* She Creates With Light-A Beautiful QHHT Session Story

A recent client had one of the most beautiful past lives I’ve ever encountered.  She did such a wonderful job describing the life I feel I was almost right there with her. It's a privilege to be able to look over the client's shoulder at times like these, as they describe the most beautiful, alien mind bending vistas.


The sky has a light blue/pinkish hue and there are rainbows everywhere,  they shift and change depending on what angle you’re looking from.  The rainbows come into being, then fade and overlap.

Totally immersed in this spectacle she says, “Ya, I think I could just walk on them.  Are you going to try, I ask?  Yep! I think they lead down, they have all different paths that lead down. 

What’s it like to walk on a rainbow, I ask?  There is so much open love, light, an expansive feeling.  So many different directions to go in and paths that are all very beautiful, like walking on one leads to another one, very fun, very playful, kind of like you could slide too, like a flow.  When you put your foot on a rainbow, what does it feel like, I ask?  Like a vibratory light, there’s a real humm.  Kind of like this crystal energy, whew!....(feeling the buzz)…...like electric and soft too, not too buzzy.   So do you feel that in the body, or are you hearing that buzz?  You can feel it on a substantial... like kind of resonating in your being.  As she continues sliding down rainbows she says I see the ones that go down and there’s a reluctance to go all the way down.  There’s some land down there that’s really nice though.

She eventually landed (still hovering) on a flat pristine land covered in green and golden grass.  The plants here are very important and very wise and old.  She feels for a moment she is a huge wise purpl-y-brown flower-like plant.  This plant has long stalks that are like antennas.  They send out updates via frequencies to another place through these petals/leaves/stalks??  (Sending to the place where she comes from)

There are also billions of little white mushrooms everywhere and they are all connected, like  a part of a network.  You may not see them at first growing between the grasses as she feels they may be growing in another dimension.

The animals are very prehistoric, one is like an armadillo/hippopotamus cross, very large and another one is a mammoth.

This is a beautiful, peaceful place and She is there to maintain the balance which she feels is being imbalanced by a dark area on the other side of this planet.  Large, hairy humanoids are stuck living in a glass dome that they are not aware of.  They are stagnant and confused, because the dome seems to keep them from blossoming and growing,  and they are beginning to become violent. Seems like it’s someone’s idea, I don’t know why or what’s going on there, it isn’t us who set this up, but we cannot interfere.  Unfortunately it upsets the balance of the planet which she works to  maintain.

This is a planet in development, she works here but is from somewhere else.  I ask her to go to the place she comes from which is easy because she can be in both places at once.

Her home planet is a place of arching cloud like structures that don’t have substance.  This is a place where they create with light.

Her body is all white light, a little bit bigger than a human andt has a female energy to it. She feels connected to the whole in that body, everything.

In her home she creates with many types of different light.  Her specialty is creating little sprites, like fairies.  She adores manifesting with the layers of light, it’s always new and always fun.

Eventually the planet she is helping to create and balance is ready to receive humans and they come by the thousands not in any vehicles but they flow in through a channel they can ride, like an energetic vortex.  I guess like tubes through space, like the cosmic web she says.  These humans come from a very dry, desert like place where it’s very difficult to survive, they are weary and stressed.  When they arrive they are so relieved and happy to find themselves in this beautiful Eden of plenty where they can relax and thrive.

Now I move her to an important day and she feels she has been cut off from that place.  She’s in empty dark space floating in white, but it doesn't feel as alive as the place where she is from.

Something happened in a far away place that affected the planet she was creating.  It brought destruction and sadness, almost like a wave of destruction that crushed everything in a moment.  She doesn't understand what happened and is in limbo in space perplexed but resolute, she knows creation never stops, it always lives.

In this past life she learned about the inter-connectedness of the universe that is constantly balancing itself.  There’s always balancing and purpose and order…always.  Things going according to plan and things that are changing.  Even in all of the destruction there’s a persistence of life that is not able to be destroyed, you can’t destroy it, there’s an ongoing beauty. 

Her purpose in that life was to be a nourishing atmosphere for beings that are developing and experience beauty and light and creativity.  The SC said she experienced that life because she needs to know and trust in her capacity to create in the life on earth she is living now.


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She Creates With Light - A Beautiful QHHT Session Story



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