* The Event, DNA Upgrade & Crystalline Body

There is lots of fascinating information in this session blog from fellow QHHT Lvl 3 Practitioner Jovy Wan who practices in Hong Kong.


Mark came for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session about a month ago. It went wonderfully well and right by the end, his Higher Self (HS) told us something that surprised both of us – we were good friends at a classroom studying about Earth before we began incarnation on this planet, and I made him a promise many lifetimes ago to help him at this particular point in time. I’ve never come across anything like this and was rather intrigued. Turns out we both felt a strong kinship only a few minutes into the session and as strange as that might have sounded, what his HS said actually felt right to us.

A few weeks later we decided to get together again to find out more about that classroom, and explore topics of our mutual interest like humanity and Earth’s progress. The HS didn’t disappoint and gave us lots of great information and insights that make so much sense. Below are the parts about the much-talked-about Event, DNA upgrade and crystallization of our human bodies: (J – Jovy, HS– Mark’s Higher Self)
The Event
J: So many people are talking about the Event now. We touched on that a little bit last time, right? (Yeah) You told us it’s not an outside event, it’s more like an inner event (Yeah). Can you tell us more about it?
HS: It’s different for everyone. Once they reached that level, and they transition to 5D Earth then they will go there. Like I said it’s not like a movie and people will be transported and people…you know, chaos. Hmm, not in this reality.
J: I wonder why is there an Event. What’s the purpose of it?
HS: The Event is to draw human consciousness to something that we should all be tapping into. It’s to draw attention to this so that everyone, Lightworkers, people who are awakened, people who are on their spiritual path can be alerted to this. So it’s an advertisement rather than an actual event [laughed]. It’s to let people know okay, here’s what we are facing, and we need to pull together to raise the vibrational frequency of planet Earth and everybody on it. And the more people that talk about it, the more people will find out and hopefully more people will be awakened.
J: Okay, has this “advertisement” been effective so far?
HS: So-so.
J: I noticed there’re a lot of fear created by this “advertisement”
HS: There’re still a lot of people who are not awakened so they’ve not even heard of this, and that’s the majority of people on planet Earth. People who are afraid, they’re from a low vibrational frequency anyway because if you’re high, you got nothing to be afraid of, and you look forward to this transition. Like a vicious cycle, if you’re afraid, that’s gonna drive you down even more.
J: Okay, so the transition that you mentioned, people commonly talked about the Earth transitioning from a 3rddimensional to a 5thdimensional Earth. Is that what it is or is it more complicated than this?
HS: It’s more complicated. Hmm, they both exist in the same space, on a different…hmm… dimension. Yeah, but it’s not as simple.
J: Would there be even more than the 5thdimension? There could be layers of dimensions, right?
HS: For Earth I can only see the 5thdimension Earth. I don’t see any higher for the moment… yeah, because 5D Earth has just been created so I don’t think they’ll be creating 6D, 7D yet. Whereas other planets that I’ve been to, there’ve been many dimensions of that particular planet.
J: I see. As I understand we’re all multi-dimensional beings, isn’t it true?
HS: Yeah.
J: So, even if we are on Earth, we don’t need to be trapped to a maximum of 5thdimensional, we can still travel to other dimensions or tap into other dimensions. Is that correct?
HS: Between lives or outside of life, yeah. Within your life you can’t travel to these places.
J: How about at night during dream times? Can we do astral travel?
HS: You can. Yeah, you can astral travel and see these places but you cannot…it’s not the same as living there or being incarnated there. You can visit these places as an observer but not to interact.
J: I had one experience before and I’ve heard other people talk about that too – at night they travel to a big classroom and take classes there [HS laughed]. What is that phenomenon?
HS: That classroom is the same classroom you go to study before you come to each planet. If there’s any queries, it’s like an extracurricular I guess. If there’s any question you have, you go back there during your dream state, but that’s the same classroom you go to before you go to a planet.
J: I see. But would it be possible that some beings have a life during day time, but at night time they get back up to their spaceships, have meetings and do other things?
HS: They can’t be living two lives at the same time.
J: But didn’t you talk about parallel lives last time?
