* UPDATE ON – Ascension -The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth -Information Through QHHT

I often have clients come for QHHT sessions asking about “The Event” .. “Shift” …“Ascension”….”Fifth dimension”….you know that thing that’s supposed to be happening that we’re all waiting for.   This is an update on information I posted earlier in my blog article which you can find at through link - Ascension-The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth- Information Through QHHT

I’m all ears when I get to ask the big question.  Some people not only want to know when, they also want to know what it will be like….what will we experience?  . I’ve heard several different answers to this question, but I think this one was the most visceral I’ve come across.   I’ve blogged about the “Event”  information I’ve received in the past and I promised then to keep you updated on any new material I’ve had come through my sessions here at www.bodysoulapothecary.com .

A recent client  most definitely wanted a time frame for this event, whatever it is. This male professional excels in his field.  He is very well respected for his knowledge, experience and skill not only in the company he has worked many years for but also Provincially and probably on a national level as well.

He is one of the top few in his profession and has enjoyed his work but  has never thought much about metaphysics, spirituality or even what’s labeled conspiracy theories until just a few short years ago when he awakened to all of this. Since then he has experienced many synchronicities in his life, he has even been seeing UFO’s on a regular basis.  This awakening has turned his life 180°.

So when I asked his question about this Event, what we on earth would experience and when we could expect it to occur his Higher Consciousness said:

It will be like a beam of light/frequency from the center of the Universe that will encompass the earth and penetrate everything right down to the very core of the earth.  This light will encompass the earth for a few days.  Its brightness will be so overwhelming people will be blinded by it.  The client told me later what he was shown -  was like a very bright fog and people won’t be able to see their hand in front of their face. I asked if this bright fog would even be present indoors he said yes, it’s inescapable.

Everyone will experience this and many people will be afraid and panic.  What they need to do is to calm down and sit in meditation.  As the fear subsides and they regain their rationality they will sense a door appear.  He said later he was shown something that looked like a black line that arched, like a rounded top doorway.  This was the door.  This door would appear close to the person and there would be many doorways appear near what sounds like all people.

 What people need to do he said,  is literally feel their way to that door when they see it, feel the edges of the door and then pull it open.  Once open it will be bright on the other side of the door but not as bright as where they are.  They need to go through that door to another dimension (5th?) …. this is what we will experience, just going through the doorway to a place where things that we struggle with today will not even matter.

It is very important not to go into fear mode though when this happens, especially for those who are awake and aware of this event, they are needed to stay calm so those around  who may not know what is happening to them can be calmed and follow those who know what to do.  Still, all in all there will be those who are too overcome by this and will not go through the door, this is each person’s choice.

Around the year 2000 I noticed we were receiving many messages, from different sources to stay calm, be the calm in the middle of the storm. If this scenario is what will in fact happen I can see the value in that advice.

At around 2012  we received many messages from different sources to focus on what made us happy in our lives.  Attend to your friends and family and create a happy environment for yourself and loved ones and let the worries of the world be.  If more people could do this the positive, joyful  energies created would ripple out and affect and influence others to do the same, and so on.

I find it interesting that in this scenario people will panic and go into fear….haven’t we been told so many times in countless ways that fear is like an epidemic on this planet and we must do all we can to eliminate fear in ourselves.  Simply put  - it isn’t real, but it can sure cause people to do irrational things can’t  it?  One of my very favorite quotes from the late Dolores Cannon is “Fear is for entertainment purposes only.”

And so then I asked….Can you give him a time frame when this will occur?  Yes it will occur the end of February beginning of March.

Talking with the client afterwards he said he was quite surprised with some of this information, especially the time frame.  He told me before the session he was pretty certain this  would happen on one of two dates…December 21, 2017 or April 18, 2018 or 2019.  So I was a little surprised as well, not just by the date but by the description.  I’ve heard many different scenarios but never this one, have you?

He promises to keep me up to date if he gleans any more information on this topic as he listens to his session and processes the information, I promise once again to keep informed.

