* A QHHT Session Story – Messages of the Body

Our body is an amazing instrument we take for granted, willfully ignoring it, all the while pushing it to go further, faster and be stronger. For the most part it does what we ask of it, rarely does it let us down.  It will even allow us to trick it with the mind to do things it would not normally be able to do.  But what do we do when the body has a hiccup, something stops working the way it used to, or there is an accident an illness?  By and large we tend to continue ignoring it as best we can and only get it help when we absolutely cannot deal with the inconvenience any longer.  This help is often only a band aide, and frankly, I’ve never seen a band aide that could understand the body’s language have you?ID-100179234

In truth the body has been communicating 24/7 in every way imaginable but we either don’t understand it’s language  or we figure if we just ignore it, it will go away…..not a good plan.

When was the last time you appreciated your body?  Have you ever told each and every cell of your body how much you loved it and what a wonderful job it was doing?  I know this may sound a little weird, but I tell you doing this on a regular basis can save you a lot of hardship in the long run.  They say a little appreciation goes a long way but many of us are short on that, we tend to only notice what’s wrong when it’s unavoidable

A recent client had been ignoring her body for a good many years.  This beautiful, vivacious woman who possessed the biggest, most loving heart I’ve ever encountered had pushed herself to the brink of death by ignoring her body.  Always  helping others, trying to make things right for them, she had never given the cries of her body a second thought….that is until she could do nothing other than think.

Six years is a long time to sit and think and in that time she figured a few things out, but to take that first step forward in a different direction must have been very difficult.  Finally realizing her constant doing for everyone but herself had driven her to anger and resentment….both very damaging emotions, she realized she was slowly being drained of her energy, her health.

She had already started turning her life around in much less time than it took her to get sick when she came for her QHHT session.   She was steadily feeling stronger, but wanted to understand why she needed to experienced what she did.

Her lungs had been constantly filling with phlegm; she couldn’t even lie down and had been sleeping sitting up for 6 years.  Uncontrollable coughing left her isolated, in fear that she would cough when she was in public and wouldn’t stop.  Her doctors couldn’t find a cause, her lungs looked perfect….What was causing the phlegm I asked?  “She worries an awful lot, they said.  We have to remove all the toxins (worry), that’s what the phlegm is doing, removing the toxins.”   The worry was also disrupting her sleep so her HC then shut her worry switch to off and locked it into off position.  The HC has told me before with other clients that all worry ever does is create a block, wow, what a powerful block her worry had caused within her!

What was the pain she felt behind her right ear I asked?  “It was her tooth”  Can you fix that?  “Yes the HC said, but you know she used to love her teeth and she doesn’t love them anymore, they miss that love”  In fact this person didn’t love any part of herself at all.  The HC and I had a little conversation on the importance of actively loving every cell in your body.  If she had continued to love herself none of this would have happened.

She had also lost her sense of taste and smell….Why?  “Because she’s lost her love of life, she was just giving up, gradually letting go of life, if she continues to move forward her senses of smell and taste will return in about a month”

Her skin could no longer tan, even though she enjoyed being in the sun she had no pigment…Why I asked.  “Her color was leaving her, the life was draining out of her, it was like she wanted to be invisible.”

I’ve seen others who are just wasting away before their time because they have lost the will to live.  Most of these people have given so much to everyone around them they have nothing left for themselves.  I’m happy to say in this person’s case I think she’s truly on her way to making some huge changes in her life.   She’s had 6 long years to figure out that her body was talking to her all along, she just wasn’t listening.

It was pretty easy to see the circumstances what was causing her problems in this life, but I know that often these patterns have been in place for many, many lives and sure enough her situation was rooted in an ancient life where she had taken a small white obelisk that emanated energy from where it stood.  When she found it she loved how the energy felt and so she took it and kept it with her, she wanted it all to herself, she was greedy.

The people who had loved the obelisk were no longer able to go to it and receive the energy.

Through sobs the sadness, guilt and remorse that had carried over so many lifetimes left her, she felt lighter immediately,  finally free of it all she could now find her joy once again.

As I often say QHHT will change your life.  This client is a different person now and can move forward in her life in happiness.  She’s looking forward to a very different life now,  but her body will always remind her when she veers off path or isn’t loving herself and she will read the signs loud and clear.  She’s learned her body’s  language, what seems obvious now,  took  lifetimes to understand, but it is never too late.


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A QHHT Session Story - Messages of the Body

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