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You may think the Higher Self or what I call the HC would always sound the same but interestingly it doesn’t.  The HC can be just as unique as the person.  In fact I’ve often seen the HC of a quiet soft spoken person come out loud and boisterous.  As well I’ve had large, deep voiced men with an HC that barely whispered, you never know.  This  person’s HC was the loud and boisterous type, I could barely get a word in edgewise!    At times it was very blunt and other times cracking jokes.

To give you a taste of her HC’s bluntness I give you this:  When I asked the SC her purpose in this life it said;  She’s here to help in the transition, but she’s TIMEimpatient and can be pushy in talking about what she knows.  She is very caring, but impatient, she needs to let others come to her.  Give her an opportunity to open her mouth and she will.  Relax and allow us (HC) to put you in the situation when its required.  She has ruffled quite a few feathers, she’s learning now.

As I said this person’s HC was VERY talkative- non-stop, at times it just ignored my questions and continued talking on it’s own but it gave information on a variety of interesting subjects.  This session was done a year ago,(2015)  I’ve gathered some snippets of information from the session that may be of interest.  I’ve put the HC’s words in bold.

Changes - Economic

HC - There are a lot of changes coming, not sure of a timeline.  What sort of changes?  Economic.  It will trigger a change in the mentality of the people.  If you don’t have money in your pocket.

There are some unsettling events and people will be scared and angry.  Will it change world wide?  It is starting already.  Some will feel more protected than others to the situation.  People who are more educated will rationalize the situation, people less educated will react in a violent way.

Does humanity have the ability at this time to change the situation to the highest good, working together to benefit the masses?  (The HC totally ignored this question and carried on )  If you look at the history of the earth this been repeated many times This has happened many times on earth.  It is not new.  Every single person on earth has had numerous lives.  That was the practice run, now the graduation will start.

And later:   The situation in Greece is a very beautiful thing.  What can you do with out money?  A lot.  Greece will show the world what can be done and will band together to help one another.  What do you do when you have nothing you start to build.  And what you build will be stronger and have more meaning than the previous construction.  There is no despair to be had  just a shift in consciousness.  You will see every single country fall like a deck of cards, we cannot advance by not going through this.  Iceland was a school, it was decided long ago that this would be a place to try to show people if they band together they will succeed.  Greece was the next and Ireland is not far behind. 

As a side note here, later in the year I had a client who was from Greece and it was interesting to compare notes with what she has experienced living there and what this HC said.  It dovetails very nicely.



What other challenges will there be?  Climate, it’s not being dealt with according to reality.  You’re going to see a shifting in the climate and a shifting in the people’s mind because one influences the other.  What is the shifting in the climate going to be?  Some land masses changing their orientation of earth.  People will have to adapt.  There will be a lot of extremes in temperature but as the earth shifts from 4th to 5th, climate will be more harmonized/balanced. 

Will this be within the next 5 years?  A lot of change will happen in the next two years and it’s already set in motion.  The earth orientation has changed without anyone noticing it.  Do you mean the North Pole and the South Pole?  Yes, there is a group of people who are aware of the changes but they aren’t going to let anyone know about it through personal gratification.  Why? Control.  They wouldn’t want to help people?  Nope.

Are these climate changes because of what people are doing?  We have actually changed positions in the cosmos.  Earth is not at the same spot as it was before.  There are a lot of different things that has caused this change.  There is an area in space where there is more light and that’s what we’re aiming for.  So as the earth enters that space of more light there will also be a mental shift towards- Respecting one another -duality will be decreased considerably, there will be a kind of harmony going over the world.  Within two years?  From now until two years, don’t hold your breath on anything.  The change is going to take quite a few years to complete, but it’s at the point of no return. 



I then asked a question about an experience she had with benevolent extraterrestrials and her voice changed back to her normal French Canadian accent.  She is concerned that she’s not connected spiritually as she used to be.  She travels through space to meet other beings she remembers this as dreams and writes them in her journal.  Some are real experiences, like the school.  The school?  It’s a school that receives children from different galaxies.  What does she learn there?  She is there to teach kids what earth was all about through the teacher.

The ET’s are the people she belongs to, they are her root race.  She might be shocked to see they are a bit more reptilian in look than humanoid.  She went to the cosmic highway and met one of them.  What is the cosmic highway.?  It’s a band of energy people use to travel in their dreams.  In her case she used it consciously.  She was facing a male being and he had a white horse and that horse had wings and she asked permission to go on the back of the horse.  He allowed her to sit on the horse but because she is scared of heights she held onto the back of the horse’s neck…ha ha, she looked funny!  But she retained the name of the horse Pegasus, and they want her to read about Pegasus she will understand the meaning of the encounter.

Her planet is a dark planet because it is so far away from the sun.  The sun there looks like the moon.  It’s a dry dessert like planet.  She has longed to go back to that planet since the dream.  It’s a positive energy planet.  It’s in a different galaxy than this one. 


Back Drop People

Dolores Cannon has written about Back Drop People in the last two books in her Convoluted Universe Series.  It's a fascinating subject and one we practitioners ask about in sessions often, as I did in this session.

Back drop people, do they have group souls?  I’m not involved with them.  We are aware of their presence but they have another agenda that for me is hard to explain.  I have not worked with any souls that are back drop people.  I cannot give details.  What is their purpose on earth?  It’s a space between two dimensions.  It’s their ability to go in and out without really being perceived.  Like between seconds, it feels they are between seconds.  Do they collect karma and work through lives in the same way as others?  From what I see is that they have a different agenda than people of this dimension.. They have more freedom coming in and out of situations than humans do.  They experience things on earth on a different level.  It takes a very sensitive person to actually feel them.  I’m so sorry not to be able to answer this question. 


Then For Her

She is on the right path and she will be here for quite a while yet.  Her path is actually just beginning, so she must be patient and eventually she will go home.  Her home planet won’t disappear, tell her that it will be there when the time comes but for now she has to be of earth and marvel in the transition that is coming.   It would be like opening the door to a beautiful landscape and wanting to be a part of that landscape and closing the door behind oneself with no regret knowing it’s time to enjoy the beautiful landscape that is there.  So although she will be old she would see so many things that she will bring with her to the next assignment. She will have gained tremendous knowledge and she will teach it to other universes, civilizations the lesson never ends.  Be happy and enjoy every second of life now.  The hurt of the past is gone.  (I believe they were talking about her past in this life)

SC healed her back and healed the guilt from the first lifetime she looked at.  She has had 5 pregnancies in this life with only two coming to term, this was because of the guilt centered in her uterus from the first life we looked at.  There is also a carry over from Atlantis.  She wasn’t a good person in that life, she played with different things and this marked her soul.  Also she was killed with a samari sword to her abdomen.  All was healed and sent to the lifetimes where it belonged and the mark on her soul from Atlantis (guilty feelings from being so abusive to others)  The people she victimized in that life are around her in this life.  One by one She has worked on stopping the animosity.  She carries over the superiority of that atlantis being, in this life she now understands.  Power is not in controlling power is in loving.  The lesson and the mark on her soul has been removed. She paid her dues, but in a funny way she’s still dragging her luggage behind. 


The HC’s Last Words to Her....

We wanted to talk to her and the only way we could is through the QHHT session.  It was indeed a good match.  Yes it was!


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Climate/Financial Changes- ET Dream - Back Drop People

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