* An Arcturian Encounter Reveals Life Purpose

Dolores Cannon planetsalways maintained that if you can get past a person’s fear then you can find the truth.  When she worked with people who had missing time or thought they had UFO or ET experiences she would almost always need to find a way to get past that fear in order to find the real story.


I’m always happy to help people understand what exactly happened and why.  These are mysteries that can haunt someone for decades, once understood they can be laid to rest in a matter of a couple of hours.

The client I’m writing about today didn’t experience a past life because he hadn’t incarnated on earth before.  This was his first experience here.  Instead of a past life he was floating without a body in a light grey colored place looking at a yellow dragon.  Does the dragon have a message for you?  Yes, stop doing this.  The hypnosis?  Yes.  Why?  It isn’t the time.  Does it mean it’s not the time to find out about the incident in 1986?  The client, “J” says, Now I’m getting that it’s OK to find that out.  Oh, OK, so we can proceed?  Yes. Alright ask the dragon if it would like to take you anywhere or show you anything?  Yes it wants to show me something.

The incident in 1986 happened in his home while he was lying on his bed during the day.  He felt a presence that he thought was his mother but was mystified as to what really happened.  In the previous year he had seen several UFO’s.

I see two short grey aliens at the left side of my bed standing there looking at me.  J’s voice sounds calm on the recording but his head is turning back and forth in obvious agitation, he’s experiencing fear.

Are they who you thought was your mother?  Yes.   After I reassure him that he is safe, and can step back from the scene he becomes calmer.  There is now a loud buzz on the recording that we didn’t notice during the session.  It seems to come and go throughout the session recording.  This can be caused by energy shifts in the room.

What is happening now?  I’m somehow going (floating) out to a craft.  Are the beings with you?  Yes, on either side.  There is nothing in his view other than the bottom of the craft, it is huge and has no distinguishing features, just a metallic grey color that looks somewhat curved.

So they are taking you up underneath towards the craft?  No, I get a sense it’s at a diagonal- 60 degrees.  This illustrates how a person in hypnosis can re-experience in the most minute detail.  So detailed that he corrected my assumption that he was approaching from underneath the craft.

How did they get you out of your home?  I just seem to go from one spot to the other.  Once he was aware of his approach to the craft he was inside.  It seems we weren’t going to be privy to the mechanics of how they took him out of his home or inside the craft.

Inside he’s walking on his own down a corridor with the beings behind him.  The corridor is roundish and sort of beige in color.  Light from where the wall meets the floor illuminates the corridor.

All of a sudden there is silence…What’s happening now, I ask?  I’m facing them, they are looking at me, I think I’m sitting on a gurney-like bed now which brings me to their height.  It’s smooth-ish, and there are several more of these beds in this large room.. He is the only person on one of these beds and there seems to be cupboards or panels in the room.

So these beings are in front of you and then what happens?  (Laughing) They tell me they love me, it’s conveyed in their eyes.  How does that make you feel?  It feels good!   I’m happy to be there.  His fear is gone completely now.

He’s laying down now and there is no reluctance on his part, they are going to do something to his body.  They’re telling me what they are going to do.  What are they saying?  They’re just dealing with the energy of my body, they’re increasing the energy of my body, the energy my body will hold- an energy upgrade they called it.

Could you ask them if they will answer my questions?   Yes, OK they’ll answer.   I wanted to speak directly with them in order to bypass any fear the client may have with this scene. There is a lot of information out there in books, movies and TV that is fear based that can interfere with what a person is actually experiencing.  I wanted to by-pass any information he had come in contact with if possible.

Can they explain why it’s important to increase your energy?  It’s necessary for the future.  The future of J?  Yes.  Is this done often?  Yes.  How long have they been doing this to J.?  Always, since birth.

In the pre-talk J mentioned the odd jerks and movements his body makes that he doesn’t seem to have control over.  I asked if the uncontrollable jerking had anything to do with these energy upgrades?  Yes it does…. I’m constantly upgrading he answers.  Do they have to take the body to the ship to do the upgrade?  No not necessarily but it’s been a long time since the last upgrade on the ship.  I later find out it isn’t the physical body being taken on the craft, it is the etheric body.  Once the etheric body is put back together with the physical the upgrades proceed at a gradual pace.  Once the upgrades have been set in motion with a visit on the craft they will continue on their own gradually as the body can accept which explain the physical jerking he experiences in his day to day life.

Is there anything else done on the ship?  J takes a deep breath and I notice some agitation again so I remind him he can step back and watch the scene. …. I’m seeing a really bright light.  How does the light make you feel?   Good, very good.  Is the light on the ship?  Yes.  Is this another procedure?  No, they say it’s a merging, a merging of your source with your fundamental self.  One procedure is for the body the other is for the spirit.  The white light is for the spirit, a visit home so to speak a reminder, a remembering.

