UPDATE ON – Ascension -The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth -Information Through QHHT

I often have clients come for QHHT sessions asking about “The Event” .. “Shift” …“Ascension”….”Fifth dimension”….you know that thing that’s supposed to be happening that we’re all waiting for.   This is an update on information I posted earlier in my blog article which you can find at through link - Ascension-The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth- Information Through QHHT

I’m all ears when I get to ask the big question.  Some people not only want to know when, they also want to know what it will be like….what will we experience?  . I’ve heard several different answers to this question, but I think this one was the most visceral I’ve come across.   I’ve blogged about the “Event”  information I’ve received in the past and I promised then to keep you updated on any new material I’ve had come through my sessions here at www.bodysoulapothecary.com .

A recent client  most definitely wanted a time frame for this event, whatever it is. This male professional excels in his field.  He is very well respected for his knowledge, experience and skill not only in the company he has worked many years for but also Provincially and probably on a national level as well.

He is one of the top few in his profession and has enjoyed his work but  has never thought much about metaphysics, spirituality or even what’s labeled conspiracy theories until just a few short years ago when he awakened to all of this. Since then he has experienced many synchronicities in his life, he has even been seeing UFO’s on a regular basis.  This awakening has turned his life 180°.

So when I asked his question about this Event, what we on earth would experience and when we could expect it to occur his Higher Consciousness said:

It will be like a beam of light/frequency from the center of the Universe that will encompass the earth and penetrate everything right down to the very core of the earth.  This light will encompass the earth for a few days.  Its brightness will be so overwhelming people will be blinded by it.  The client told me later what he was shown -  was like a very bright fog and people won’t be able to see their hand in front of their face. I asked if this bright fog would even be present indoors he said yes, it’s inescapable.

Everyone will experience this and many people will be afraid and panic.  What they need to do is to calm down and sit in meditation.  As the fear subsides and they regain their rationality they will sense a door appear.  He said later he was shown something that looked like a black line that arched, like a rounded top doorway.  This was the door.  This door would appear close to the person and there would be many doorways appear near what sounds like all people.

 What people need to do he said,  is literally feel their way to that door when they see it, feel the edges of the door and then pull it open.  Once open it will be bright on the other side of the door but not as bright as where they are.  They need to go through that door to another dimension (5th?) …. this is what we will experience, just going through the doorway to a place where things that we struggle with today will not even matter.

It is very important not to go into fear mode though when this happens, especially for those who are awake and aware of this event, they are needed to stay calm so those around  who may not know what is happening to them can be calmed and follow those who know what to do.  Still, all in all there will be those who are too overcome by this and will not go through the door, this is each person’s choice.

Around the year 2000 I noticed we were receiving many messages, from different sources to stay calm, be the calm in the middle of the storm. If this scenario is what will in fact happen I can see the value in that advice.

At around 2012  we received many messages from different sources to focus on what made us happy in our lives.  Attend to your friends and family and create a happy environment for yourself and loved ones and let the worries of the world be.  If more people could do this the positive, joyful  energies created would ripple out and affect and influence others to do the same, and so on.

I find it interesting that in this scenario people will panic and go into fear….haven’t we been told so many times in countless ways that fear is like an epidemic on this planet and we must do all we can to eliminate fear in ourselves.  Simply put  - it isn’t real, but it can sure cause people to do irrational things can’t  it?  One of my very favorite quotes from the late Dolores Cannon is “Fear is for entertainment purposes only.”

And so then I asked….Can you give him a time frame when this will occur?  Yes it will occur the end of February beginning of March.

Talking with the client afterwards he said he was quite surprised with some of this information, especially the time frame.  He told me before the session he was pretty certain this  would happen on one of two dates…December 21, 2017 or April 18, 2018 or 2019.  So I was a little surprised as well, not just by the date but by the description.  I’ve heard many different scenarios but never this one, have you?

He promises to keep me up to date if he gleans any more information on this topic as he listens to his session and processes the information, I promise once again to keep informed.

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UPDATE ON - Ascension -The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth -Information Through QHHT

10 thoughts on “UPDATE ON – Ascension -The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth -Information Through QHHT

    1. Thank you Fran, I thought it was important to share. Even if it doesn’t go quite this way it’s important for people to know they must not allow fear to control them. After all it isn’t real is it?


  1. Hi Suzanne! Yes you can share it as long as you don’t change it in any way and add credit back to me. Thank you for asking!


  2. Dear Marilyn, I was told by a deeply spiritual friend who lives near My. SHASTA, to be watchful for my ‘Door’. ‘Adi’ told me this approx. around 2012. In 1990, before Dolores Cannon actually started her QHHT classes, I went to her and had a session to uncover an abduction I had experienced. She told me to pay attention to my dreams after that because we had opened a door to my subconscious. I told her that I had been experiencing precognitive dreams and visions all my life. However, they did increase after that session. She was right. I have experienced extra, extraordinary events over the years following that session! It is actually more than I can write about here and now. I am grateful to you for sharing your story here….Love and Light

    1. Thank you Connie this is wonderful confirmation. I often think back to all the things we learned back 30 years ago because I’m seeing much of it come to fruition right now. Very exciting times we live in, don’t you agree?


  3. Spell checker changed Mt. SHASTA to my Shasta. You probably figured that out. I just wanted to be certain.

  4. Marilyn,
    Thank you for this. It matches something I read, I think a David Wilcock – Corey Goode interview where Corey had described ascension as going up abeam of light. Each person would go up to their level and when they were no longer comfortable they would get off. So each person decides the level they ascend to. This fits with the doorway and the light being a little less on the other side of the doorway so the comfort level of each person’s choosing. We each will make our own choice.
    I read one of Dolores books, she was amazing and you are continuing this important work. Thank you for what you do.

  5. I was very happy to read this. I learned about Ascension in the nineties but unfortunately I have not been able to share. Now I’m 71 and being cared for by my dear son and his partner
    with 2 year old twin boys. I’m not concerned about myself but the little ones?

    Thank you for this. I’m eager to learn more.

    Best wishes

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