* A Soul’s First Incarnation On Earth

squigles earthWhen Dolores Cannon wrote her book The Three Waves Of Volunteers and The New Earth she identified three groups of beings who have volunteered to come to earth to bring forth the shift in consciousness I like to call “The Project”. There are so many  Volunteers on earth now I would venture to say if you are awake, aware and reading this you are probably a volunteer.

Many volunteers come from other realms    that they miss very dearly. I’ve written before about the relief some of these volunteers feel when they can experience “Home” again during their QHHT sessions. Often  Home is another planet or a dimension but sometimes Home is  Source directly - or what some would refer to as God.  Many have known home is definitely NOT earth since before they could speak.

I’m deeply honored to be doing this work., the things that I am privileged to hear, see and experience are profound, but for some reason when I watch as a volunteer experiences home after spending most of this lifetime feeling they do not belong here,  nothing makes any sense and no one understands them I am overjoyed!

These beautiful souls have very important work to do here in this lifetime.   Many have lived through some very tough experiences in this school of hard knocks that may have side-tracked them for a bit,  but all, every one of them will tell you that they want to help people and the earth more than anything else.

As I sat talking with the person I write about today her eyes would periodically well up with tears. She felt such deep emotional pain and it was clear this pain was not all hers, she is very empathic, sensitive to the pain of others and of the earth’s.  Earth for her is a very painful place that she will never feel at ease in.  There is an over-riding sadness about her that she can’t seem to shake that many would call depression.

As a child she grew up with her family in a remote area of BC in what seems like an idyllic childhood spending most of her time in the woods and feeling most at peace there. When she was mid way through elementary school the family moved to a small town and even though the elementary school in that town only had at most a couple hundred children attending it was chaotic compared to the one room school she shared with 7 other students before.  At this time she began to realize she just couldn’t figure out how to “be” with other people.  Of course she didn’t, this soul had never incarnated on earth before.  Can you imagine finding yourself dropped onto this planet  with no knowledge of humans or the world?

Looking at it from my perspective I could see why this soul chose the parents they did. These parents mostly lived off of the land and allowed her the freedom to acclimate herself to this environment, it wasn’t until the later part of elementary that she realized how difficult the world was.

When this client enters the past life she’s standing at the top of a grey ramp looking down at a dry mostly flat plain with rocks and buttes in the distance, but no vegetation.  There are many elements to this past life existence that I have heard from other clients before, I won’t bother to mention each one but suffice to say nothing in this account is new to me although to her it seems comical, even unbelievable.

She’s standing in a doorway of a ship, “Ya…. I guess it’s a ship?” (laughing in disbelief) Her body looks duck-like except she has arms with hands (5 fingers).  The body seems to be very egg-like and at first she thinks she has a duck’s head but then corrects herself…. “Now I don’t have a head”   How do you see?  What part of the body do you see from? I don’t know that I have eyes, I don’t actually have features, it’s like the shape (body) just sees. Where do you see (direction)?   I think there’s an awareness of everything.  

The being is writing symbols on a note pad- it’s not paper though,  it’s like a tablet.  This is information about the environment.

When they finish writing they go back inside ship. She doesn’t go onto the surface, which I find puzzling but this  is explained somewhat later.  Once inside they get into a cylindrical tank of clear liquid with a yellowy white light in the cylinder.  In this tank there’s information transferred through the liquid receiving and giving telepathically.  She says the Information is like sustenance. It feels very soothing, she’s completely immersed in the liquid

Next scene the being is sitting on a bench communicating with a large iridescent blue presence that feels like a parental presence. She says it’s telling her…. “I have to stop doing what I was doing” What were you doing? ….”the observation” She is being sent somewhere else but she’s not feeling very excited at the prospect because she liked observing.  She will be attending a meeting to discuss destruction, something to do with a world being destroyed.

At the meeting she says…. It’s not people it’s just white lights.  They are discussing what went wrong on that world (where she was taking notes)  something went wrong with the atmosphere.   This is something that shouldn’t happen again.  What went wrong?   It was caused by radiation.

When finished she leaves the meeting and the then feels like she’s falling through darkness towards   light  - and then she’s immersed in light, body less, she is a part of the light,  no longer a separate entity, there to just be that light.

What happens when you leave that light? She sees a planet from space and feels it’s earth.  As you look at the planet what do you feel?  Some hesitation. (to incarnate).   Anyone with you? No.  Can you just refuse to go? No I think I have to.  Did someone tell you have to go?  No , I don’t think so.  Who made the decision for you to go? Probably me.  Why are you hesitant? There’s a lot of pain. I think it’s worth noting she could feel this pain from quite a distance as she looked at earth.

Have you been to earth before? No.  Did anyone tell you about earth, what it would be like? No (crying now) But just looking at earth you’re sensing the pain? Yes.  Is this the pain of the earth or the pain of the incarnation you are about to enter? It’s everything, its people.  Did you think it would be like this? I didn’t really know.  Do you decide to go or can you change your mind? No, I made up my mind. (still crying)

So how do you enter that life? I think it’s this one (lifetime)…ya.   Feels like a light, coming out into light, the environment is bright and feels very industrial-cold. She’s being held by the doctor and then is held by her mother in this life.  How does that feel? It’s nice (crying) What do you sense from your mom? Love.

One of the things she wanted to explore was the sense that she had never felt loved as a child, she wasn’t abused in any way, always provided for but just felt the parents were distant, busy and weren’t aware of her emotional needs. Knowing what I know now of this soul’s journey I can understand why she felt they way she did all of her life. From what I’ve observed it would be difficult for any parent to erase the grief a first time soul feels. It’s always there under the surface, difficult to put into words or understand.    Do you feel better now about this incarnation I asked? Ugh- No!  But now you know that you’re loved.

She was shown that life so she can see what influences her now, she doesn’t like to get involved in things, it’s painful, she’d rather observe- but observing on earth is quite different than where she was before and she needs to learn to be vigilant and protect her being so she isn’t as affected by the pain.

Her purpose is to - Just to be here, create, be in nature, help and perhaps heal others.

Now it’s up to this person to accept all of the healing work that was done and begin to create joy in her life. I wish her well and thank her for having the courage to be here now.

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A Soul's First Incarnation On Earth

4 thoughts on “* A Soul’s First Incarnation On Earth”

  1. There is always a time a place where I don’t feel belonged. That I’m not good enough and now I know why. I recently became a Reiki practioner and now I can say, I am feeling better being on this path to healing and helping others like me, find our space to help this planet. Thank you for this.

    1. Congratulations Molly, I don’t think there is anything more fulfilling than knowing your purpose or passion!

  2. Hello, thank you for this writing and wisdom. I awoke this morning at 5:55 and see the last comment time on this thread is 5:55. I’ve been seeing 5:55 for a while now. I’ve been on a very long spiritual and healing journey. I’m being called forward again after a deep dive into the dark these past 4 years or so. 6 years ago I found Dolores Cannon’s work, it resonated profoundly. I began a journey back then, became a reiki master and began a healing arts practice. My life felt fulfilled and purposeful. But something happened and I was thrown back into the dark, deep shadow where I’ve been struggling to emerge and rise again. I went into hermit mode for years. It feels like I’m rising again after this period of deep learning. I was guided to look up moon phases and found myself on your page, reading similar words from years prior. Thank you ???? for this reminder.

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