* More Pyramids!

If I were to acknowledge a trend or theme to my QHHT sessions I would have to say 2017 seems to be the year of the pyramid.  Although we time traveled way, way back the pyramid in this past life was already standing and once again it wasn’t just a monument, it was used for a specific purpose.

In my previous blog post titled  Exploring The Purpose of Pyramids I talked about a client's past life experience with a flat topped pyramid.  This article is about another client's experience in a pointed top pyramid.

A recent client went to a past life as a woman with bare feet wearing a plain long white robe/gown with a small purse or bag that she used to gather plants she used to heal. Her long wavy hair was golden colored and she had white skin.  We found her walking along a path covered in what she described as “crunchy” leaves in a forest.

She continued along the path until she came to a pointed pyramid.  She told me that there were some very busy people working around the pyramid.  The women had long hair in varying colors from brown to golden and they were sitting on the ground making or doing something she couldn’t identify.  The men had shoulder length hair and they were all pounding something, not with a hammer but with something that seemed like a rock.  Everyone was wearing tunics made from what looked like leather.

After watching them a moment she continued along a path to a plain square archway made of rock.  Moving through the archway she found herself in a dark room with one flame/torch along a wall.  The room was built of plain brown stone, rectangular, flat ceiling with no embellishments or decorations that she could see.  In the room was a large stone box that she proceeded to lay down in.  As she laid there the client was feeling very intense energies and heat moving through her body, and this woman from across time told me she was being revitalized in this chamber.  Later when speaking with my client’s Higher Consciousness I asked where that chamber was located, the answer was, inside the pyramid

When the client was exploring the past life I asked her about the landscape around the pyramid, I was curious about it’s location as she definitely described the pyramid with a pointed top.  I only know of flat topped pyramids surrounded by forest in the Mexico/South and Central America areas….hmm, I thought to myself, if it is located on earth then it was probably located somewhere in Europe.

In these QHHT sessions you must keep your mind w-i-d-e open because a location could be absolutely anywhere not necessarily on earth, hence my next question to the HC..…..  Was it on Earth or someplace else? …..It was on earth.    Where on Earth? …..In what you would call the Middle East. ….OK, so now I was puzzled, she was walking in a forest of trees, generally I didn’t think the middle east had any forested areas, I think of it as mainly flat and beige*  but I remember once reading that the  Sahara desert at one time, long, ago was a vast marshy and forested area.  Yes the HC confirmed, it was a long time ago.


*I did a little research and found that there is some forested areas in the middle east, mainly it seems in mountainous areas that haven’t been denuded of their trees.  There is now considerable effort in some Middle East countries to bring back their forested areas with success.


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More Pyramids!

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