* Healed On The Drive To QHHT Session

 This woman’s Higher Self was very articulate and the session went well beyond any other session I’ve done time wise, but when the information is flowing so beautifully where do you end it?

I wish I’d had a video camera on because not only did she take on differentreach for accents during her session she had the head –facial and body movements to go with them.  She normally speaks with a French Canadian accent, but this changed to a thick Irish accent when she was on her death bed in a past life as an Irish woman.  Then the Higher Self came through in what sounded like an impish Asian spiritual master complete with pursed lips….absolutely adorable!  When the HC started explaining about her  experience with benevolent ET’s it went back to her original accent.

Her second past life was very interesting for me because working with herbs myself I’m familiar with Hildegard Bingen the famous 14 century (I think) Catholic Nun/mystic/herbalist.  In an era of inquisition and persecution of women who used plant medicines and those who could “see”,  Hildegard was somehow protected.  I didn’t realize how far her influence stretched as you will see in this woman’s past life recollection.


This is the second past life this client explored in her session.

She finds herself inside a sacred building at night, its dark, lit by small candles.  She’s in an area with books wearing a skirt and shirt made from course material.  She is part of a sect started by Hildegard,  (she never stated H’s last name but judging by the information I’m assuming this is who she’s talking about)  and there are other groups, at in Ireland and she feels probably elsewhere. They have to hide these books and themselves because they know too much.

She feels this is Ireland  The Catholic church allows this sect for now, but they don’t like it.  Hildegard travels from place to place to see how the groups are doing, she wants everyone to be able to read the bible and learn about astronomy, architecture and science.  Men and women are equal in this sect and there is no separation.  It’s a communal life, very peaceful, knowledgeable and fulfilling.

The faction wearing black (in client’s words) mostly rich men hate them and want to destroy this sect but Hildegard is protected from above.  Client says it’s like the darkness and the light.

In this life the client studies plant medicine,  others study the stars and she is teaching her daughter about the books.  The books are very, very old and teach knowledge not found anywhere else to her knowledge.   She has to be very careful with them.  People outside want  to see this sect dead, even though they are helped with the medicines.

One day they get a message, the Roman Catholic priest wants to come and inspect them to see whether they were following  the church.  The church is doing this all over Ireland and this sect doesn't want to allow them in but they couldn’t stop them.

When inspected of course they were accused of being possessed by the devil, that they were devil worshiping.  The church imposed so much restriction on the monastery it became unbearable. They had no weapons against the Catholic army even if they had the will to use them. Her group disbanded and left the monastery.  The sect hid in the mountains and traveled the land living in small groups.  Unfortunately they couldn’t bring the books with them and with time the teaching was eventually lost.

When I ask her to go to the last day and this is when she begins talking in an  Irish accent as a very old woman would.  With all the facial expressions to go with it.  Her daughter is beside her, she’s lying on her bed.  She’s happy, “had a grand life”  passing on everything she could remember.

Lesson learned- (back to her original voice)  One can have the negative energy beside them and still carry out what they came to do.  It’s assumed that negative energy has power, when in fact it doesn’t.  Remember the light is always stronger than the dark.  The dark is the dark but it’s not everything and if you believe that you will succeed.  If you concentrate on what you’re doing it will happen.



This client informed me before the session that the hemorrhoids she had suffered from had mysteriously healed during the 10 hour drive to the coast for this session.  This is a phenomenon we often see.  I have another case where a woman's debilitating back pain completely disappeared as soon as she pressed the send button to make her appointment for her QHHT session.

When I asked the HC  what happened to the hemorrhoids that somehow healed themselves during her 10+ hour drive to my neck of the woods the HC said:

We played a joke on her.  We know she believes in healing energy but we just wanted to heal her hemorrhoids for you to talk about it.  We were aware of the meeting (her QHHT session) but because we understand that you are trying to help people we used her as an example of what can be done and it was successful!   She was shocked.  Ya, a good shocked! Yes and the hemorrhoids that were causing the bleeding are gone and she knows that because it used to feel like a marble.  And it’s gone.

This is just a small sampling of this wonderful session, I will be posting more on this session as it covered so many different topics.


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QHHT Session - Healed On The Drive To QHHT Session

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