* Exploring The Astrology Chart of Dolores Cannon The Compeling Connection With Nostradamus

On December 4, 2015  Astrologer,  Tamira McGillivray and I were guests on an IN5D Blog Talk radio show called - Quantum Healing With Candace.....


Astrologer and fellow QHHT practitioner Tamira McGillivray took an in depth look at QHHT founder, author and teacher Dolores Cannon's birth chart.

Tamira discovered some very rare and unique connections between Dolores' chart and another well known figure (Nostradamus) that helps us understand Dolores' and Nostradamus' connection and how Dolores' 3 volumes deciphering many of his quatranes may help us understand our current time and timelessness.

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Exploring The Astrology Chart of Dolores Cannon and The Compeling Connection With Nostradamus

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