* Exploring The Purpose of Pyramids

Dolores Cannon wrote her books based on information she was exposed to during the many QHHT sessions she facilitated.  Her sessions numbered in the thousands and her clients hailed from every corner of the world.  When she heard the same information from more than one source at opposite ends of the globe she paid attention and eventually she wrote about it in one of her books.  Her Convoluted Series is brimming with these gathered, unexplainable, unimaginable experiences collected over her 45 year career and thankfully she passed this legacy along to us.

I too often receive confirmation on her out of this world, convoluted information from my client’s sessions and sometimes the information I receive seems to be brand new.   These tid bits of information are our little spoonfuls of pablum Dolores talked about.  New information is gradually, with great deliberation given to us in various ways in order to open our eyes, wake us up to realize there is so much more to our existence than what we can see.  I think its almost time now for humanity to sit at the adult table in the cosmic café

I had a slightly different, but similar experience with new-to-me information coming from different sources this week.  When made aware of something twice in the space of 24 hours I realized this was information that needs to be distributed out to others.  I cannot say I understand it completely, or that this information is truth, that’s for you to decide for yourself.  I’m just passing it along knowing nothing in my life is by chance, there are no coincidences.

A recent client had a very unusual experience in the past life she went to.   This client found herself standing on the top of a very high flat topped pyramid surrounded by green forest.  The view was beautiful from her perch high above and she noticed that there were 4 wide stone or tile walkways that began at the bottom of each side of the pyramid continuing out, away from the pyramid….as though they were pointing to the four directions.

Realizing she was in a male body she remarked later how it felt to be in such a strong, confident body.  He was dressed in sandals that tied up the calf, very much in the Roman style and was wearing a headdress made mostly of feathers with a golden snake coming out from the forehead in the Egyptian style.  He also held a staff that had a golden snake at the top.  The client was quite surprised at how light the headdress and staff were considering they looked like they were made of solid gold and she reasoned that perhaps they were made of wood and covered in a gold leaf.

Standing there in that male body the client told me that she could feel a very strong energy channeling into her head from above and moving down through the man’s body continuing through the pyramid and into the earth. It was so powerful it almost felt orgasmic, and she knew that this man had been trained to be able to allow this powerful energy move through his body safely.  This was his job, his purpose in this life.  It was what he had been trained to do, but it wasn’t just energy the man was channeling, it also felt like some sort of information was being brought to earth from someplace far away….out there.

At the same time he was doing this the client could hear beautiful chanting coming from inside the pyramid that he knew was somehow connected to this energy flow.  There was a very specific reason for both the energy and chanting to be done on and in this structure.

I then asked my client to move to an important day in that life and she went to a scene where the man was in his youth, a young boy, very sad but at the same time so proud to be chosen to live and be trained in the pyramid to become a Priest.   This was a great honor and only a very few are chosen.   His Mother was with him and although he would still be able to see her, he would not live with her anymore. After saying their goodbyes the priest who greeted them outside the pyramid took the young boy inside.

Once inside the child was instantly aware of what seemed to be another world.  He never expected the inside of this pyramid, which he had never entered before, to be so large and beautiful.  It may help to remember the client experienced this in the body of a young child, with a young child’s understanding and her answers reflected this.

The boy was shown several huge, beautiful rooms that seemed to be constructed from crystal.  All was lit from an unknown light source, each room was spectacular and the child searched for words to describe this to me.

One large room was a place where food was grown, it was very bright.  Another was a large gathering room where people ate and gathered to talk, people gracefully danced in another room and in another there was a huge library with walls that rose up several stories high.

People were moving about these rooms with great purpose.  They seemed to look human, some had very long dark hair up in pony tails that he thought were women and others  had no hair.  They all wore sandals and an odd skirt made of woven reeds around the waist and another one over the shoulders that tied in the back.  After the session the client and I laughed about the fashion sense of the people in this place.  With such spectacular surroundings you would think their clothing would be much grander!

It was about this time I asked if the priest who was still with this boy, would answer some of my questions.  He agreed and it was then we found a little more information about this place.

We were told it wasn’t on earth, in fact they had passed through a Stargate inside the pyramid that had transported them to a planet in the Andromeda galaxy.  This client’s home is this place and she often visits while sleeping.  She has come many times to earth to be an energy conduit for the earth, channeling the energy/information from Andromeda to help earth and its people and is back at this important time to do what she always does once again.

As you can imagine the information was fascinating, I could have stayed right there asking questions for the rest of the session….but there’s more to this story.

The day after this session I was surfing the web checking out Hank Wesselman’s web site called   “Shared Wisdom.”  Dr. Wesselman is an anthropologist who has worked primarily in northern Africa with a team searching for humanity’s missing link.  He has also taught and written several academic papers and books and is a practicing, teaching Shaman.  I won’t go into all he’s done, but I will say I couldn’t put his three books…Visionseeker, Spiritwalker and Medicinemaker down.  His are some of the few books I will read over and over again.

Anyway, as I said I was on his web site and I read an article he posted some time ago called “In the King’s Chamber”  in which he relates his experiences the first time he lead a group into the Great Pyramid at Giza and the King’s Chamber.

I will let you read the article, but I will relate one small part of the experience when he decided to drop into a deeper yet very familiar shamanic state while lying on the floor of the chamber in pitch black.

Before the journey began he had wondered who had really built the pyramid.   So many people feel it doesn’t seem plausible to think that a society using copper and stone tools could build a stone structure of that magnitude….who really built it he wondered?  And…. what was its purpose?  It was definitely not a burial chamber, so what was its purpose?

The shamanic journey transported him to another planet populated by very strange beings through what he feels was a Stargate created inside this chamber in the great pyramid.  I will tell you this was not the same place my client went to, but the mode of travel seems to be exactly the same!

When the penny dropped and I realized I had been made aware of the possible purpose for these pyramids we find all over the world, not just once but twice in the space of 24 hours.   I felt then that this information was something that should be shared as Dolores would do.

The information may already be common knowledge I’m not aware of, I don’t know I’m just passing it along anyways because I know that the people reading this now are meant to receive this information and I would be remiss if I didn’t share.

I doubt I will ever have the opportunity to explore a pyramid myself, but I’m sure many of you reading this will and I hope I’ve planted a seed that will grow and flourish because perhaps it’s time has come.


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Exploring The Purpose of Pyramids

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