* What Dolores & Julia Cannon Teach QHHT® Practitioners and What Clients Should Expect In a QHHT Session

When I sat in Dolores Cannon’s Level 1 class 10 years ago I remember Dolores struck me as being a very down to earth, practical person.  She never hinted at anything remotely woo-woo as she calmly taught the process she had pioneered.
Dolores Cannon

Dolores, Julia Cannon and myself

In fact my friend and I both wondered whether we had made a mistake….maybe this wasn’t the spiritually inclined hypnosis process we thought we were learning?  We had read her books and were captivated by the mind bending sessions she wrote about.  As I later told many clients who asked me what Dolores was really like….She was exactly what she appeared to be – straight forward, honest with a heart of gold….what you saw was what you got!
Dolores described herself as a reporter, she just wrote about what she had found in her sessions, nothing embellished, nothing left out.  When she didn’t understand something that had been presented she wouldn’t dismiss it, nor would she try to hide the fact that she didn’t understand everything she wrote about.   She was generous with what she understood and what she didn’t understand in relating the facts,  just as a reporter would, in hopes that her readers might be able to make sense of what she called those mind pretzel-ling concepts.
She spent many years, painstakingly perfecting and facilitating this process.  Then Spirit, Higher Self or what she called the sub conscious (SC)  asked her to teach this process so that others in all corners of the globe might have the opportunity to experience, and heal through this important work.
So she began teaching a process that anyone could learn and help others with this powerful technique.  I’ve facilitated QHHT® sessions hundreds of times and yet I still haven’t uncovered all the hidden gems Dolores included.  In other words I’m regularly gobsmacked at the brilliance and perfection of her process.
But I digress….. I wanted to talk about something else I remember vividly about my Level 1 class.  To be honest, listening to Dolores teach this class was just plain fascinating and when I’m fascinated by a subject I tend to remember things that were said almost verbatim.
One thing that stood out to me was her unwavering concern for the client’s welfare.  I lost count of the times she admonished us to always have the client’s safety and comfort our first priority.  She had been reassured by the SC that as long as she conducted her sessions with integrity and the highest concern for her client’s comfort and safety nothing would ever harm her or her client.  Dolores knew she could  trust this completely and today trust is still the backbone of QHHT.
Another thing that resonated with me because of my energy healing background is that all healing is self healing…. We may choose different methods to help us to heal ourselves, but no one else has the ability to banish, send away, heal or clear stuck energy.  When the client understands the origin and purpose of an issue they will release and heal it.   As Dolores spoke I could see that through the QHHT process a person could heal in a few hours what might take months or years using the modalities I was using.
As I facilitated sessions I grew to understand Dolores’ perspective regarding fear and I let go of old, superstitious, out dated beliefs and processes in favor of a more grounded, practical understanding that allows clients to understand with clarity and heal issues at their core.
Today the classes are much different than what my friend and I experienced.  Julia Cannon has tirelessly brought forth new understanding and new ways of teaching into each class in order to help practitioners understand much more about the process they are working in. This offers a much broader, deeper understanding helping QHHT practitioners facilitate sessions with a client base that is waking up at breakneck speed!
Nothing about the foundational process that Dolores created has changed, it is still as safe and effective as it ever was if practiced as it is taught, but how does a potential client know whether what they are receiving is what Dolores and Julia teach?
For the client looking for a QHHT practitioner I always recommend you pay attention to your first impressions.  What do you feel as you look over the practitioner’s web site and social media pages?  Be clear in what you want, do you want a QHHT session as Dolores conducted herself?
* If you find the practitioner is including other modalities in with your QHHT session, either before or after, this is not QHHT.
* Or offers to do the session remotely over the internet or by phone know that this is not what Dolores taught, in fact it is not QHHT.
* If the practitioner tells you your session will take less than 4 hours to complete, know that is not a QHHT session as Dolores and Julia teach.
* If the practitioner "suggests" multiple sessions know that while it is not harmful to have multiple sessions if the CLIENT chooses, it is not necessary. One session is all that is typically needed.
* A QHHT session is not a reading, the QHHT practitioner assists the client to access their own wisdom and healing by asking questions that bring forth the client's own information rather than the practitioner doing the healing or answering the client's questions for them.
With all of her experience Dolores knew very well how to conduct her sessions in the safest way possible for the maximum benefit of her client. This is what Dolores and Julia Cannon teach and this is nothing less than what the client should expect from their QHHT practitioner.



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What Dolores & Julia Cannon Teach QHHT Practitioners and What Clients Should Expect In a QHHT® Session








2 thoughts on “* What Dolores & Julia Cannon Teach QHHT® Practitioners and What Clients Should Expect In a QHHT Session”

  1. Hello I would like to know if there is aQHHT Practitioner in my area. McMinnville Oregon. I have started reading and listening to Delores books and find such a connection. All my life I have felt there was more and i feel so lost

    1. Hi Paulette,

      There are many QHHT practitioners in Oregon, two are Level 3. If you go to http://www.qhhtofficial.com and click onto “Find A Practitioner” then scroll down to where you can type in your country, state and city all the practitoners in that are will show. All you have to do is click onto their name and their contact info will be provided. Good luck, I’m sure there is someone close!

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