize they are different.
Do they have karma?
They are just fillers, like place holders?
How could you tell if a person was a filler?
They don’t have extreme emotions, or passions.  They don’t have instincts like some do, they’re just floating. 
Do they create karma?
No. They usually don’t do much they just do the daily lives, often live alone. A lot end up in prison because they don’t  feel  regret or  remorse or empathy.
They don’t have emotions?
Can prison help them in any way?
No, it’s just another place for them.
Is it a good idea for the rest of the people who are real souls to have these?  (filler souls)
Yes, they need them, it helps them realize they are different.
Do the fillers gain anything through this experience of helping?
They’re just recycled.
Do they ever move (evolve) to a point where they become regular souls and have emotions?
There’s been a few, but not many, they have much more work to get there.
So is this something they are working towards?
They can.
Do they have free will?
They do but they don’t usually choose it.
Do they choose anything in a life they are about to enter?
No, they just follow..
Sounds like they do almost live on instinct in a way….
There’s no passion, or extreme feelings…. almost like an animal…?.
Is this something that an animal, who had lived many lives as an animal,…. would that soul take on a life like that.  Is that like the next step in progression for them?
It could, it doesn’t usually.
Do the filler souls come from the same source as the regular souls?
No, they come from a machine.  It’s mostly lights, there’s nothing to it, just a bunch of lights.  Looks like light fixtures.  Almost like a machine with light fixtures that….It’s  Like their life is planned for them, already pre-recorded.  That’s their goal to just stay the same, stay mediocre.  They’re supposed to almost deter other’s missions by the way they are.
(We have to remember the higher self is using the vocabulary available to them.  Sometimes it can be very difficult to describe something adequately, especially when there is no concept for what they are describing)
What’s the purpose to deterring other’s missions?
I don’t think they know.
Do you know?
Could be they don’t want the missions  (of regular souls)  to progress.  
Why wouldn’t they want the missions of the regular souls to progress?
I think they don’t understand it, they’re just simple, simpler minds simpler beings, simpler role.
So if they are simpler minds and simpler beings why would they want to get involved with getting in the way of more complex minds and more complex beings?
I think it’s comfier around itself and  similar like it.
They don’t like things that are different?
Have the regular souls chosen to have these filler souls?
They don’t choose them, but they choose to live amongst them because they see it’s needed. It helps them on their path, it can deter them too, but that means they needed a push.  They fulfill a function.
So getting back to this machine that makes the filler souls, what is the substance, what are they made of?
They’re pre-programed with the light fixture machine.  The reason there’s no deep emotion is because they are pre-planted with all that, there’s no room to grow.
Are they what we would think of as a robot being, a mechanical being?
Like if a bug was a robot and that’s all they are programmed with, that’s all they will be. They have their bug like instincts, just do their things, but they won’t progress from that.
This sounds very much like what has been described as a hive soul.  They say animals have hive souls.
So then regular souls, are they programmed?
Only with what they need, they can always over-ride that though, they can change anything.
Have there ever been any regular souls that have fallen backwards into lives as filler souls?
Yes, but only by choice, they can change it, it takes many lives to change back into a regular soul.


We think of all souls coming from Source.
There’s different sources.  It’s like a feeling, like you feel happiness, and then when you feel happiness another time it can feel different, but it’s still happiness.  It’s the same things, Source is Source, but there’s differences in the same ways, there’s different levels.
Can we think of it that way , different levels of Source?
Yes. Regular souls come from the highest level of Source. The lower levels of Source produces the filler souls.
Can you describe the level of Source that produces the regular souls?
The brightest light you’ve ever seen yet it doesn’t blind you.  It’s an explosion that doesn’t explode. A never ending flame, it’s electricity that doesn’t spark.
Can you explain what the lower levels of Source are like?
It’s like dust under the couch, it just is there.  And often is annoying, but….you need it to remind you how beautiful the opposite is.
Anything else you would like to add to this?
If you ever see a low Source soul , if you sense that it’s not a true soul, you can’t shock them like you can a true soul, you can’t  make them feel as much love as you can a true soul, so if you overwhelm them with love, give them the most random brutally loving compliment, where most souls would be overwhelmed with love and maybe tears, they (filler souls)  won’t change, but it could spark something in them that could possibly help them to evolve.


Where  the client would consider her planetary home to be the beings have a bluish hue, like a bluish cloud around them.   They have a physical humanoid body but not quite as solid as our bodies.  Their eyes are really big, shaped like inverted tear drops with the point at the bottom, just white and black purple.  No noses, but they have mouths and they smile a lot.  There is male and female, neither have hair.  They have families, she has parents, brothers.
This is just one of the many, many types of different beings my clients have described.  Most  never see the same being twice…rarely any repeats!
I found this Higher Self factoid interesting….something to try!
When the body is ph is balanced  there is less doubt.


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IMPRINT LIVES-HOLLOW EARTH-STARS-PYRAMIDS-TRUMP-432 HERTZ-FILLER SOULS-SOURCE ....and these are a few of my favorite things!....

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