A Loving Soul Allows Healing….Eventually

The client who I’m writing about today embodies love and is in fact here this time (they have had only 5 lives on earth) to teach humanity to love. This client councils those around them with love as a basis to find much needed solutions to their problems. This very loving soul teaches us how to love in everything they do.

As often happens during the interview, the client had already sensed the Higher Consciousness’ presence so I didn’t expect them to have any problems settling down and relaxing……boy was I wrong!

When they first lay down on their back their left hip was giving them so much pain they couldn’t lay on their back at all! After trying different positions this person settled down on their side and was comfortable enough to relax so we could proceed with the session. For a while having to end the session before it even began was a real possibility as the pain was excruciating. I silently asked the HC to do what it could so the client could relax and drop into trance to the point where I could ask for the healing to be done. Finally they settled comfortably and we began….yay!

This client was shown a couple of past life snippets, one in which they were hovering (not in body) over an old battlefield, it was empty, the battle long over, but they didn’t like it there and wanted to move on. Next they were standing in sand on a warm island with wonderful blue water. The client felt they were waiting and watching for something, but couldn’t identify what or who. Later the HC said it just wanted them to know they were a there, a part of those scenes, in other words they had had physical lives on earth, but didn’t offer any more information on how this pertained to the client’s life today.

From the first question about their life purpose the HC gave wonderful clear answers and as luck would have it much of what the HC wanted this person to understand connected with their painful hip. This issue originated from a past life in which the client was helping a group of people flee something. They were being chased, and some of the people chose not to go any further and they never made it. The client felt terrible guilt and responsibility in that life and had carried this pain forward into several lives, as well as this life, manifesting itself in their stomach and hip, and inexplicably this client was very stubbornly holding onto it?

The HC worked on this during the entire session even while answering other questions, and finally was successful, at one point complaining that “This isn’t easy you know!”

I always chuckle to myself when the HC finds the healing difficult because I know that even though the HC is limitless in what it can do, it is strictly bound by the person’s free will. And boy did this person have “free will!”

And so as we progressed through the session it was periodically punctuated with animated outbursts from the HC, who was still trying to complete the healing on that hip. This was such a lively –funny HC connection, I was thoroughly enjoying myself as it worked and answered questions.

“Ah! We’re working on the hip again, and they’re refusing! Stubborn soul, always was! "There’s positively stubborn and negatively stubborn. Fortunately they are positively stubborn! They are positively stubborn, to be precise in English!” said the HC in one of its outbursts. (For this client English was a second language)

Later when I checked back to see how things were progressing the HC said, “It’s coming, they are refusing, but it’s coming. They cannot refuse me! Yes, well they have to let it go.” Then another outburst, “Ah ha! Refusing again, stubborn human!”

This poor soul had been carrying around this guilt and heavy responsibility over several lifetimes, clearly it was time to let it go, and finally, after much coaxing they did let it go. The HC then announced that the client would find they could lie on their back now and promptly rolled them over onto their back for the rest of the session.

When I brought the client back up to waking consciousness at the end of the session they were stunned to find themselves on their back, immediately questioning how they managed to get into that position before they even realizing it was no longer painful to lay on their back.

This client comes from a planet that is like a blue-ish soap bubble with a lot of light in it. I found it such a beautiful image to hold in my mind’s eye. The whole planet is a school of love and this person is here now to teach earth about love.

While imagining this image in my mind’s eye I wistfully said to the HC, “Maybe someday earth would be like that planet.”HC said, “Yes, earth is a very beautiful planet and it’s a planet that has everything, no other planet has everything like yours has. The only thing earth lacks is love.” This person is one of many who are here on earth at this time to teach us to love and I hope we learn our lessons well.

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A Loving Soul Allows Healing...Eventually

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