* Remember; Earth Is Like Disneyland-From a QHHT Session

I often have people come who are tired of being here on earth.  Many have yearned to go back "home" their entire life.  They have always known earth is not their home but family and friends around them never understood this homesickness, no one had an answer that made any sense, so most just keep quiet about it, but the sadness h13325691_1702940229966890_1478348802622404757_nas always been there.

Dolores Cannon wrote about them in her book “Three Waves of Volunteers”, they aren’t suicidal, they just can’t figure humans out, it’s uncomfortable, humans do the most in-humane things to other beings.  This creates great pain, and for those who are sensitive the pain can become unbearable.

One thing runs true through every volunteer I've met, they all want to help.  They passionately want to help people, animals, plants.... the Earth, they are driven to make a difference in some way no matter how uncomfortable it may get on this planet they will follow this through.  Actually they have changed the earth and will continue to do so until it is done.

I feel very honored to have met so many of these beautiful souls and had the opportunity to help them find their own answers and inner strength to carry on.

I believe the words of wisdom this client gave to me immediately after her QHHT session put it all into perspective very eloquently.  She said to me;

….. I know this is a place we want to be- it’s like it’s the 8th inning and it’s really bad but if you stick around  and stick it out and don’t quit too early will miss the awesomeness.

 She continues…..The bottom line is I have experienced literally hell on earth.  The darkness I saw in those depressive years is pretty heavy.  In the righteousness of yin and yang there is only one other choice.  There is no lower place a person can go than where I’ve been so the only choice is this (earth) does that make sense?  So I’m not going to sit there and flake out on…(She shifts gears here) …..when you move into the Higher Consciousness (state) you don’t get to feel the flower or smell the burning chimneys or get to smell the fresh air or get to hug or touch things, like you have this unconditional love but you don’t get to viscerally immerse yourself in this 3-D space and so if you can immerse in 3-D love, holy cow that’s pretty intense.  You know,the difference from being in floaty  love, floaty love is floaty love,  3-D love is a big deal.  Because unconditional love is.  I don’t know how to explain it,  it’s like those trees out there, when you walk through the veil and you see it, this is love in it’s most purest form and it’s weighted, it has a molecular structure to it.  So if you place yourself in that space then you get to have the weighted feel of the unconditional-ness that’s out there is now felt on your hand or felt on your skin.  Earth is like Disneyland


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Remember, Earth Is Like Disneyland - From A QHHT Session

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