* Existence in The Physical Body From The Perspective of a Light Being

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a light bodied being living on today’s 3-D earth?  Today I spent several hours with just such a being.  The perceptions were sometimes quite surprising, here are a couple I found interesting…..

This woman has only experienced 3 lives in physical body, including this one.  Although she wanted and chose this experience she is rarely in her body.  You would think by now (early 40’s) she would be used to it but she still finds the body strange.   She said before we began that she’s been having massage lately just because the feeling of someone touching her body is very strange yet interesting to her.  She tried to explain what a novelty it is to touch and feel in 3D.  Which is something we who are used to the body may have trouble imagining.

As with many on earth today, both awakened and un-awakened this person has come to earth at this time to change the energy of the planet. Although she is unconscious of this as soon as she walks into a room people change.  Her vibration is very bold, she can make people feel things and she needs to use that to change the vibration everywhere she goes but in order to do that she needs to have a vehicle that can exude the vibration that she is, so more of her soul can be in her body.

In order to prepare the physical body to do this her Higher Consciousness recommends that she meditate every day, and exercise as soon as she gets up.  Then she is to write in her journal her visions and to manifest deliberately by going over her entire day in the morning.  By doing this her vibration will increase and allow more of her HC to be in her body.  Her HC said if she did this she would actually need to do less as CEO of her business.

According to her HC, like many others she’s been manifesting backwards by sight, the HC explained we should manifest by feeling and creating emotion not just by picturing what we want or writing what we want.  There needs to be the emotional aspect first, the desire.

She chose to incarnate the first time in the late 1800’s.  Her HC explained that the way we experienced the physical body in earlier times like the 1800’s is different to the way we experience it today.  In the 1800’s the body was much more dense.  People were in survival mode and it was more difficult to get out of the body than it is in today’s energy.

She doesn’t enjoy the human body, and doesn’t “get” humans, apparently she’s here only because it’s so interesting, there’s a shift coming and she wants to be part of it.  She really wanted to feel the physical body before there it is no more…..  Because the earth is changing physical experience. The way it is now is not going to be like that much longer. So she’s really packed a lot of experience into this lifetime, several lifetimes they said.

The physical body is going to evolve and it’s starting to feel physically less, emotionally more, all humans are doing this and because we’re changing how our bodies operate, that experience of being human is going to evolve and she really wanted to experience this.  That’s why she incarnated the last two times, she came to experience the physical body.

Her experience this time and the other two times are very different because the way we experience the physical body right now is not how it felt in the 1800’s…Really, I ask?  Yes, it was much more dense and even more of a prison, people didn’t leave their bodies the way they do now, they were stuck in them.  Now we astral travel, we leave our bodies all the time and we weren’t doing that in the 1500’s, even the 1800’s we were so stuck in survival mode back then.

I was thinking about how Nostradamus told Dolores Cannon that if she were to appear to him in her physical body in his time he wouldn’t be able to see a solid body, this is how much we have changed without realizing it, and I wonder to myself, will we ever become more aware of our light bodies rather than our physical bodies……They did say it was coming “soon”!

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Existence in The Physical Body From The Perspective of a Light Being

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