* Of Castles and Dragons and a Stolen Heart

When my client J begins her past life she is looking at very well manicured  grounds DRAGONsurrounding a castle.  Oh goodie! I thought, I love this time period.  I love history, especially learning about the day to day life of average people.  QHHT gives me the opportunity to learn obscure or even unknown facts about these historical periods, it’s like traveling through time and I love it!  But as you will see,  J’s past life wasn’t exactly what it seemed to be at first glance.

She continued…. There are soldiers on black horses and they have some sort of animal hanging by it’s feet.  I can’t make out what it is,  it looks like a bird, but it’s not a bird. (becoming emotional now)   I’m watching them kill this beautiful animal and my heart hurts for it.

Is it large, I ask?  It’s like an eagle but not really an eagle, I can’t make it out,  it looks odd like mystical earth or something, but I just know it’s not good that they have this. 

As J  answers more of my questions and drops into a deeper relaxation she sees the scene with more clarity…..  They have it hung upside down, it’s like a baby dragon.  It’s outside the castle walls, and they have it hung up by it’s feet.  It’s like they’re taking in wild fowl that’s not dead yet and it’s struggling.   Are they harming it, I ask?  They aren’t now but they will harm it. (said with certainty)  It’s this beautiful dragon that’s in peril. There’s nothing I can do about it.  By this point she is very emotional, in a panic about this baby dragon’s fate.

When they take the dragon inside the castle  J sees that there are statues of dragons inside and the Queen is there.   J says with finality that  they are now going to harm the dragon.

Curious about her ability to continue the story inside the castle I ask how J got into the castle?....  I snuck in, if they saw me I would be dead.  She seems  a little perplexed at first when she realizes she can change forms to what ever she wants.  If she wants to be stone she can be stone or greenery, anything- she has no form, she is pure energy and it’s about here that I begin to realize this is no earthly past life.

Why do they want to kill the dragons I ask? ….  They think they will get power from them but they don’t, they take away the power. It’s the Queen who is looking for the power.    As the scene progresses the soldiers take the baby dragon up to an alter and show it to the Queen and then… They cut off it’s neck (disgusted) and then open it’s chest and take the baby dragon’s heart out! J cries.   Then they blood let it, they do something with the heart, but I don’t know what they do with it…Oh god!  this is so heart breaking the poor little thing (crying)  The queen just watches, she’s so cold.  

Once they remove the baby dragon’s heart they bring it to the Queen and she puts it in a black box…. An onyx box with gold gilding  on top and the inside of the box is mirrored.  The mirror is to keep it reflecting upon itself so it doesn’t loose it’s energy.  The Queen wants to store the heart because there is power and magic in the heart, that’s where the most power is.  She is collecting the power because she wants control over the land, the planet and all the energy centers of the planet. This is not earth….J says matter of factly.

Later in the session when I’m speaking with J’s Higher Self or what I call the Higher Consciousness  the HC  tells me that her heart (in this life) is broken and the HC agrees to heal her heart and release the underlining sadness she feels in this life by removing her heart from the box and placing it on the ground of the planet.  After the session ended J told me she watched as it literally melted into the soil of that planet.

It seems J was experiencing that life from two vantage points,  the baby dragon,  and the what we will soon see is an Elemental type of being.  By removing her heart from the box it has now been freed.  J may have lived countless lives in many places carrying the sadness from that one existence into all of her lives.  She is now free!

As the scene at the castle continues…..J needs to sneak back out and tell everyone that another dragon has been slain.  This is very serious you know, there’s a disproportionate power in this planet and if she (The Queen) continues to take more power this planet will die.  (emotional now) She is taking control of all of the energy centers of the planet, she’s taking the energy so she can conquer other planets. 

 When a client experiencing a past life expresses such emotion in their voice I know that for them it is like they are right there in the scene.  At times like this they sometimes don’t even realize they are lying on a bed in my studio. For them it’s all real-time.  I had to giggle to myself as this client laughed at me at one point and chided me for asking questions the answers to I should have known.  I wonder if in her experience I was right there in the scene with her?