HS: Parallel lives are only if you are incarnated into that parallel life. You cannot leave the body and live a parallel life. If you’re asleep, you can’t leave the body and jump into another life. In parallel life you’re in that body for that entire life.
J: What would be your advice to us human beings with regard to the Event? What should we do?
HS: Don’t fear it. Everyone should be trying to raise their vibrational frequency anyway, so if you’re high enough, you’ll transition. If you’re not, you won’t and you won’t know any difference and there’s nothing to fear. It’s not about aliens abducting you and getting you ready. That’s from a fear perspective.
J: Right. So the Event, as from our human perspective, would that be happening through a time span? Or just like at a single point in time? What would that be like? Because you said everybody will be different, right?
HS: Yeah, everybody causes a different time, but in terms of this event, it’s like a campaign really to raise awareness of making this push to 5D Earth. You know, there’ll be more in the future but it doesn’t mean… 2012 was one, 2012 was one…and that again was more like a campaign to raise awareness.
J: Okay, so it will continue to come maybe in all shapes & sizes and forms?
HS: Of course.
J: But it’s all to help people raise the awareness, so we’ll work on raising our own vibration?
HS: Yeah. People may hear this term “Oh, what is the Event” and then they’ll look into it. And then that will help them to awaken and realize exactly what Earth is, what that purpose is and to seek out answers really. And already they’re on that path, you know.
J: I’m always curious when people talk about the evolvement of Earth as from 3D to 5D. What about 4D? Why we always miss it?
HS: We’re kind of in 4D now. It is transitioning. It’s no longer the 3D Earth anyway.
J: Okay, so where we are now is actually the 4D?
HS: Yeah, because people started to awaken.
J: So how about the people that are still very thick and dense and not awoken at all?
HS: They can still live their lives. We all move into this…we’re all sharing this 4D Earth so there’s no 3D Earth as such. To them it’s still 3D Earth because they haven’t awoken. You see, awaken people…[laughed] let me rephrase, if they are low vibrational, they live in 3D Earth. And if you’re starting to awaken, you’re already transitioning, you already are in 4D Earth whereas 3D and 4D is the same physical place. So 3D people they carry on their lives. If they don’t awaken, nothing is lost, and maybe too soon for them, you know. They need to get more mileage on the clock before they awaken. And so 3D Earth is still there for them. Still the same place whereas 4D Earth people have awakened, their goal is high vibration and to transit to 5D Earth.
J: Just now you mentioned the 3D and 4D Earth are the same physical place (Yeah). How about the 5D Earth?
HS: [Laughed] It’s still in the same physical place but then is a different dimension, you see. The 5thdimension.
J: And the vibrational frequency is higher?
HS: It’s higher. Yeah.
J: Okay, are there a lot of souls, humans on Earth who are on the 5D Earth now?
HS: A few, yes. A few. They’ve gone to help build it. They’ve gone to help get it ready. Yeah, but they are very high vibrational beings.
J: What can we do in order for us to move on, to get to the 5D Earth?
HS: Well, we live our lives as normal anyway. It’s not like if we shut ourselves off and meditate ourselves to death then we’ll suddenly appear in 5D Earth. We still have a…speaking as people in general, they still have soul contracts, they still have karmas to balance out but all in the meantime we could be doing that and raising our vibrational frequency. And when the time is right, they will transition. If there’re lessons to be learned on 3D Earth or 4D Earth, they’ll still learn them here before transitioning.
J: I wonder how will the 5D Earth be different from the 3D or even the 4D Earth that we are more familiar with?
HS: People will recognize they’ll be completely different worlds. It’ll be like heaven. It’ll be what people think of as heaven. Everything will be magical. You can manifest things instantly. That’s why, that’s why if you are 3D being you would not be able to handle [laughed], you would not be able to handle life in 5D Earth. You’d think you are crazy, you know, even if you were able to transition. That’s why you have to have the awakening process to prepare you. Otherwise you would lose your mind.
J: Very good. Is there anything else that you want to tell us about the Event?
HS: No…don’t get hung up on this wording. It’s all good, it’s all raising awareness. The fact that people look into it, it’s already a success.
DNA Activation/Upgrade
J: That’s great, thank you so much! I’d like to move on to ask about DNA activation and DNA upgrade because so many people out there are talking about it. What is that? Do we all need an upgrade or activation?