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UPDATE ON - Ascension -The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth -Information Through QHHT

32 thoughts on “* UPDATE ON – Ascension -The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth -Information Through QHHT”

    1. Thank you Fran, I thought it was important to share. Even if it doesn’t go quite this way it’s important for people to know they must not allow fear to control them. After all it isn’t real is it?


  1. Hi Suzanne! Yes you can share it as long as you don’t change it in any way and add credit back to me. Thank you for asking!


  2. Dear Marilyn, I was told by a deeply spiritual friend who lives near My. SHASTA, to be watchful for my ‘Door’. ‘Adi’ told me this approx. around 2012. In 1990, before Dolores Cannon actually started her QHHT classes, I went to her and had a session to uncover an abduction I had experienced. She told me to pay attention to my dreams after that because we had opened a door to my subconscious. I told her that I had been experiencing precognitive dreams and visions all my life. However, they did increase after that session. She was right. I have experienced extra, extraordinary events over the years following that session! It is actually more than I can write about here and now. I am grateful to you for sharing your story here….Love and Light

    1. Thank you Connie this is wonderful confirmation. I often think back to all the things we learned back 30 years ago because I’m seeing much of it come to fruition right now. Very exciting times we live in, don’t you agree?


    2. Dear Connie, I have had an abduction also, when I was 14, but now that I’m 65 it’s bothering me more than ever and I feel “compelled” to do something. I thought a session might help me to uncover more information about what my purpose is and when I should be doing a certain thing. I feel it so strongly now. I’m looking for someone in Vancouver. Did you go to a session here in Vancouver or did you go to Arkansas? I have been very uncomfortable and restless lately and really feel that I must find out now. If you have any insights on this please share with me. Thank you. Mimi

  3. Spell checker changed Mt. SHASTA to my Shasta. You probably figured that out. I just wanted to be certain.

  4. Marilyn,
    Thank you for this. It matches something I read, I think a David Wilcock – Corey Goode interview where Corey had described ascension as going up abeam of light. Each person would go up to their level and when they were no longer comfortable they would get off. So each person decides the level they ascend to. This fits with the doorway and the light being a little less on the other side of the doorway so the comfort level of each person’s choosing. We each will make our own choice.
    I read one of Dolores books, she was amazing and you are continuing this important work. Thank you for what you do.

  5. I was very happy to read this. I learned about Ascension in the nineties but unfortunately I have not been able to share. Now I’m 71 and being cared for by my dear son and his partner
    with 2 year old twin boys. I’m not concerned about myself but the little ones?

    Thank you for this. I’m eager to learn more.

    Best wishes

  6. I have recently been having some very profound dreams (for 3 years now) where a visible doorway appears in front of me. In one of the dreams I went through the doorway to see where it went and came out on a different earth. It was so beautiful and the feeling was very peaceful. There were others there too, who asked me to join them. They were discussing how we create our new world. It is very interesting that this has come up in QHHT sessions and leads me to think that maybe my dreams are to prepare me for what is to come.

    1. Amazing dream Anuci! I would say definitely your dream is to prepare you and by talking and writing about the dream you are inspiring many others.

      Thank you for sharing this here!

  7. Interesting is that Dolores Cannon did not exist in my original timeline..yet she, too, mentions in an interview posted on YouTube, that she resided at the edge of the Galaxy. Some have determined that we already have a merging of three Earth timelines into this one on the Orion Spur.
    I recently downloaded that many were brought here who have a mass consciousness of a world that did not have the same degree of some of the mental plagues (ex.: satanic ritual abuses) in order to help heal this timeline. (Mind plagues can infect Earths on other timelines, and like any body illness, form self healing anti bodies which may, in this case, call healers from those other timelines).
    Ascension on this timeline, in this manner, makes sense to me as I have found this Earth to be much darker. Many good, “famous” people have shown actions of having embraced the dark side in this timeline, who had not in my old timeline. That is a visible symptom of a mind plague. The light would be quite a healing for this timeline, even if people do not choose to move to a higher density. It would permeate all darkness.

