Volunteer Suffers From Migraines

"Conceptual Artwork Of Kepler 20f Earth Like Planet" image courtesy of Victor Habbick/ FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe Higher Consciousness recently said to me during a session,   “The body is perfect, there’s nothing wrong with the body, it’s the mind that is causing the illness.”   This is a truth many know and understand, putting it into practice and healing oneself is something we are told we are capable of, but often we feel we need assistance with the process.

The client I write about today was ready to have healing and has accepted the healing readily, pain and illness are great motivators but timing also plays an important role.

This person had suffered from lifelong migraines so bad that at times they went to the hospital hoping for relief yet even with all that modern medicine had at their disposal the excruciating pain continued.

Their eyesight was going at an alarming rate and the pancreas seemed to have stopped working and this person could not metabolize fat. They were unable to breathe through their nose because of a car accident that broke their nose.

During the past life portion of the session this person spoke very softly, and I could barely hear their hesitant answers. When I asked to speak to their Higher Consciousness (Higher Self) the voice that answered back was noticeably different, louder, more authoritive. We often sense a different voice when speaking to the HC. Many times the energy in the room shifts as well and you find yourself sitting in the most wonderful energy, and for a couple of hours you enjoy a lovely chat with an old friend, the Higher Consciousness

The migraines were caused by chemical imbalances in the brain caused by the very different frequencies of the planet this person came from before incarnating on earth. The HC had tried to help earlier in life but couldn’t heal it completely until now because of the frequency the earth body was at. This person has been studying metaphysical and spiritual subjects, meditates and has already adjusted their diet which I’m sure has helped them shift in frequency now. The HC assured us this person will never have another migraine headache.

The eyesight was completely restored to 20/20 and later this client read the fine print on a tea package in French and English without glasses! The damage to the eyes was caused by chemicals in the blood and the HC wanted them to juice more and eat more greens, this person can sustain their body with very little food. Unfortunately for this sweet tooth sugar had to be given up if the healed pancreas was to continue to work properly.

The deviated septum was fixed and even before getting up the client took in several breathes with a closed mouth, everything was clear!

The client wondered why they didn’t feel the need to contact their estranged father when he was dying and asked why. The HC told them it was because he wasn’t their father. The client had been seeded in the mother’s womb (presumably by the beings that reside on the planet the client is from.). They will meet their real father someday. This made sense to the client and later they told me that they don’t look like anyone else in their family.

This person came from a very distant planet to help the earth and humanity at this time and they will be speaking to large groups around the world in the future. This is part of their purpose or plan for this life and there are many thousands here now just like this beautiful soul.

Although arriving here from a distant planet sounds very exotic, it caused problems for the body of the client in adjusting to the energy of the planet earth. This is what has been the major cause of their difficulties with their body. All seems much better now that their body frequency has shifted and this person can look forward to a bright future ahead.

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"Conceptual Artwork Of Kepler 20f Earth Like Planet" image courtesy of Victor Habbick/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Volunteer Suffers From Migraines

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