I’ve always found it  helpful for those we would call Volunteers to be given a remembering-vision or feeling of home.  This is like a breath of fresh air and helps relieve a little of the longing for home they have felt throughout their lives. It also gives them a renewed resolve to continue on their path in this difficult existence on earth.

So now is the right time for J to know about this?  Yes.  Why are these upgrades necessary?  That’s why he’s here, he just needs to hold the energy and live with it.  He came here to hold the frequency.  Does he need to do anything with it?  He has to allow it to increase.  Does he do anything that would hamper the frequency increase?  Yes, negative thinking, fears and too much partying!

They immediately began clearing old negative thought patterns, the sort of stuff we all have ingrained in us since childhood that causes so much unnecessary fear.   They also adjusted some things in his mind to help him be more grounded and aware when he had “partied enough”.  I loved this, they understood he needed to have fun, but corrected something within him  that would help him to know when the party was over.  I chuckled to myself- wish we could all have this adjustment!

So why does J need to carry this higher frequency?  It spreads love, people will start to recognize the love in themselves.  They then said there will be some changes in his life and he will begin connecting with more people, in groups where he can share his knowledge and discuss things that are of interest and thus will share more of this frequency.

After asking his question…Why does he feel such a connection to Arcturius?  They said J has had 3 lives on Arcturius, in those lives his purpose was to spread love-truth as in this life.  We also found that these beings with him are Arcturians.  There are Arcturians who take on a physical body and the more evolved light being Arcturians who do not, they co-exist.  The bodies the Arcturians take are very similar to greys but with rounder heads and lighter grey skin.

J is a light being who volunteered to come to earth to bring the truth….love.

They told us that the earth had always had frequency holders incarnate to bring the truth periodically.  All people have the potential to carry a higher frequency.  So what is the reason for them to be here now?  Things are happening, there is a change taking place right now and it will continue. It is changing both the past and the future.  The past isn’t the past, everything is right now.  You change the now and you change the past and the future, this is what it’s all about.

Is this localized on earth alone?  It affects everything.  The entire universe?  All of creation.  Does this happen all the time or once in a while?  It is always happening somewhere, this is how things work.

What is the outcome for the earth and people as this change progresses? This will bring great happiness, for those that accept the change, a real freedom. It’s what everybody wants deep in their heart.

Will this mean a change in the way we perceive things?  It will change our perception, how we live, how we feel how we think, it will change everything.  Is it a change for peace and harmony?

The truth will be self evident yes.  Are we mid point to this change or closer to the end?

Closer to the end, soon.  How soon?  Still years away, 5-6 years.

For those who are accepting the change will their lives be changed - What will they see?  The truth will be self evident, they will see things as they are which is unity. There will be peace through that understanding.  What will happen to those who do not accept the change?  They will eventually come on board.  Will they be able to cause havoc?  Yes there’s lots of havoc being created purposely. Is that going to continue after the change is completed?  They will continue out of ignorance, not on purpose. Once the change has happened they will live in different realities and they won’t affect the ones who have accepted the change.  Will they have any knowledge of each other? That’s difficult to say, those that don’t choose will not have knowledge of the other, the ones that choose will have knowledge of the other.  Will they still be able to help the ones who don’t choose? No they have to choose for themselves- it has to rise up from within them, they can’t be talked into it.

Anything else you would like us to know about this change?  It’s happening very soon, J is very interested in this too it’s within 5-6 years, that’s the number I’m getting.

There’s been a lot of talk about something happening in September/2015  what is that all about?

I have a sense of something, there is the potential for something where there is a loss of many lives.

Earth changes?  Could be started by man, or natural earth changes,  not sure.  What is the purpose of this event?  I don’t know, there is the potential there.  Would these events be helpful to the change?  It seems to be unavoidable.  So it’s a part of the change? Yes.

Can you tell us what will happen?  I get a sense of an explosion- bomb-volcano.  The explosion that just happened in China, can you tell us about that,  is it part of the change?  It was purposeful, not an accident.  Someone within the company?  I sense the Chinese government.  What is the purpose for the explosion?  To spread fear, keep people compliant so they can be in charge.

I heard the Chinese government were trying to blame the American government for the explosion.

They’re really indistinguishable.  So you mean they are really on the same side?  Yes.  There will be more of this – purposeful explosions,  not random, there are people that want to slow the change down.  Will the explosions etc have the desired effect- will it slow things down?  It will keep the ones already in fear in fear, but it won’t slow things down it won’t have the desired effect.

Is there the potential for any of this to happen in the Vancouver area?  No, it will continue though and what is going on will come to light and more people will see, there will be more fingers pointed at them.

I’ve noticed people are seeing more clearly through these types of events now.  Rather than an accepting of what we are being told, or shown, we are questioning more and this is good as it begets more questioning.  Humanity is seeing truth/love ever more clearly.  Although it seems a slow process at times I’ve seen great progress in the past 20 years and it gives me great hope.  Thanks to all of you awake and aware beings for all that you do knowingly and unknowingly…Namaste.

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An Arcturian Encounter Reveals Life Purpose

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