* A Guide Moves Past Fear To The Field of Consciousness And Beyond

AbstractThis is a part a very powerful, interesting experience a recent client had in session.After experiencing a normal PL this client left the body and found themselves hovering over points of light. The lights were not aware of him. They are confused and he is there to manipulate them with his truths or thoughts. The client had no body and he “knew” he was a guide. By now the client isexperiencing very intense energy vibration moving through his body that continues throughout this part. His Higher Consciousness assures me that his body can withstand much higher frequencies.

Through the guide’s own thoughts he could change the thoughts of the points of light below him in order to help steer them towards thoughts that are more correct, the client doesn’t even know which thoughts are more correct until the points of light have thoughts. When I asked do they recognize the thoughts you send them he laughed and said I laugh when they do, I’m happy, but mostly they don’t  They just think it’s coming from themselves and ignore it? Yes, I guess it’s myself having intuition I don’t act on, I feel myself on the other side having intuition. Now you know what it’s like on the other side of the coin, I said. J

He noticed that there were other “guides” like him helping as well and he was in communication with them. They communicate ways of guiding, unconditional love, knowing of something greater and the unity of one we all come from. We’re at a different stage than the lights. He talked about once being one of those points of light and now he is experiencing himself many steps above the lights.

Then I asked if there was something he could evolve to beyond this point (guide)? Yes there was. Are there others above you that you’re aware of? Yes. They help you? Yes. I know of the others above and I want to get there but I don’t know how, it’s beyond my knowing. I’m aware there is a process that we go through.

About this time the guide looked up and he noticed darkness and was curious. It’s vast, really big. How do you feel about it? A little scared but curious at the same time. When I asked if those above him could explain what the darkness was he said, They don’t talk about it.   He and two others want to explore the darkness but know they aren’t suppose to… they go anyway.

What do you find in the darkness? It’s not so dark. Once they moved into the darkness they realized there was nothing to fear and when the fear left he noticed all the colors that were there and how the colors moved and changed patterns constantly moving, breathing. Ya I’ve seen this before. They change shape and pattern through our awareness. I know I’m suppose to learn from them, they are teachers, teaching him there is nothing to fear.   There is something behind it I’m suppose to be learning but I’m trapped in the show.

To move beyond this he had to be open and absorb the color and blend into the patterns. How do you do that? We have to let go of who we are. We (meaning the three of them) have to join together The client loved this part, enjoying the show. This sounds to me very much like what author Graham Hancock writes about.

So the 3 joined together and let go of who they think they are, let go of their separateness yet still being aware of each other. Blending with the patterns, the colors feeling energy surges. We are the colors racing super fast. It’s exhilarating. We’re energy, this field is where everything is created from. Consciousness patterns make up everything-anything, they are the basic framework of anything. Anything we want, any dimension we want any dimension beyond our wanting. Anything and everything makes up from this energetic pattern. We can make a tree, a world or a whole universe or just something tiny like a cell.  They are moving sooo fast!

What directs these patterns and energies to create? Trillions of us, trillions of entities. We all work together, we are all one working together. Who is it who decided to create something? It’s beyond my knowing, I don’t know how to know that.

What is the purpose for experiencing this? It’s a knowing, I feel it, I don’t have to explain it I know it. I feel the greater consciousness I feel it in me I feel one with it. So this is beyond belief it’s a knowing? Yes, I feel if I stay here long enough I will disappear in it energetically, I wil blend into it and become one with it. The feeling in my body is the separation. The energy and vibration is pulling me to the colors and patterns. Feeling really pulled. Now he’s feeling all parts of his body being pulled except his chest.

At this point I ask to speak with the Higher Consciousness - Why have you shown him this? So he knows to make a difference, he’s important. He’s here to make big change. To empower others.


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A Guide Moves Past Fear To The Field Of Consciousness And Beyond

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