HS: Yeah, in order to transition we need our bodies to change. To be in the same frequency as…when we talk about raising vibrational frequency we talk about the soul mostly – the part of your soul that’s incarnated on this Earth but physically in order to change that, the DNA has to be upgraded.
J: Okay. So how does that take place? Is that spontaneously happening? Do we need to have a certain practice? How?
HS: No, we’re receiving that. Receiving beams of energy.(Note from Jovy: another client’s HS described this event as tsunami of light washing over Earth – very strong but all positive.)
J: From where?
HS: From Source. It’s coming directly from Source. Some people say it’s coming from the Sun. But I think they may be confusing the heat and light with the Source. It’s coming directly from Source because why would the Sun be upgrading our DNA? [laughed] But yeah, it’s coming from the Source and we’re receiving it in waves of energy. We don’t need to do anything. It’s been done to us. But as our vibrational frequency of our soul raises, we’re able to catch the waves coming through, you see. Low vibrational beings it’ll just wash over them. It won’t harm them but they have no benefit. Yeah, they will not benefit.
J: Just now you mentioned the soul vs. the physical body. I want to know a little more about it. You said raising the vibrational frequency is not just the physical body raising the vibration, but it’s the soul?
HS: It’s mostly the soul and the energy that we give off – that’s our vibrational frequency. The body is slightly different. That’s why we need the DNA to evolve the physical body.
J: Do you mean that the soul has already evolved to a certain vibrational frequency but the physical body hasn’t caught up yet?
HS: I mean the soul incarnated in our physical body. It’s their vibrational frequency we need to raise. So when we meditate, when we do these things…when we love, when we laugh, we raise the vibrational frequency of the soul that incarnated in our body. Our Higher Soul, Higher Self, they are of a higher vibrational frequency anyway. It’s just the incarnated soul in the body that needs raising the vibrational frequency.
J: By doing the things you just mentioned like meditation, laugh, love, all that, the soul that incarnated in this physical body will raise its vibrational frequency (Yeah). But the physical body part needs to be raised vibration-wise…
HS: Exactly, otherwise the soul will cross and the body will be left behind. Because this 3D body is not compatible to 5D Earth.
J: That’s why we need that DNA upgrade?
HS: Yeah, otherwise it appears that we’ll just die. Because…if the soul leaves the body, we’ll die and so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a natural death or crossing over to 5D Earth. If the body cannot travel with it, it’ll die.
J: I see. Why wouldn’t we just allow the body to die? Would that not be less trouble?
HS: Then you won’t have a body on 5D Earth.
J: Do we need a body in the 5D Earth?
HS: Yeah, you have a body, but it’s a higher vibrational body.
J: I’m just curious, for example, me Jovy, will I be able to transition to 5D Earth with this current physical body, but probably evolved and upgraded?
HS: You’ll have to be upgraded, yes, to 5D body.
J: I actually have been sensing a lot of heating up of my body over the past year or so. Would that have something to do with these incoming waves of light?
HS: Yeah, what you feel because of what you do. Your work. You’re more sensitive to this than the average person, and you feel the waves more.
J: Sometimes they come so frequently, it’s crazy!
HS: That’s because you’ve raised your vibrational frequency. If you don’t, then regardless of your job [laughed], you won’t receive the waves.
J: No wonder…I know so many people they don’t feel a thing at all, and it makes me go crazy sometimes thinking maybe it’s my body having something wrong…
HS: No, no, no. You’ll know if it’s something wrong with your body because you know it’s more pain-based and you just know it’s negative. But the waves that you feel should be positive, affirming.
J: But see, there’re a lot of people out there talking about ascension symptoms like headaches, joint pains, swelling up, weird sleeping pattern…all kinds of things. They may not all be pain related, but a lot of them are.
HS: I see. The pain is because they’ve got issues with their 3D bodies anyway. In the process of upgrading their body to 5D, that is getting released or exorcised from their body. So it’s not the waves that are causing the pain, it’s the issues with their body that existed before the waves arrived. So when the wave hits and these aches and pains are being released, they feel it. But what I mean is if you feel a wave coming that is very fear-based, very dark, you’ll know it’s not good.
