* Expansion and Healing with my QHHT Session Audio Recording

This beautifully written piece is a client's testimonial on the healing process she went through as she listened to her session recording multiple times.  We practitioners can't  stress enough how important listening to the session recording is to a client's expanded healing.....even when they "think" nothing happened. Thank you Tascha

‘I follow the trail of patterns that truth leaves behind. One day this sentence simply popped to mind. As I carried it with me, I began to realize how true it struck. In fact, here was a guiding statement for my journey. I have always been a seeker of Truth. All versions of it. And this means I collect puzzle pieces – any and every thing that helps me to know and understand this great tapestry we call existence. Times when groups of these pieces come together to create an insight or a profound shift in my perception are truly awe inspiring.

What I realized after my first QHHT session was that every second of my life is relevant: relevant to my soul and its larger plan for my growth and evolution. Now the more limited human ‘me’ doesn’t always see this and that’s the fun of this experience, or so they say. So when I got home, I used that same lens to work with the audio. ‘Every second of this recording must be relevant even if I have no idea how right now’. Slowly and quickly this great puzzle piece of a session began to unfold out of me and change me, just as my Higher Consciousness (HC) had perfectly designed.

After my session the first thing I did was Nothing. I had received a great deal of healing from my HC and tons of information so I knew I needed to give time for both to integrate. I felt full up and simply couldn’t cognize any more from the session. So I left it. But since I held the intention to work with the audio, one day I had this intuition to begin listening to it again. The first few times I listened I would get to a certain section and drop into a deep state of relaxation or another state of consciousness and fall asleep. Upon waking I had no recollection of where in the audio I had passed out but had a sense that my HC was healing me or doing some deeper integrating. Next, I listened to different parts of the session and I couldn’t believe my ears. There was so much I had not remembered or perhaps I wasn’t even aware of to begin with. The more I became conscious of the material I began to experience synchronicities in my every day life that expanded my understanding of what my HC was trying to convey to me. I would read an article and it described a certain visual I was given during the session (my HC showed me what my soul looks like!). Or I would be watching a TV show and a character would blurt out a certain year my HC gave to me and all of a sudden the puzzle pieces of my session began to fly together. I would see a piece of art and have a knowing about why that past life is so relevant to me now. This whole process had its own rhythm and its own timing and I respected that. It took a year for me to grasp the subtleties of the visuals and the content in a way that was meaningful to me. And I’m sure this is still happening. My understanding of who I truly am expanded exponentially in that time and I certainly feel more whole and complete.  And that to me is healing; a knowing of being whole.

Once the material began to make sense to me, I engaged the material more deeply. One day listening to a specific piece, in which my HC was removing limiting beliefs from my mind, I had this strong intuition that I needed to continue with this belief removal as it was not complete. (The HC can only do so much with the human body at one time). On this day I actually felt the energy of the HC present with me. So I laid down and asked the HC to continue removing this belief from my mind. And Wow! Immediately I felt a strong energy come over my crown and could feel circuits in my brain being flushed with energy. The removal happened. It was incredible. I sense I needed to become familiar with the material of the session before this healing could happen as it was a means for me to deepen my relationship and connection with my HC. Once I had this clear strong connection with my HC (with Me), I began working more consciously with it. As in, asking it to do specific healings. I was quite inspired by this occurrence and so began to listen to the audio with this newer lens. Where was the HC pointing me to for healing? Was the healing complete or did I have an intuition about continuing with it? I felt so empowered to be conscious of my clear omniscient guide. The trust in how my life was unfolding soared. I also began to realize that my list of questions for the session had come from my own lack of trust in my HC. And that I was always being guided to what it was I needed to know or do if I simply listened more deeply and connected more consciously to the Supreme Source of my life, my HC. As questions arose, if I really did need to know the answers to them, I was always guided to the knowing I sought. The audio really kick started my own inner relationship on so many levels, and this harmony within was deeply reflected without in so many beautiful ways. I see now there is no limit as to how the audio recording can be used if I listen. Thank you so much Marilyn for your skill and dedication to this profound technique.»

Tascha Stubbs

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Expansion and Healing with my QHHT Session Audio Recording

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