J is able to sneak out and go to the village without being detected.   I’m very good at this, they can’t see us, we are not on the same plane as them , I’m a part of the village, (even the villagers can’t see her)  they don’t even know we are there, we’re the keepers of the planet.  The Keepers of the Planet are to keep balance in all the energy centers of that planet. 

What do dragons have to do with the energy centers of the planet, I ask?.......  The dragons are the keepers of the balance they seem fierce because they must be.  It’s like the eco system on earth.  You get rid of one thing and it upsets the balance of the entire eco system.”

‘J easily slips into the village undetected to tell the elders of her people (Keepers of the Planet) and  they gather to have a meeting to decide what they need to do to repair this situation as this  requires energy shifting…. This also requires that we must summon and let the dragons know they must go.     

 So J and the elders go to a cliff high in the mountains and a mother dragon is there, She’s very angry, she’s talking to the elders and she will destroy the queen, she will destroy those beings. Said with certainty and sadness.

We tell her she can’t because they (the Queen and others) are part of the energy centers too but she (mother dragon)  has got one of our elders in her mouth swinging them and threatening to kill him.  Doesn’t she understand you are there to help he, I ask?......  She doesn’t care, she is upset they are killing her young and she is focused on that and soon her rage overcomes her and the mother dragon kills everyone.  J then says…. My heart is broken when she does this because we were trying to help, there’s nothing I can do now the energy is beyond my control. (crying)

Once she leaves that life I ask her what lessons were learned in that life, she says…   That we should have jumped in sooner, we believed that the natural course of things would take care of themselves.  It was not our place to totally interact but we should have acted sooner. 

Now J  finds her energy self in a peaceful void observing a garden inside a house (an enclosed courtyard garden), all the colors are almost surreal, and she doesn’t recognize any of the plants.  I ask her to look at herself and she sees herself as a purple light.

This purple light is watching a little girl in the garden who is twirling circles, and  J says….. When she twirls circles then we play.  I get to see life through her eyes, when she twirls she looses her grasp with the grounding of that planet and she lets go enough so that I can join her.  I don’t take her place I just join her and she remembers me, she remembers where she was safe, this planet is very, very volatile    J in this energy form has always been with the little girl, they are friends and she recognizes the little girl’s energy form and J  knows they have been friends forever. 

Then J says cautiously,  It’s important that I tell you (me)  that just this time that I joined her, her head aches, she has a very, very bad head.  Why I ask?....  She has a tumor in it, she knows, no one else knows but her and I.   We later find out from the HC that the little girl couldn’t live with the pain of others in that life and chose to exit without fulfilling the agreement she made in that lifetime.

 Once the little girl dies and is outside of the body J  greets her.  I then ask, And then what do you do?....  We be until we go someplace else.”  What is be-ing? I ask, How do you be?.....   Still a bit annoyed J tries to explain to me …..There is no doing in being, there’s just existing, there’s just allowing, there’s just observing, there’s just having peace and quiet and joy and knowing.  You just ascend into the matrix, into the universe.  Just go into knowing.... How simple and yet how profound I thought.

 Do you help others to go someplace else? …..Yes .   Do you stay or leave her there and go someplace else I ask? …..  There’s no going, I’m in everywhere, you can’t go someplace that you already are there.

By this time I’m speaking with J’s Higher Consciousness and as I noted earlier in the past life the client was sometimes annoyed with me and my questions and now the HC could barely contain their impatience with me and my questions.  ;D

It’s always interesting to speak to the part of us that communicates from quite a different reality than ours.  They know of our challenges down here in 3D, but don’t seem to understand how real those challenges are to us.  Our 3D questions are looked at with those all seeing eyes and the HC wonders what the worry and fuss is about….She knows this stuff!  They often say.  Yes, I tell the HC, she knows it on your level, but here in 3D she needs practical, material answers.  Luckily they entertained  my questions in fact this HC turned out to be very animated and even funny at times.

What did you want to show J regarding the two lifetimes, or existences I asked?”… The power and where it showed imbalance, the HC said. 

