* Atlantis, New Earth and Trump

At first the client believes the gold palace she is in may be in Egypt, but is told its Atlantis.  She is a woman, much taller than everyone around her, about 8 or 10 foot tall wearing a white dress with a veil across her face.  Her eyes are violet and she is angrily banging a long gold staff into the floor.

Angry because they are being betrayed and banging this golden rod into the floor creates energy (lightening) around the palace.  Although the client doesn’t see any other people there she says she senses them, in fact this vibration she’s created with the staff has drawn them to this room and into the golden bubble that has also been created with this energy.  She is saying to them….”Go save yourselves” as she directs them to enter the bubble.  This is a time bubble and these people are in a safe environment that they can survive in.

Everything is shaking now and crumbling around her but she cannot go inside the bubble with the others because she is sacrificing herself so they could live.

Once everyone is safe the dark forces come through the door...they have black rods that have the opposite power in them of her golden rod.   They direct their power at her and she dies, leaving the body and now entering the golden bubble.

This golden bubble transports them to a watery blue star, the home of blue aquatic beings that she has seen and communicate with in this life.  She describes them as humanoid with blue skin that looks as though blue light is shining through the skin.  Their heads are long and they have large gill structures that can move back and forward on the side of their heads that is multi colored like abalone shells.

Once the bubble touches down into the ocean of this blue star she is greeted and she realizes her body looks like the Blue Aquatic beings she’s seen and she realizes this is her home.  .

She is congratulated on a job well done, she had saved the people who needed to be saved and the dark forces have now taken over the earth and will control it for several thousand years, this is all in the plan which they are helping to execute.   When the dark forces start to weaken  she and the people in the bubble will come back to the earth for the last time.

For the time being though she has been back in human form (incognito) many lifetimes because she is a guardian of the light and a teacher.  Each life she comes back to earth and searches for and awakens people with the light, many times she’s been recognized and killed by the dark forces.  Over all of these lives this has created a huge anger which she has held within her heart and the bladder that has created health issues for her in this life.  This is one of the main reasons for this QHHT session.

The Higher Consciousness helped her to understand that the dark forces are an important part of this grand plan. They’ve volunteered to play this role so others could know the dark and choose the light.  Without the dark mirroring the negative they wouldn’t have recognized the light and therefore this shift in consciousness/New Earth would not be possible.  Now that humanity has embraced the light and gone beyond the tipping point there is no need for the dark forces to continue and they’ve weakened.

By understanding this she has been able to forgive the dark forces and she has let this anger she has carried for thousands of years go and healing has been done. This life is the grand finale and once the shift is done she’s going back home.  Since her time in Atlantis (the beginning of this plan)  to this life exactly 13,000 years has passed.

Now the people in the bubble have been incarnating back on the earth, they are special in their vibration and needed to be saved because their heart is open and their aura is golden.  In this life  she is finding them and helping them awaken.


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The golden bubble is the new earth and it’s within everyone.  Once people awaken to it, it will manifest.  It manifests within each person and then without.  To create a mass awakening there needs to be 100,000,00 people awakened, we are well over the tipping point now and very close to this New Earth manifesting.  From this April on there is a window of time -  two years. Anytime within that window it can happen.

But….There are two events that must happen before the shift and they will happen within the next few months  There will be two uprisings both political.  One uprising will be in South Africa and that will happen simultaneously with another uprising in the US to do with Trump and gun issues, but what causes the uprising doesn’t  really matter, it’s the energy it will bring about that is important.  Once people come together in large numbers it will ripen the energies for the shift to happen.

As much as people hate Trump he needs to be where he is, he’s important.  He’s actually doing good while it looks like he’s doing harm.  In the end after all is done will he be exonerated for everything he has done I asked?  He won’t be praised for it, he won’t receive any recognition, he’s fulfilling a very hard job.   He is a part of the light.  He’s holding up a mirror to our collective consciousness that we perceive that is dark within us.  Without the mirror people could not have awakened.  How is it he can get away with these shocking things he’s been doing while no other politician would be able to get away with it, I ask?  Because the darkness is lifting (weakened) and the control is lifting and they can’t control him. (The dark cannot control him like the others)

The grand finale (final shift) will look different for each person.  There will be a shift in the light color around the earth, this will be visible, like a violet sky, like a flash of violet lightening color that will make everything shift.  Most people will see this.

Just as in the beginning (Atlantis) some physical things will be destroyed on the earth.  The earth destroyed will be devoid of people and many will transition to spirit.  The New Earth will be in a golden bubble - a different dimension.  People inside the golden bubble will see sky, rivers oceans mountains just like old earth, but the colors are different, much brighter and there’s colors we’ve never seen on the old earth.  The beings in the golden bubble didn’t lose their physical bodies, but the bodies are pure light now, they have been changed by the violet lightening color.

Some are already in the golden bubble, but not all are consciously aware they are in the new earth, they won’t become aware  until they see the violet lightening event.  The lightening will be the trigger of becoming conscious of which dimension you are in.

Others that don’t transition or go to the new earth will be neutral and protected still in their physical bodies. She saw this as another bubble, not as colorful or bright that was  protected, a holding space for those people so that they could awaken in that space.  These seem to be the ones that didn’t see the violet lightening color.  Once they do awaken they will be moved to the golden bubble.

These people will think they are still on earth but will notice so many are not there with them.  They will not have to work or do the same duties they did on the old earth, they will be in a space where they have time to awaken.  I wonder now if this may be more a state of stasis?

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Image courtesy of ddpavumba at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Atlantis, New Earth and Trump

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