* I Think I Just Made That Up! – A Convoluted QHHT Session Story

Please be sure to read right down to the bottom of this, I just received an email from the client who's past life I talk about in this post.  I couldn't have written a better testimonial to TRUST myself!


Sometimes clients come for their QHHT session with me wondering whether they would be able to be hypnotized, are there some people who just can’t be hypnotized they ask?  My answer to that is - a person can resist and not relax if they choose, but if they relax, they will automatically be in a deeper state of consciousness and that’s all hypnosis is relaxation of the body.  It's just that simple.

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Next Question……

OK, so how will I know I’m at that deep level Dolores talks about?

You won’t have any idea, you are the worst judge of your trance level,  In truth other than very relaxed, most people feel much like you feel right now as you read this, and that is normal and natural.  We all drop into deeper states of consciousness ALL the time, when we’re reading, watching TV, listening to music, and even when we are driving….Yikes!  It’s a very easy, happy, familiar place for us to be.

To access a past life experience you don’t have to be very deep at all.  You would be surprised at how often past life information comes through in our day to day life.  Sometimes we wonder about it, but most often we pass it off as just meaningless thought, or just our imagination because our well trained conscious mind (ego) says that it is just our thoughts..... right?  Well who made the conscious mind the know-it-all authority I wonder?


Next Question……

OK, so how will you (meaning me) know whether what the client was telling me about the past life was made up or real?

My short answer to that is “It doesn’t matter, it all comes from you.”   When a person can accept this and trust without trying to apply logic they’re sessions become A-MAZING because there is so much their (Higher Self)  wanst to tell them!

Think about it, each and every one of us has this 24/7 hotline to absolutely every piece of knowledge in the Universe and beyond, but at best a few can only receive Morris code, like back in telegraph days.  The rest of the population seems to have even less access mainly because of ingrained beliefs that we adopt from birth on.  When that part of you that can easily access that kind of knowledge gets a chance to communicate directly with you all you need to do is let go, allow and TRUST the info.  You will be amazed but I warn you, as soon as you come back your conscious mind will begin trying to analyze your experience no matter how otherworldly, and meaningful it was…I guarantee it.

Somewhere along the line our CM became the know-it-all, and it seems to believe without it’s logic we would all be rendered drifty-floaty little lumps of cells unable to function in a “normal” life.  Does this make any sense….really?

The conscious mind likes to make grand sweeping pronouncements that don’t hold water when questioned.  At times like this I like to beat the conscious mind at its own game and it’s surprising how easy that is.

One of my favorite answers to the “Did I just make all that up?” question is……Well if you just made up that past life why didn’t you make up something more interesting/exciting/fun?  Hmmm, (insert sheepish look here)….Busted!

Now to be fair not all lives are hum-drum or potato digging lives as Dolores would call them, some past lives are out of this world, adventurous, fun!  Yet doubt will often still well up.

I think this QHHT practitioner’s answer to that question really hits the conscious mind where it hurts the most.  This practitioner will ask….. “Are you in the habit of putting down a good chunk of cash to travel sometimes long distances, at great expense and effort to lay there for a couple of hours so you can tell me a made up story? “ Busted again, it doesn’t make any sense does it?

The conscious mind has no logical answer to logic, in fact it tries to doubt IN THE FACE of logic, and I love to beat it at its own game, I call this….. Conscious mind logic verses MY Logic! 

A recent client didn’t have a hum-drum life, her past life was anything but.  This past life was something right out of one of Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe books, except it wasn’t, I haven’t seen or heard of  this particular type of thing anywhere before, neither had the client but her conscious mind’s wheels were spinning trying to figure out where it came from?   Confounded she was….

Of course the answer is, she got it from herself, the part of herself that has access to all knowledge and can instantaneously heal…. her Higher Self.

In this past life the client finds herself standing on soil, her red feet are V shaped with the point at the back joined together.  Actually she didn’t have feet at all it was her leg, or what held the body up that was V shaped and it was into the ground.  The body was a clear square with levers inside and what seemed to be a small wooden-like torso, and head with arms attached to levers- no hands.  We later found this controlled this machine that dug into the earth and built a city.  The head was brownish and round no features.

She was operating the large machine from the inside,  she was attached to it and never left it.  We eventually found that she automatically knew what to do guided by a smaller grey squishy slug like being.  This grey being had round yellow eyes with vertical black slits for pupils, no nose and no mouth.  It didn’t have legs just an undulating frill around the body that was used to move.  There didn’t appear to be any arms and we wondered later how these grey beings built the large metal machine beings.  A city was being built for more of these grey beings on this planet.

We eventually found that she was also the planet; in fact it was her energy as the planet that was being tapped into and traveled up the V shaped leg that powered the mechanical being.  I asked if she ever considered leaving or doing something else, but no, she seemed to be content to be used in this way.   When the city was finished she went back into the planet leaving the mechanical being there an empty shell.

The slug like beings had their city built of reddish stone buildings that looked like stacked round balls, one ball on top of another with windows here and there.

The life as that planet ended or perhaps more accurately, shifted perspective one day when there was a large explosion under the city and the planet became very hot, drying and cracking and then exploding sending her careening out into space. The client became very hot herself at this point as she experienced herself as that planet.  This can happen when a person is in hypnosis, if they were just telling a story they wouldn’t feel anything.

During the past life, at times she had trouble describing to me what she was seeing because it wasn’t making logical sense.  Sometimes the words just aren’t there to describe what the they are experiencing.  Later as we talked after the session she was able to relate more detail to this lifetime.

As we like to say ….You just can’t make this stuff up, but the conscious mind will still try to make it fit in a logical box.  Ya, and I’ve got a bridge I’m selling for a very good price. ;D

This Just IN!

I just received the email (below) from the client who's past life I wrote about in the article above.  This email makes a perfect book end to this story and a superb testimonial to TRUST! 

I want to add also that vomiting rarely happens, but it is one of the many ways we release (purge) old emotional baggage that we no longer need.  This client had asked for healing of her acid reflux and digestive problems.  She also asked about hormonal issues and her hormones were balanced and she was advised to change her diet. We had also done some surrogate work for her son who is dealing with depression and other issues relating to ADHD, hence his headache.


From the client.....

I got tell ya, I was listening to my recording yesterday, and I heard myself say the anger was going to be released through digestion. Well when I got home after my session, I was sick as can be. I actually ended up throwing up in the middle of the night at one point, and I remember having some stomach upset during the session when talking about the anger. Also, my son and myself both had a headache the next day. Once the sickness passed though, I felt way better. I feel way different. Things that would normally make me infuriated have been at the very most, slight annoyances. I feel like I was detoxing, and purging the anger that was stored in my body. It sounds crazy when I say it (as did most of my session), but I really have no other way to explain it. And also, certain foods that I normally eat, have been almost repulsive for me to eat. It's so funny because during my session I could hear how ridiculous everything sounded to my conscious mind, but at the same time, it had to be said. So no matter how ridiculous my past life sounds to my conscious mind, the session definitely made a huge difference.


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I Think I Just Made That Up! - A Convoluted QHHT Session Story

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