I’m Just Making This Stuff Up!

“I’m just making this stuff up” my client said. “This sounds really stupid but it’s like I’m looking at this little boy getting off of something, seems like it’s a jungle-ish thing.”  What does he look like I asked? “Well, the client said, I can only see him from the back, dark hair, sort of rough hand made brown shorts, bare feet.”  This little boy is walking along a wet, lush tropical trail, down a hill into a village of round huts made of plant fibers, and no one is there. “He’s not surprised, said the client, it’s almost like he knew there wouldn’t be anyone there. It’s like he came from somewhere else, it’s silly, but it’s like he just kind of showed up in the jungle and I just saw him get off or out of something and he was just there.”

Although this client was trying very hard to convince themselves that what they were experiencing was just made up, I wasn’t convinced at all. This was their second QHHT session, the first was with another practitioner. They felt it had been a disappointing session and wanted to try again. They felt they may not have been deep enough during the first session to access a past life.

Hmmm, not deep enough? I’m always a little perplexed with this comment because I know that you only need to be in a very light trance state to access past life information. We are in that state every day, many times,  it’s like falling off a log we do it naturally. Past lives can be accessed from an eyes-wide-open daydreaming state even. So I was interested to see how it would go for them this time.

Although this client was receiving very detailed information, they kept expressing their disbelief in it all. Hmmm….. I knew if they were in fact just making it up, they certainly wouldn’t be telling me that was what they were doing!  I wanted them to continue telling me about this very intriguing experience because I was fairly sure I knew what was happening but I needed them to tell me what they were experiencing.

The client continued to follow this little boy as he returned back up the hill to wherever he came from. Upon returning they saw what the boy had stepped out of. “It’s a grey color…Hmmmm…....Well..... it seems like it’s some sort of vehicle ….from… elsewhere.” The Client is quite uncomfortable talking about what they are seeing because to them it's too far fetched.....out of this world, and it is. “It’s round and much bigger than him.”  Can we follow him inside? I ask. “Well we could try.” they said reluctantly.  “Well it doesn’t seem like it’s on the ground. The client added, He just sort of stands sideways and lifts a leg up and then in.”

The client is now beginning to get a little more comfortable with the information as they relate it to me.  This client has worked as a health care professional all of their life, they’re used to seeing the tangible, the explainable, real science for heaven sakes! This seems a little out of their element and they are having some difficulty believing that they aren’t making it up.  I assure them they are actually doing beautifully knowing that if they truly were making it up it would be something quite different than this.

We always caution our clients to never have any expectations before their sessions, this leaves the experience wide open to what ever the Higher Consciousness deems important for them to experience. This goes for me too, I can never guess how a client will go through their session. I gave that up long ago, but in this case I was pretty sure of a couple of things about this client’s experience. Although I say nothing I’m thinking to myself that the client is the little boy and doesn’t want to settle right into the past life for some reason. I’m also thinking the little boy isn’t a little boy.

Inside everything in the one round room is white and there is light everywhere. There are knobs and buttons and red and blue lights on consoles that are all along the outside edge of this round room. There are also lots of windows separated with partitions like airplane windows. What do you see through the windows, I ask?  “Well …..I would think I’d see the jungle, but…hesitation….I just see darkness.” they said totally perplexed. I had them now! If they were making it up logically they would say they saw jungle outside, how could it be darkness?

“Hmmm, I don’t know where that came from, they continued, that’s just weirdness.” Tell me about it I ask. “Well the whole thing is just strange.” They added.   The little boy moves around and touches some buttons and the client is aware that the vehicle moves up and then ahead. Does he do anything else? I ask.  “I think he’s looking at maps on the console. He’s figuring out where to go, maybe to another village.” They said.  Does this vehicle go into space? I ask. “Oh no, (very certain) he takes it up just above the trees, you can’t take it through the trees.” The client said in a very logical tone.

The little boy stops at another village, there are people at this village and the boy talks with the local chief/medicine man who wears a head dress that signifies his station. Knowledge is given about herbal medicines, the boy seems to be gathering aboriginal knowledge about plants. What’s he going to do with the knowledge? I ask. “I think it’s part of a bigger picture, like a puzzle.” They say. Odd that they would send a little boy isn’t it? I ask. “Ya,” they agree. But he obviously seems to know what he’s doing. I add. “Yes.” the client answers. What does he do with the information? I ask. “ Well, the client answers, I’m thinking the little boy thing might be a disguise.” Why? I ask. “Well, so he could look more normal, but that doesn’t make sense though.” they say. What does he look like now? I ask. “It just feels like my imagination runs wild, hmmm.” Well what does he really look like? I ask again.  “Well I mean it’s like, ahhh…..   More hesitation. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? I ask. “Insect.” they answer, quickly and very certain now. How do you see him? I ask again.   “Actually there’s a bunch of them.” the client answered. They were now on a much larger ship where he takes the information he has gathered.

