* Deep Sadness and Memory Loss Healed

This client  emailed me a couple of days after her session, here is what she had to say:


I love the blog post that you wrote about. Thank you so much again for the session. I feel like my memory is back and just keeps getting better and better, I feel like I do have to do lots of exercises to stay grounded cause I feel like I start to float and get away from my body! My speech is back to my normal! It is pretty incredible.


Now on to the session!....

I had an interesting QHHT session today with a woman in her mid 20’s who’s main concern was that for about 3 years  her memory has been deteriorating to the point she couldn’t remember much about her childhood.  She said it was as if the upper forehead area of her brain had a block in it which she could feel. She was experiencing brain fog so bad that she couldn’t remember much of her past.

Concurrently she’s found it hard to communicate, hardly being able to put a sentence together at times.  This felt to her like a physical speech impediment.  This together with the brain fog was leaving her feeling as though she had lost much of her intelligence, she was feeling dumb.

This caused much doubt in her with an inability to communicate or make decisions for herself.  This coupled with feeling obligated to do for others before doing anything for herself resulted in her rarely communicating with friends and family, preferring to hide away just so she could have some much needed quiet time to herself.

All this together with the deep sadness she had carried all her life triggered her emotions that made it impossible to even enjoy a simple meditation that didn’t end in tears.  This was having a detrimental effect on her quality of life.  Although she was not thinking of suicide, she was wondering what the point was for her to be here if she couldn’t function properly and fulfill her purpose. (Read More)

The past life was quite interesting,  she drifted and floated  into what was the blackness of space,  yet firmly standing on something smooth.  She felt very sad because they were leaving something/somewhere and she felt it was her fault.

Her body was very tall wearing a thin flexible metal suit of some kind with pointed shoes, but this she said was only when she needed a physical body, normally she wasn’t physical.

When I asked her to move back to a time before this scene so we could find out what happened….why they had to leave,  she found herself in an elderly male human body so she could blend in.  He carried a lot of knowledge and at that time was looking at a rock with writing on it that he could read, it was instructions for him.  I suggested that she would remember some of the writing on the rock so she could write it on paper later. She later drew a couple of the symbols telling me they were painted on the rock rather than carved. (See image) This rock seemed to be more than just a rock though, it could levitate slightly off the ground with a blue light.

Writing painted on large floating rock.

His “job” here was to teach the more primitive native beings on this planet things that would help them evolve, such as how to grow food, hunt, build etc.  He enjoyed these beings, feeling close to many of them and he taught them much, even things that he was instructed not to teach them.

There were other beings (Big Guys) in this very tropical setting who seemed to be in charge who did not want the local beings to know too much as they would become too powerful.  These Big Guys were feared by the primitive beings and were made to live on the beach only, they weren’t allowed inland.  Although they were afraid of the Big Guys, they loved the old man who taught them things.

The old man was allowed to go inland where the Big Guys lived- they didn’t like it but they had to allow this.  He wasn’t afraid of them but they did caution him not to reveal too much knowledge too fast to the primitive beings.

One day the old man noticed that the Big Guys and their large building inland had vanished.  It was then he realized he may have taught the primitive beings too much as they were now able to shoot a primitive laser type light into the sky and this was altering things.  He  knew he had to leave now!  As he entered into his rock which was really an (orb) ship he felt very sad to leave these happy beings he was so fond of.

I then moved her to the last day and he was standing in front of a council feeling sad and ashamed, blaming himself for having done wrong by teaching the primitive beings more than he knew he should have and possibly causing their demise

The council beings sat up in very high chairs, which made it difficult for him to describe these beings. But when the council beings realized how upset he was one came down off its chair and comforted him saying  the primitive beings were still there and all was well. These council beings were very small “minion type beings”  He took it very hard though and carried that heavy sadness and remorse into this life.  The council beings continued to comfort as they walked him out of the room to a resting place in space.

Unfortunately, before he could rest completely he was asked to incarnate again.  Still tired he had to hurriedly prepare for this incarnation because they were running out of time and someone with his intelligence and knowledge was needed.  In the resting place she described herself as a crystal in a circle of other crystals who were also resting.

“They needed me to get into this body fast as they needed more people like us right now.” Why?.... “to outweigh before it gets too much or it gets too bad or something bad happens.”  It seemed if they were able to tip the balance this would help save the planet. ….a very familiar story I hear often from volunteers.

At this point she began to feel very dizzy, crying she said….. “I think I wasn’t here for a lot of it. (speaking about this life)  I was supposed to be here but I went somewhere else (she was busy doing other work out of body hoping to help)  but  I was supposed to stay here more fully present, I was still trying to operate somewhere else and I’m not supposed to do that.  They need me down here.”  She later said the dizziness she felt was very strong but it put her firmly back into her body.

She found it interesting that the place where she was to incarnate was very important and when she was making plans for this life she saw her childhood home on the screen. It was important that she live there for some reason.  She was not to take her parents too seriously, don’t dwell on the drama.  It seems this incarnation was all about location, location, location!

I asked the council beings if they would communicate and answer her questions.  She later told me there was some confusion as she was hearing them say they only wanted to speak to her…why would they need to speak to me?  In other words who was I and why would they want to talk to me! …. when I realized there was some hesitancy to answer I formally asked to speak to the Higher Consciousness and later she said when I said the word “respect” they decided I was OK and we could talk…lol!

The Higher Consciousness helped her let go of that overwhelming sadness that she had felt for most of her life,  and removed the block in her mind that was put there to keep her from making bad decisions while out of body so much in this life.  They assured me she was going to stay in her body and be present now so these things could be lifted.

After the session she wasn’t even off the pillow when she commented on how good it felt to feel happiness.  As we sat talking she said she could feel her memory coming back, it was good to feel this coming back.

She remembered most of the session so the insights she gave me later about how the SC was reacting and communicating to her were interesting…hilarious at times….they definitely know they are God she said to me.  Yes, I had to agree they/she are God, they know it and there is no hesitancy or false ego.  I hope this knowledge helps her to have more confidence in herself and her path now.


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Deep Sadness and Memory Loss Healed


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