    It is not just fear or ignorance that can lead people to negativity. What is often neglected in our judging others is that innocence is a mighty factor in their susceptibility to a mind plague. Thus we should not judge. Just heal with love. Namaste

    1. Lesley I would agree with you the importance of not judging others, and offer understanding/ forgiveness instead. What I would like to comment on and slightly differ with you on is this concept of darkness and ppl becoming cohorts with that darkness. Well I do not believe good/evil exist or really even a darkside. There are no true morality codes deeming all things as sin/righteousness. No deed is forbidden on earth and any course of action we might choose to commit was a right we were granted here, in other words freewill. Ppl do things that seem very wrong to us, or outright “evil” but this is usually due to a spiritual discord within any person doing ‘bad” things. These sins/evils commited actually are really never done with malice in one’s heart, but stem from the great misunderstanding created from that vibrational discord they have amassed into a strong momentum. When this happens its becomes harder and harder to break that and align to a more benign outlook. This negative momentum sometimes grows and intensifies in people and will eventually lead them to trigger some terrible action or maybe lead them to become a victim of some negative atrocity. Much negativity in the world ppl like to attribute to the forces of evil, really it is caused by many humans not understanding they create their experience and are responsible for whether their reality manifests in a positive way or a negative way. This misunderstanding leads so many ppl to focus on the negative, either because they were victims of this negativity and they constantly relive this trauma, or maybe some ppl see all this negativity and in an attempt to end this or help those affected by it set their focus upon this negativity seeking to learn what course will be most appropriate but this course of action, although admirable, will only force this good-hearted person into that same negative energy as well as attract more of the negativity they seek to eliminate. Also lending an ear to a person in need by listening to them recite their problems for the sake of understanding or learning their problems so you can help them overcome them seems worthwhile but really you are doing both of you a disservice. Listening to their woes will only align your energy with their lower/negative energy and then together you both shall create/attract more suffering and similar problems to what they were already dealing with. You will also create some of those same problems for yourself as well as sink into possible discord. The best way to help eliminate earths negativity/lower vibrational states, is to focus on your own spiritual well being and learning to be as positive & loving as possible and as much as possible. Mastering one’s own self then allowing your positive energy to naturally influence those around you and being a shining example of the joyous life we all can have is the best way to help. once we learn to hold onto positivity and discard anything which is not then we man start creating positive momentum. That momentum can also intensify and it becomes much easier for others to recognize and be influenced by that positive momentum. others may be inspired by that positivity just enough to spark their awakening and begin their journey towards mastery of the spirit. Once those people(those you inspired)become positive joyous spiritual beings, then just imagine all the people in their lives who might be inspired and begin their own journey’s! This is the very way mankind will find its own doorway. Telling ppl the right way to live & how to b happy isnt as affective as them seeing YOU be happy and openly standing tall to inspire others to do the same works better than attempting to “talk” a person into realizing the importance and benefits of spirituality. Stay positive Lesley for there exists no real darkness/evil out there and the misunderstandings that have plagued mankind for centuries will very soon have the light of clarity shone upon it as man’s awareness continues the expansion it has been experiencing so acutely since 2012. We must forgive even the worst of offences a human can perpetrate and see it at a deeper level than the all too simple scope of “good & evil” We must not judge even the most devious crimes one can possibly commit and see those atrocious ‘”crimes” for what they truly are and what truly causes men to commit them. These crimes are not sin which are signs of the evil on earth, but instead are mearly energetic responses to the lower vibrational states that so many people seem to exist in. This lower vibrational state is so rampant that the resulting spiritual discord is like a spiritual epidemic infecting so many of the earths population. This shared discord that permeates thru mankind is at the very heart of all the “evil” and negativity we see here on earth & struggle so greatly to understand. When the vibration frequency of a human becomes lower and lower the negative actions that align with that lowering frequency become more intense and more severe. So when a persons spirit is in discord day after day then its intensity grows and negative momentum builds. The more this momentum builds the more negativity it attracts and this only serves to fuel the momentum even more and more. Eventually the person experiencing this will commit the worst unforgivable atrocity you could imagine, but not with intent, malice nor as the actions of an evil being acting upon their nature. The act is the magnified energetic response created by the negative momentum. Say this devious act was the murder of another human. Then you cannot call this murdered human a victim of that energetic response. On the contrary the murdered human was a cooperating willing participant. who amassed negative momentum as well based on a similar spiritual discord he shared with the killer. This negative energetic similarity eventually attracted these two together and they created an act which was befitting of the low vibrational state they shared, only one of them was cast as the villain by this amassed negative momentum, and one was cast as the victim by that same negative energy they shared. So how can we ever judge the killer and condemn them when, in reality the killer and the victim co-created the experience together and share equal responsibility for energetically manifesting this ugly scene. Really both, in my eyes are victims of the law of attraction, and victims of their own ignorance towards the dangers spiritual discord can put one’s self in. All this aside though I think things are really beginning to change for the greater good of us all, and we are past the worst of the hardships and pains we have endured. Love will strengthen in us all & intensify worldwide and this will melt away all the strife and the perceived differences that have always held men, races, and nations separate from one another & in opposition. This fueled the hate and war we perpetuated on each other and caused us to hold others in judgement while never owning up to our own shortcomings or ever taking responsibility for our mistakes. We justified and masked our negative behaviors while judging and condemning the behavior of others. Arrogance always prevented us for apologizing for anything or to anyone while constantly demanding apologies for the smallest instances of disrespect. We demanded all should see the greatness we possess while denying and unacknowledging the greatness others possess. We denied friendship to those who deserved it but instead choose to compete with them to alleviate insecurity by besting competitors, then in victory proudly standing over them so that others may see you shining brighter than the defeated. We have all made mistakes on some level and have acted selfishly. We have all even hurt others in our selfish pursuits of our own wants and needs, while never paying much mind to the needs or wants of others. I think its pretty fair to say that we all instinctively know in our hearts whats right and whats wrong, and we know as well the proper way to treat others. Collective negative energy mankind has amassed creating widespread negative momentum that affects many people made it difficult for many people to treat others the way they knew they should nor did people follow what they knew in their hearts was right or what was wrong. Awareness expansion however is opening many of the eyes that were once held tightly shut and never offered caring or warmth for others because they reserved it all for themselves. And discord caused hatred between most of mankind that wasn’t natural to the loving nature mankind possessed. Life has already improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years but is only a small fraction of the betterment awaiting us in the very near future. Lets not sit back waiting for it. Lets offer understanding for each other, offer forgiveness to those who seek it, express an unchanging love for all humans, lets spread joy and love to others instead of pain and misery. Lets all wrap our arms around one another, shoulder to shoulder and join together in a collective embrace and joyfully united we can walk towards that brighter future as one.

