Fear, Doubt and Anxiety in a QHHT Session

Many are fascinated by Dolores Cannon's body of work and wonder if they too have a convoluted story itching to come out. Some are looking for inspiration to boost them forward or get them back on track in their life. Others hope to experience healing emotionally and or physically and I’ve had the odd person arrive at my doorstep without any knowledge of Dolores, ET’s or instantaneous healing, they simply want to experience hypnosis.

Irregardless of the reason for their visit I know the decision to have a QHHT session was a joint effort with that other part of them that knows all and sees the bigger picture, their Higher Self.

The higher self can be very patient but eventually it will get its way because it wants to help the person and I really appreciate the fact that the Higher Self is never wrong.  I can trust that once someone makes the appointment they will receive something, I haven’t a clue what that would be or even when they will receive it, that is up to the Higher Self entirely.

Once the appointment for QHHT has been made I send them information to read, watch and listen to. I also offer to answer any questions that may come up at any time.  All this because I want them to feel comfortable and relaxed even before the session begins. QHHT is a big step, it will change your life and being the humans we are it’s difficult to jump in with both feet when you have questions or doubts.

So the session day arrives and hopefully by now the client has that perfect balance of relaxation and curiosity, they are ready to go, ready to immerse themselves in the process with no doubts or expectations. They are open to all possibilities and there aren’t any limitations other than their imagination which of course is limitless…... Wonderful!  Unfortunately for some as the day approaches they may feel a twinge of anxiety. Doubts and fears pop up ….and it grows. For some this type of self sabotage has cropped up throughout their lives leaving a trail of despondency, feelings of failure and even low self esteem.

One of my recent clients was feeling very hesitant a few days before the session. This person had traveled to my area for holidays and to have this session. They had family who supported them in their decision and I was a little surprised to hear they were having cold feet. I offered to speak with them on the phone and arranged a time when they could call me, but they didn’t call. Hmmm, I wanted to offer them space to voice their hesitation and answer any questions they had and I wondered if the timing wasn’t quite right.

QHHT is not something that is done TO a person, the client is in control at all times and I cannot MAKE them relax and follow orders. I know the client must be on board 100%, it must be their decision totally, so it’s important to give them the opportunity to voice their concerns, doubts and fears BEFORE I tuck them in and we begin the hypnosis.

I will admit I was a little surprised the day before their session when they confirmed they would have the session. They were probably a little surprised themselves…never underestimate the power of the Higher Self! It weaves miraculous things into every day life and for this person I sensed this was a very big step forward.

Dolores always taught that the pre-talk at the beginning of the session was the most important part and she is absolutely right, I’ve seen proof of this over and over again. This is our time to get to know one another and often healing can be accomplished in this time just chatting together with a mug of tea.

It’s at times like these I see how we really are so very similar. Boundaries crumble, judgment isn’t just suspended, it’s non existent as we see ourselves being reflected back. As our talk deepens there is a bond formed and this allows a person to talk about things in this supportive atmosphere that they may have never told another living soul.

Over the next couple of hours this client and I talked, cried, laughed and wondered at the synchronicities of their person life. As I tucked them in ready to relax and begin the hypnosis I realized we had both forgotten the very first thing I had said when they arrived. It was something to the effect “If at any time you feel this isn’t for you then we can end the session right there, no problem because it is most important that you are comfortable and feel safe with the process.”   We laughed together once more as I reminded them that I really did mean to ask that question one last time before we began. Without any hesitation they confirmed that they were quite happy to continue with the session.

And an amazing session followed. This person opened up, allowed and accepted physical and emotional healing. Often when there is much work to do there is a hesitation, almost a reflex because at some level they know they will be letting go and changing dramatically and this can be a frightening prospect for us humans. We don’t really like change and so we will sabotage ourselves.

This person experienced sensations, visions, emotions and many confirmations as the healing work progressed. Undoubtedly most important - they were left with understanding as to why they chose to go through a difficult, very possibly fatal illness and recovery which changed their life direction from one of world class athlete to a life focused on health issues and little else. It’s healing like this that really changes lives and they bravely moved forward into that unknown.

This person is now present, on track, on purpose and has a future of helping and inspiring others around the globe to know they too can move through very difficult situations and come out of it stronger than ever before.

I hate to think what would have happened if they hadn’t had their session….but I know some way, some how this person’s Higher Self would have got them to my door, I may never know how it did this but I trust it 100%.


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Fear, Doubt and Anxiety in a QHHT Session

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