These beings closely resemble grasshoppers and the little boy grasshopper being was one of many who went out and gathered knowledge and then eventually took it back to their larger ship.

So I ask the client to go to an important day in this little boy/grasshopper being’s life. They see the little being get out of their smaller craft again, but they are jumped by a tiger very unexpectedly and they die. What happens to the ship, do they find it? I ask.  “I don’t think so, it’s covered up in the jungle.” They answer. (As a side note for anyone interested in finding this craft now the client thought it was somewhere in Africa).

So now, not being sure if the client was the little boy or something else watching the boy I ask them to look down at their feet, what do they look like? “Well, the first thing that comes to mind is sort of, like skeleton feet….weird. Human skeleton feet- 5 toes. Big fella, I don’t know where this is coming from this is weird.” What about the legs? I ask. “Bones.” Is there any clothing on the body? ”No, bones, it’s just weirdness, just this skeleton.”

Hmmm I’m thinking, I’ve never encountered skeleton beings, or someone who has left a physical body and see themselves as a skeleton, but I do know there are endless possibilities in this magnificent universe so I begin asking more questions to try to get the client to experience themselves in this skeleton/physical body. Questions like when you moved did you walk? “No I can’t feel that, I want to do that though.” Well how did you move, when you followed the little boy did you float or walk? I asked.  “I think I floated, hmmm?” So I asked more questions….Does your body feel light or heavy? “Light, I think it feels more light, but directional by will.” Client said.  Is there a barrier to your body or does it feel like it’s one with the atmosphere? “No it’s separate…… Oh, that’s interesting, the client said, maybe, well my thought was that I can’t feel because I’m that energy thing that’s looking rather than being. Ohhh, maybe that’s why! More of a consciousness! So consciousness doesn’t have a body, but if you’re a consciousness,... hmmm, if you’re a consciousness…. hmmmm, I don’t know how to say this!” The client said. “If you’re a consciousness you can have a definition to your projections to your consciousness. OH!, (crying now) That’s what I am, or who I was, I was like a consciousness that just looks and observes, but I have a definition to my size so I can go places. OH! My goodness!”

This client is now experiencing a huge, very emotional breakthrough, now they understand why they couldn’t experience a past life in their first session- they simply didn’t have a physical body and they believed that you must have a physical body in order to experience an existence. There are tears of joy and understanding now. I can’t get inside a body because I watch. So as a consciousness are you an information gatherer I ask. “I must be oh dear! I’ve seen lots in other places, not just here. That’s wonderful to be able to establish that!” they added.

Do you incarnate in body I ask? “I don’t know if I fit in any.” They answered. So now I knew it was time to ask to speak to the Higher Consciousness to get some clarity and ask the client’s questions.

They have only had one other physical lifetime and they find the fighting and disharmony of the earth very difficult to deal with. This client had a lifetime of skin issues eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, because they don’t want to be in body here. It is very uncomfortable for this person to be in body, hence the issues with their skin.

The reason they felt their previous session had been a failure was probably because they were in their energy body and couldn’t see a physical body. It wasn’t that they were not having an experience.

So the mystery is solved and although I don’t know all the details, the first session is looking more like a success now from this perspective.

The client feels most at home in a dimension of Sirius. It has big white skies and parts of the planet are either pink or blue. Is it a physical planet? “Yes.” The Higher Consciousness said. What dimension does this client dwell in on Sirius? “There is no name for the dimension.” Said the HC.  What sort of beings are in this dimension? “Energy beings.” answered the HC.

This client experienced very powerful energy moving through the body as the Higher Consciousness answered their questions and worked on healing the body, especially the skin issues. The client could feel the healing as it was being done, and they noticed results of this healing as soon as they got up.

And what do you suppose was the first thing they said when they awakened? “Well you know I made it all up don’t you?” (laughing now) So you say, I answered, I believe everything that you said, but I don’t believe you made it all up!

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I'm Just Making This Stuff Up!

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