J: I never felt any fear-based or dark waves…
HS: Exactly. Then you know it’s coming from the Source.
J: Wonderful! So we don’t really need to do anything. It’s automatic depending on our frequency.
HS: That’s right. We don’t need to do anything for the body, but we need to do something for the soul to help the body. It’s all interlinked.
J: To raise our vibration?
HS: That’s it. That’s what we need to do.
J: So the higher we vibrate, the more we’ll be benefited from these waves?
HS: Yeah. The waves are coming anyway. It’s up to people to receive or if they cannot receive.
J: Wonderful. Is there anything else you want to tell us about the DNA upgrade?
HS: No, I think we’ve covered that.
J: People also talked about DNA activation. Do we need activation in our DNA?
HS: The waves are coming through, carrying signals that change the DNA. It’s like our bodies are being reprogrammed. It will do everything. We don’t need to physically take any medicine or do anything.
Crystallization of Physical Body
J: Well, people talk about crystallization of our physical body as well, like we are transitioning from carbon-based to crystal-based or being crystallized. Can you tell us more about it?
HS: It’s a lighter body for a light frequency world. This body just would not live, would not survive in a 5D environment. So that’s why we’re all being upgraded to the crystalline bodies.
J: So it’s across the board for all humans?
HS:The humans that are of high vibration that will transition. Not for the people who are remaining on 3D Earth.
J: So the higher vibrational frequency you are at, the more you’ll crystallize then?
HS: Well there’ll be a maximum state that once you’ve crystallized. You won’t be fully crystallized until you’re on the 5D Earth. A 5D body cannot survive on a 3D. That’s why there’s a 4D [laughed]. The 4D is where we’re starting the process.
J: It’s like a buffer, huh?
HS: Yeah. And then you know as time goes by the body will become more and more crystalline, until it’s ready to cross over to the 5D Earth, and then the final transformation happens when we cross over the threshold.
J: Would that be almost like our DNA upgrade that we don’t need to do anything?
HS: It’s the same thing. The same thing. The DNA upgrade is changing our body to crystalline.
J: I see. In one of the past lives that I saw, I was a high priest in ancient Egypt. When I died in that life time, I saw my body crystallized from the feet up all the way to my chest, but I couldn’t see my own head. Can you tell me more about what happened in that past life?
HS: You were getting ready to jump to another dimension. You didn’t die after that. You were feeling threatened. It’s somehow…well it was either die or go and you chose to go. And you had the abilities to transform your body to go to another dimension.
J: I see. Suppose that’s a higher dimension so I crystallized?
HS: Yeah, yeah. So you didn’t die in that life.
J: Where did I go from there? Can you just tell me a bit about it?
HS: It’s a higher dimension. It’s not Earth. It’s where the Egyptians came from. Well, I called them the Egyptians they are not Egyptians. They’ve been seeded by an alien race. You were not human, not modern day human. You had alien DNA.
J: So I went back to that place?
HS: Yeah.
J: Is that a planet? A dimension?
HS: Somewhere near…hmm…Sirius? Somewhere near the star Sirius.
J: But not exactly star Sirius?
HS: No, no. It’s a planet near there.
J: A lot of people talk about the linkage between Sirius and Egypt.
HS: Really? It’s not Sirius, it’s somewhere near. When we look at star charts [laughed], Sirius is smaller than a pinhead, and within that pinhead there’s like a whole galaxy, you know. Because it’s so far away, it’s like somebody from the other side of the Universe and they said “Oh, where do the humans come from. Do they come from the Sun?” They can’t see the planets in our solar system because all they can see is the Sun. So when they talk it’s like…do you see what I’m saying? They only have the Sun as the nearest reference. They don’t know Pluto, they don’t know Mars, they don’t know…yeah, they only know that’s the star called the Sun. So, it’s a planet near Sirius, not Sirius.
We went on to talk about the Giza pyramids, Sphinx, hollow Earth, artificial Moon, chemtrails and more. Hopefully I’ll get to share all those interesting findings in my future blogs.
With love & blessings,
Jovy Wan
Certified QHHT Level 3 Practitioner
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The Event, DNA Upgrade & Crystalline Body

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