* Another QHHT Trump Tidbit

I’m not sure why, but every once in a while a client’s Higher Self will bring up Trump’s name during the session.  It is always out of the blue, and usually unrelated to whatever we are talking about during the session.  It’s uncanny, and I wonder if this is “their “way of bringing the bigger picture reality, beyond what we hear in the media to our attention.  It seems to work as everyone has an opinion, no one is on the fence about this man, love him or hate him, he seems to be supported by those in very high planes of existence and almost unaware of it too.
In this case I think perhaps Trump’s name was brought up because earlier when this American client first arrived they almost immediately offered, in an apologetic tone….”Oh, I didn’t vote for him.”    “Vote for Trump you mean?” I asked, “Yes”   they answered.
So even though neither of us are really interested the conversation naturally  veered off into politics,….which is a little weird now that I think of it….LOL!   After the fact  I wonder if the Higher Self was steering this conversation in this direction for a reason…?
During the session they said that Trump is greatly supported.  “They” are sending much his way in support, they called him a conduit for change.  I asked whether Trump is aware of his part in this and they said only a little, he doesn’t know all of it.
Will Trump be re-elected next campaign I asked?  A definite no was answered.  I’m sorry I didn’t have the nerve to ask who the next President would be….I thought about asking but felt it best not to as that might be getting a little too deep into those political waters I’d rather skirt.
I did ask if Trump’s successor would have the same support (from higher planes of existence)  that he has and they answered yes, and that the changes that are beginning in Trumps presidency will continue with this new person, all for the most positive outcome.


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Another Trump Tidbit

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