Dolores Cannon, April 15, 1931-October 18, 2014

As you may have heard, internationally known author, speaker and teacher Dolores Cannon transitioned from this physical realm on October 18,2014. I was shocked and very saddened, as were thousands of her fans and those who are practitioners of the method of hypnosis therapy she named Quantum Healing Hypnosis Thechnique or QHHT.

Dolores was and continues to be an inspiration who touched people in many countries around the world with her down to earth wisdom and straight forward writing style. In all of her many books she writes from a very clear understanding of complex and deep metaphysical subjects. As I have said to so many of my clients who wondered what she was like in “real life”. Well, Dolores was exactly as she seemed, nothing phony or misleading Dolores was the real deal. She was here to help humanity this was her passion and she worked at it tirelessly.

Nearly every client who has come through my door has their own story to tell about how they came across Dolores Cannon and the impact she made on their lives. It’s a moment etched in their mind remembered as if it was yesterday and so it is with the moment I found Dolores.

It was one afternoon at Banyan Book store in Vancouver, It was around 2004 and none of the authors I liked to read had published anything new so I was on the look-out for a new author. As I scoured the shelves I looked up I saw a nice thick book with the title Convoluted Universe Book Two. I thought the title interesting and the book was nice and thick, it would keep me busy for a while. I sat with it reading a little here and there and then looked at the back cover where the author’s information is usually found. As soon as I saw her picture and read her bio I knew this was my new favorite author and I wasn’t wrong.

I had soon devoured everything I could get my hands on and then eagerly awaited her newest books ……she never disappointed. I hadn’t come across some of the information she wrote about with any other author I’d read at the time. Dolores often said the information she got from her sessions turned her mind into a pretzel. She had a way of straightening out all those pretzels (ideas & concepts) and then writing about them that I couldn’t get enough of.

It didn’t take me long to find her online and I subscribed to her newsletters from Ozark Mountain publishing which helped to fill in the gaps between books.

When people ask me how I became a QHHT practitioner I always say kicking and screaming!.... The story goes like this:

At the time a friend was living in San Diego, I would go down for a visit every year. We both are interested in metaphysical, healing subjects so we would try to take a workshop or class while together. In one of Dolores’ newsletters I was sent a notice about an upcoming Level one QHHT class in Arkansas. I emailed it to my friend with a subject line that read, Wanna Go? This was in the fall of 2008 and my friend was busy at the time and filed the email away to look later.

I had completely forgotten about it when a few weeks later she emailed back with Yes it would be fun. Well by then I didn’t even remember sending her the email so I answered back…. What would be fun?  Although I had thought taking the course would be interesting and fun on second glance I certainly couldn’t imagine myself ever doing hypnosis of all things?? Long story short after some persuading from my friend I finally agreed, yes, it would be fun, so we registered.

The day arrived and we walked in to the class and sat front and center. As Dolores began teaching the class I was immediately struck with her very matter of fact delivery of this miraculous healing technique that could accomplish more in one session than years of other healing modalities or therapies. I was hooked!

As we watched Dolores demonstrate QHHT with another student my friend and I looked at each other and both realized that this wasn’t just another clinical hypnosis technique, Dolores had some sort of spiritual connection with the Higher Self and here we were learning how to do this ourselves….. now we were both hooked!

As we practiced our first sessions on each other, I knew I had never felt anything quite like it before. I had done lots of past life regression work by myself, but this was completely different. When my Higher Self came through I felt it move through me, answer my questions then I felt it heal my hip, this was quite different than I had experienced in other healing techniques.

So I went home and began practicing as Dolores had told us to do. She said every session will be different so the learning never ends, even after thousands of sessions she was still learning. As I practiced on family and friends I began to really understand it ,. There was non stop learning and yes I too would have some of those out of this world convoluted universe sessions!

My clients went to lives back beyond time, beyond anything on earth, beyond the physical. They experienced huge shifts in their awareness, in their lives and in their healing. Some shifted immediately and some I would hear about months after the session. When I joined our practitioner’s forum I was reading stories of sessions like mine from practitioners all over the world.

As I continued I was fortunate to be invited to take part in a new practitioner designation program called Recommended Dedicated Practitioners or (RDP) (Now called Level 3)  that Dolores and Julia wanted to start which would help potential clients find qualified, practicing QHHT practitioners. This and the mentorship training I later undertook treated me to several days with Dolores and Julia Cannon training and critiquing my work, I was in heaven!

When I read the email that carried the news of Dolores’ transition my first thought was “I’m just not ready to see Dolores go anytime soon”….then the grief enveloped me. This was not just my teacher and mentor who passed, there was a closer bond that connects all of her students to her of a spiritual nature …. this is family.

Dolores is still very much with us all as we continue on in her divinely inspired work. We see, hear and feel her guidance in our lives and certainly in our sessions. QHHT was her mission and still is. It’s grown beyond what was originally planned and will continue with Dolores’ daughter Julia now continuing on in her mother’s work helping humanity through this incredible shift in consciousness we are all expanding into.


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Dolores Cannon April 15, 1931 - October 18, 2014

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