 The HC then said, J would feel most at home in peace, a state of be-ing.   I asked the HC if it could show or help J to be aware/feel  that state of being in her life today so she could find peace when she needs it in this life.

She needs to release her heart from the box.   Was that her heart in the box, is she the baby dragon I asked? … Yes, (now crying)   Is it still in that box? … Yes  So how can we go about releasing it?...  Somebody needs to take it out,  it’s stuck there.    Can you do that now, Do you know where it is? … Ya  (sniffling)   Will you take it out of the box for her?....  I can.   OK, then once you take it out of the box, where would be the best place to put it?....  Just to put it on the land of that planet.   Will it be safe there? …. Yes it is the land.   So when that’s done she will feel?...  Free

Like many people this client is very empathic, feeling the emotions and pain of others.  Life can be tricky when you feel not only your own emotions but everyone else’s.  There is a tendency to want to heal everyone’s pain,  probably in hopes of relieving the pain the empath is feeling.

So after her heart is returned to the planet I ask, Is her heart free now in this life?... Her heart is free but it’s still in pain. Every relationship she goes into in this life she trusts and allows and she gets hurt.  Why, I ask?...I don’t know.  Is that part of her plan in this life?...No, she is a warrior.  What does that mean?... Her little girl stands in the way of the warrior path, this is a warrior of light, but her little girl wants to heal every broken thing on the path and save every little thing and that is a waste of her time.  What does she need to understand to let it go?.....She needs to understand that her little girl needs to grow into her warrior body and be proud and own her dragon within.  And not apologize for that, there is no time to rescue all the wounded.

 Let’s help her now …..It harkens back to the girl with the tumor.  She couldn’t handle all the ills of the planet and so she gave up.  J wants to heal all the metaphorical tumors in the state that she’s in now, but she is not that little girl anymore, there is no need for that it’s done. She just needs to say NO.  The point is in this lifetime she’s safe.    Does she know that?.....She behaves as if she doesn’t but she is.   Does she feel safe?.....I don’t think she does, but this is an illusion.  So she is focused on the illusion?   How can you help her to see it’s an illusion and  focus on the reality?....I will give her strength in her heartShe has an incredible strength, but her heart leads her.  In this lifetime she is not responsible for the suffering of others.  As the little girl she couldn’t stand the pain of others.

The veil is lifted now.  Will she notice it’s lifted?.....She will notice.

I often have people come who are tired of being here on earth.  Dolores wrote about them in her book “Three Waves of Volunteers”, they aren’t suicidal, they just can’t figure humans out, it’s uncomfortable and humans do the most in-humane things to other beings.  This creates great pain and for those who are sensitive the pain can become unbearable.  This client later put it all into perspective very eloquently.  After the session she said to me;

….. I know this is a place we want to be- it’s like it’s the 8th inning and it’s really bad but if you stick around  and stick it out and don’t quit too early will miss the awesomeness.

 She continues…..The bottom line is I have experienced literally hell on earth.  The darkness I saw in those depressive years is pretty heavy.  In the righteousness of yin and yang there is only one other choice.  There is no lower place a person can go than where I’ve been so the only choice is this (earth) does that make sense?  So I’m not going to sit there and flake out on…(She shifts gears here) …..when you move into the Higher Consciousness (state) you don’t get to feel the flower or smell the burning chimneys or get to smell the fresh air or get to hug or touch things, like you have this unconditional love but you don’t get to viscerally immerse yourself in this 3-D space and so if you can immerse in 3-D love, holy cow that’s pretty intense.  You know,the difference from being in floaty  love, floaty love is floaty love,  3-D love is a big deal.  Because unconditional love is.  I don’t know how to explain it,  it’s like those trees out there, when you walk through the veil and you see it, this is love in it’s most purest form and it’s weighted, it has a molecular structure to it.  So if you place yourself in that space then you get to have the weighted feel of the unconditional-ness that’s out there is now felt on your hand or felt on your skin.  Earth is like Disneyland


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Of Dragon and Castles and a Stolen Heart

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