  8. This is such a great description and also sounds much like another QHHT experience I recently watched on Youtube, the brightness/fog, and the fear. In hearing this, my main question is will children experience the same thing? I have 5 children ages 18 months to 15. There is a great possibility they will be in school and my 2 youngest at the babysitter. I can talk to the 3 older ones and give them insight/direction. But, what if I’m not with my 18 month old and 5 year old when this great wave happens? I keep visualizing us all together when this happens hoping that it will manifest in this way. Has any of your clients with children asked about this?

    1. Hi Angie

      I have had clients ask about their children and what will happen to them. From memory the answers were all very positive. In one session they said the children are already at the frequency needed to ascend and they naturally will, this is what they have come here to do and they will know what to do when the time comes. It seems many are on this earth now who’s purpose is to ascend and “Show the way” or another way to put it is be a Gatekeeper to inspire others around them who will be confused and fearful.

      From what I’ve gleaned from the sessions I facilitate every person on earth will either know what to do or see someone close to them who knows what to do. In the end it is that person’s choice, as with all things. I’ve always hoped that everyone on earth would ascend so this gives me great hope that every person will have the opportunity.


  9. Thanks for this really interesting blog post!

    I’m a 23 year old lightworker, likely one of these waves of volunteers that Dolores Cannon talked about.
    During my teenage years I received a prediction that I would “die” at age of 24, which I will turn on April 15 2018. What I have come to realize here is that it was not a prediction about a literal “death”. It is actually the prediction of the “death” of my 3D ego self for my personal ascension into 5D New Earth, with the door that the CHHT seesion said would eventually manifest.

