* Cosmic Parenthood And The Solar Eclipse

During the recent solar eclipse like so many others, I made a point of meditating, actually it turned out to be a glorious 2 hour meditation….hadn’t done that in a while!  In this meditation I was given a vision, a little information to go with, and I was made aware that I should write about it.  To be honest I didn’t think it was worth writing about as it didn’t answer many questions, in fact it only brought more….lol!

So a couple of days after this I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t had a client come in for a QHHT® session with a Higher Self that brought through what I call “high level information” in a very long while.  What I mean by high level  is information well beyond the normal ET/physical/non-physical existences we find on earth and other planets and dimensions.  For instance: A Higher self that would offer information on the origin of the universe.  So as I usually do I set the intention for that type of session and forgot about it.

So this week I got my wish, and oh my!  did I have to scramble mentally to conjure up relevant questions to go with the information this higher self was offering!  The phrase “Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it” hit me like a brick. ….but what the heck , all this mind twisting information was a blast and in that cosmic soup of information was one piece that answered a question  I had asked during my meditation.  My client and I discussed many things including this after the session.  I will share it after I tell you about the meditation…..

I have drawn one part of the vision, it’s not well done but gives you an idea of what I was seeing.  I wouldn’t say what I saw was necessarily reality, it felt like more like a metaphor to help me understand.  The vision/information I received during the meditation went like this:

I began the meditation  by visualizing the earth enveloped and immersed in white light and love but instead of white light a very beautiful, warm, loving and powerful  rose gold light shone, much like the light of the eclipse at that point here on the west coast near Vancouver, Canada.  Once the earth and everything on/in  the earth was immersed in this light I saw that a grid of this rose gold light was being maintained and strengthened by many spirit beings attending to it.

At precisely 11:11 am (for some reason I opened my eyes and looked at the clock…LOL!) I looked up and found I was under a massive tree with foliage.  The tree’s huge branches umbrella-ad out to completely surround the globe, as if embracing the earth.  Under this umbrella I felt protected, secure….safe.  The leaves filtered the harsh rays of the sun and gently protected the earth and all on it.

Then I moved up, far above this tree to see a vast sea of ships hovering above the earth.  There wasn’t any place that the earth didn’t have these ships hovering stationary above it.  I knew that these ships were protecting the earth from the harsh rays of the central sun and they have been here for quite a while doing this work, but we aren’t aware of them.  You could say they are observing as well as protecting, much as a parent would do with a child.

All of a sudden I flew up at great speed, beyond the galaxy, beyond this universe and stopped just beyond the outside edge of this universe.  Please see drawing.

The universe was to my right and massive, I could not see anything other than the immediate edge.  It looked like it was enveloped in a bubble of white light and energy that seemed to be coming out of a massive metal tube much like a straw,  that was protruding out of a large oblong, free floating metal structure….a ship??  This ship and tube was to my left and outside of the universe.

I became aware that this ship IS the source for the energy that makes up and creates our universe and it is carefully controlled and monitored.  Inside this ship is a very controlled nuclear explosion – in simple terms, that   has/is   created/creating   our universe.

I was made aware that this is how universes are created.  Of course I wanted to know who created the ship and whether something else created the creator that created the ship but I wasn’t getting any answers to that question.

I was then told that this is what we are inadvertently doing when we detonate nuclear weapons.  We are creating universes but because we aren’t aware of the full potential of what we are doing these universes are left with no direction, unattended, un-parented if you will, and this can upset the balance in all other purposely created and attended universes.

It’s as though we’ve birthed these children who have the very same power to create that we have but we aren’t looking after them and guiding them, they are abandoned, left to their own devises and any parent can tell you that’s a recipe for disaster!  Until we start looking after what we’ve created so far we will not be allowed to create again, and that’s how it ended.

My client’s  higher self with the very high level information touched on so many interesting ideas and concepts but at one point it was talking about source and I asked whether what we consider source had a source that created it and if that source had a creator and if there was an ultimate source/creator.  The answers were short….Yes there is a source that created source and it’s unlimited as there is no ultimate source creator that is the source of all.

I wish now I had asked another question, but  my brain was pretzel-led at this point as Dolores Cannon used to say.  I wish I had asked for confirmation on whether we had indeed created new universes with the nuclear explosions here on earth, as I was shown in my meditation.   And whether by doing that we are considered source by those universes and whether this is the role that we are expected to step into, the sooner the better!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I’m beginning to feel  that we here on earth  are considered to be an absentee parent and we have a lot of growing up to do before we can confidently step into that parental role.   With all this to absorb I confess,  I ‘m feeling somewhat pressured to grow up earlier than I had intended!

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 Cosmic Parenthood And The Solar Eclipse

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