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  1. Hi Marilyn, thank you for sharing this fascinating information. Recently I had a QHHT session with a fellow practitioner. The session was prompted by a bruise that appeared on the center of my left palm after a little bit of clapping during a dance class. In the session, I felt anxiety as I was getting off the cloud and then I saw myself in distress, kneeling on the floor my head to the ground as I was crying, because I was unable to help save Jesus. The name that came up for my identity was Thomas. I felt intense emotions (and later during the SC part realized SC was showing me this because in my current life, I felt so distressed unable to wake up people and stop them from taking the vaccine – including my husband and daughter! I had to learn that some things were beyond my control and that I had to focus on things that I can do to that could truly make a difference.) I was then secretly communicating with a group of people regarding truth and teachings, and travelled and dedicated the rest of my life in Egypt to decipher more ancient knowledge and transferring this knowledge to the secret group. (In my mind I thought of the word gnostic, but did not say it because it was something I was familiar with and thought I might be influencing). A few days later, I decided to do a google search for the book of Thomas since I was not familar with it. I got goose bumps as I found out that the Book of Thomas was discovered in 1945 in Naghamadi Egypt by two peasants. It was also said that most of the writings are of a gnostic character. Anyway, after reading this tidbit, I refrained from reading further just in case I come accross this life again in another session.

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