* Ascension -The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth -Information Through QHHT

What ever you want to call it most of us are aware something is happening.  Even those who seem to be asleep spiritually talk about how things feel different now.   It’s encouraging to know this frequency shift we are in is becoming mainstream thanks to millions of people who have been helping others and working to get the word out. I am beyond grateful to have a ring side seat to information about this event through the QHHT sessions I facilitate.

Many clients ask about this shift, it’s a common question, other times the Higher Self (HS)  will begin talking and relaying important information about the new earth and the shift that is meant to be shared.

One person's HS said that this shift event is individual to each person- each person will experience it in their own way, in their own time.

Another HS said the client has always known she's not going to die in the way humans have been doing, it's (the shift) is going to change and everything she's working towards is for that moment…..  There will be conscious transformation….  She heard the call, it's what Jesus did.

Another said more of us are here helping to step from one reality to another…. it's like a bridge… it's not necessarily the physical body moving into another dimension or frequency, it's more the being-ness "Consciously taking the energy of the being not necessarily the body.”  There's some aspect of physical-ness that is like fluid crystal….. fluidly crystalline.

Another said the new earth is another planet that the client (in her concurrent ET life on a ship) has been working on and to create for about 2 million years.  There will not be free choice in the new earth because in the past many civilizations have been destroyed because we've had free will. It seems we don't get the free will to choose the negative in the new earth and destroy ourselves again.

Another HS said it's not a new earth coming out of or splitting off of the old earth, it's more like the new earth would collide with the old earth and in that collision there is a scooping of those who are making the shift happen, like a sieve.

In another session they said -…..The reason the universe is so focused on earth at this time is because this is an experiment, it's never been tried like this before and we don't know what will happen.

Some have told me that within 20 years this will be complete, we’re already in the process.  Others have said within 5 years.

Another said everything is created from a spark, but the birth of the new earth is not from a spark – its original matter is from a spark, but how it will come into being will not be from a spark, it will be from the energy generated from all of us…..(positive energy-light-compassion-love)

When I pressed a person’s higher self for a clearer picture of exactly what this person would experience when they went through this event the HS said…..It will look like a bluish-white iridescent wall, like a curtain of energy and she will know to step through.  She’s a way shower and so she will be one of the ones who will go through first to show the others and encourage them to step through also.

About the volunteers, those who are awake and helping others to awaken they said….They come from all over, different systems, galaxies, it takes a lot of work to get a human form, it’s a privilege, it’s a gift to come here.


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Ascension -The Event- Frequency Shift- The New Earth -Information Through QHHT

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