* Spider Appears…..Arachnophobia Gone!

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Because my studio where I do QHHT sessions is in a basement room I'm sure to do a spider sweep of the rooms my client will be in just before they arrive. At this time of year (Autumn) this is crucial, so many spiders naturally want to winter indoors!
This woman's session questions centered around her many fears and phobias  Often a person doesn’t know where a fear or phobia comes from because nothing in the current life points to the cause but once a person is made aware of it’s source they can release the fear or phobia once and for all. Hypnosis is a very good way to get to the root of a fear or phobia because we can go back into the past as far as we need to go, even into past lives.
This client called their phobia of spiders  excessive and out of proportion and they could remember nothing in this life that would have caused such an extreme fear.
During the session when asking the client’s Higher Self their questions I found the phobia originated in a past life where they were captured (in Vietnam)  thrown into a hole and covered with spiders. The memory of this was unconscious, but still very, very powerful in the life today. Because I was asking the Higher Self the client’s questions we didn’t go any further in that past life so it’s unknown whether this was the cause of the person’s death in that life. Often this is the case though, and the emotions/feelings that are experienced at the time of transition can overpower future lives until the issue is dealt with.
This seems to be a very common thing, you could call it a bleed through from another life into today's life. It doesn’t make any sense today, but if you can look back the fear or phobia makes perfect sense!
There was no need for the client to re-experience this particular lifetime, I was talking to the Higher Self and I knew it would remove this fear, emotion and the energy of the memory from this client and heal them which it did. The Higher Self even gave the client an affirmation to say: I no longer fear spiders, they cannot harm me, they are positive in my perspective.

After the client awoke from hypnosis we moved over to my comfortable chairs and were chatting when all of a sudden the client noticed a small spider that had dropped down from the ceiling .....guess where?  Right in front of them!!!  I watched as they calmly brushed it away and then looked at me and said they hadn't felt any fear in doing that and normally they would have been hysterical.  We then carried on calmly talking.
Nothing is just a coincidence! I’ve been doing this long enough to know that everything before during and after a session is perfectly planned by the Higher Self. What a great way to confirm to a person that something had indeed shifted!  As always the Higher Self’s timing was impeccable!


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Image courtesy of foto76 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Spider Appears.....Arachnophobia Gone!

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