    It feels liberating to have finally connected the dots.

    1. Cool! But I hope it happens earlier than that..March in particular.

      Also a 23 y/o and always knew I would die early. It might just be us “ascending.” xD

  10. Hi Marilyn~

    Wow ~ what an awesome share! I had a dream of this flash event in early 2016 and it was very similar to what your client shared. The sky was very very bright ~ milky white. People walked around in a daze. Some looked confused. Some blissed out. I was observing. You could sense ~ nothing was ever going to be the same again. Everyone, every life form, is touched by this. I recently felt “late january/early february” for this event. Another blog recently said the same. Allison Coe’s clients have consistently said january-march of this year. We are on that timeline ~ a timeline which I feel is working itself out. Thank you so much for sharing this one. Blessings to every one of us.

    1. We trust by how we feel about the information, does it resonate? That’s all we can ever do. It’s like that subtle knowing we all have within us that we learn to trust because the information is always accurate… who is that? I’ve had the opportunity to ask the Higher Self of a few clients what the difference is between it, Jesus, Angels, Arch Angels, Ghosts, Budha, Masters, Light Beings, ET’s, God….what ever I could think of at the time. I’ve always received the same answer….”There is no difference, it is all one.”

      1. Right, I agree. I just asked because how our ego can get in the way. I wish I could have a session done, but there are no practitioner where I live, and financial issues.

  11. Your ego is an important part of you that is very invested in your success on this plane of existence, it wants to help you. Honestly, we couldn’t survive here without our egos. It sometimes/often does have the answer because it is right there aware of all the answers and information your Higher Self is communicating to you 24/7. The same information and answers that we often ignore because it’s just a random thought…..LOL! We’re quirky creatures aren’t we?

  12. My higher self says it will start the evening of February 19th and peak/be most intense during the day of February 20th. It agrees that some will see doorways and some will choose not to see the doorways.

    1. Man! A girl on YouTube said her higher self told her the same date! (February 19 into the 20th) I hope this wave has physical healing benefits, do you know if it will? I have been seeing numbers like crazy lately and need healing on all levels. Hopefully everyone will benefit esp physical wise. I’m assuming people that don’t go through the doors, will stay behind and go into 4d somehow, or at least people that are awake but not ready for 5d. Idk. I keep hearing there’s 4d with the technology and in 5d it will not be needed, then there’s 3d with duality and 4d still will have duality as well, but less rigid than 3d. Would like some clarification on dimensions lol. I hear different p.o.v on them all.

  13. Different people get different Event timing through different method, and they are all right, because everyone is getting only ONE of the POSIBILITIES that could happen.
    The Event is possible to happen ANY DAY soon.
    Future is always open to ANY possibilies.

  14. (I commented by accident on the other post regarding Trump but it really should go here):
    I had a spiritual awakening experience on April 18th, 2016 which included looking up a poem I wrote when I was 11 y.o. (on April 18, 1983, exactly 33 years later), about the importance of the breath, and transformation (I’ve interpreted it all these years to be about reincarnation but it could very well be about this Event instead). I also was guided on this day to pull out a book from my bookcase that an acquaintance gave me years before) and told me it was the most important book I could read and he stressed that I should read it (it was about Nibiru; it was called Genesis Revisited written by Zecharia Sitchin). He died the next day and I never saw him again. I carried the book with me all those years but never did read it.
    Now, after obsessively researching for the last 2 years to figure all this out, I realize that the Event could very well happen on April 18th. And my poem and the book seem to point to two separate possible events – either we all go, or there’s a split caused by a natural cataclysm for some. My experience, intuition, and subsequent research really fits with everything this session is telling us. I just wanted share as the date April 18th really caught my eye and this session really put it all together for me personally.

  15. Well, I suppose when the Event comes, it will. But, meanwhile, here in India we have some great gurus with great tools for transformation that enables folks to keep a clearer head as the change draws close. One of these is Bhuta Shuddhi or cleaning of the five elements as taught by the Isha Foundation, and the other is a Sambhavi technique by Guru Nityananda on Youtube. The second one helps instantly calm the mind of chatter, and imbalance.

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